SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/BCN/AP) — Protesters gathered in San Francisco, San Jose and downtown Oakland Friday evening for a fourth consecutive night of demonstrations against President-elect Donald Trump.

Around 7 p.m. the California Highway Patrol used social media to warn members of the public to expect a heavy police presence near highway on- and off-ramps in Oakland as officers monitored the protest.

No protest-related violence had been observed by CHP officers in Oakland Friday as of 8:30 p.m.

Other demonstrations have been reported in San Francisco and San Jose Friday.

Trump Protesters

Officers form a skirmish line to keep protesters off the 880 freeway in Oakland. (CHP photo via Twitter)

Evening marches disrupted traffic in Miami and Atlanta while people gathered for demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, the scene of violent protests Thursday night. Friday evening in Portland hundreds of people again marched through the streets, some spray painting graffiti as police tried to control the group and direct their movement through the city.

Small protests also were held in Detroit, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Missouri, Olympia, Washington and Iowa City.

Hundreds joined an afternoon “love rally” in Washington Square Park in Manhattan.

Leslie Holmes, 65, a website developer from Wilton, Connecticut, took an hour-long train ride to the demonstration — her first protest since the 1970s, when she hit the streets of San Francisco to oppose the Vietnam War.

She described herself as an armchair liberal but declared, “I’m not going to be armchair anymore.”

“I don’t want to live in a country where my friends aren’t included, and my friends are fearful, and my children are going to grow up in a world that’s frightening, and my granddaughters can look forward to being excluded from jobs and politics and fulfilling their potential, so I’m here for them,” she said.

More than 200 people, carrying signs gathered on the steps of the Washington state Capitol. The group chanted “not my president” and “no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.”

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