By Da Lin

MILPITAS (KPIX 5) — A Milpitas high school principal was placed on administrative leave after ending a speech to students with a profanity directed at President-elect Donald Trump Thursday.

Principal Phil Morales held an anti-Trump rally around 11 a.m. for students dismayed with Tuesday’s election results.

Parents say Morales should be a role model for the students, and held to a higher standard. But, students at the school want him back.

“The principal should be allowed back on the campus because he was voicing his discretion right with us, and just because he’s an adult doesn’t mean anything,” one student said.

“Maybe it was kind of far to use profanity, but I think it was good that he was standing with us,” another student said.

Morales is a first-year principal.

It’s unclear just how long Morales will be on leave.

Comments (2)
  1. Ah the political left. They are far worse for nastiness than even Trump whom they hate. This principle is a hypocrite. But then he is a leftist!