MOUNTAIN VIEW (KPIX 5) — A Mountain View high school teacher was kicked out of his classroom and is now getting threats for comparing President-elect Donald Trump to Hitler.

Frank Novarro doesn’t know when he’ll be in front of the classroom again after a history lesson he believes was misunderstood.

While some are accusing the history teacher of calling Trump a racist by drawing the comparison, he says that didn’t happen.

“Because I think that it is historically factual,” says Novarro.

He insists he talked to his 9th grade class about both presidential candidates as a Holocaust expert and drew parallels to the President elect and the Nazi dictator.

“Hitler said he would make Germany great again, Donald Trump said he would make America great again — Hitler focused on the Jews and the Poles as foreigners and that they should be driven from Germany, Donald Trump has focused on Muslims,” said Navarro.

Navarro isn’t the only bay area teacher in the hot seat after Trump’s win..

A Milpitas principal is also on leave for using profanity about Trump.

Navarro says he never talked about his own opinions, though, only historical facts.

“I think there are valid historical comparisons to be made,” says Navarro.

Would he do it again?

“I would do it again. Absolutely.”

Navarro says he’s now getting online threats but he’s also getting a lot of support.

A petition on is calling for the reversal of the decision to place him on leave has thousands of signatures and dozens of positive comments.

“I’m overwhelmed and amazed,” he says.

Navarro says he can see why someone would be offended, but he was simply doing his job — a job he hopes to return to one day.

“I think it’s a heated time I think we are polarized,” he says. “we have forgotten what it is to exchange ideas.”

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  1. Gary Rath says:

    Fascism is a real threat to our country. Those who are too ignorant to see it will pay the price. The Germans did not think it could happen to them. What they got was death and destruction.

    1. Fascism is a threat, a threat and end game of the Liberals. A country run by an elite oligarchy of outlaws who want to elimination & silence any opposition to their collective utopia. A utopia where individualism and free thinking is made into a crime, and a society where God given liberty and rights are now granted by the state. Thanks to the election of Trump, the Fascist left dream has been stopped.

  2. But I thought GW was “Hitler”…how many ersatz Hitlers do these little lefties need to signal how stunted their political paradigm really is?…. The Godwin/Warhol Axiom states that “In the future,everybody will be Hitler for 15 minutes”

  3. Len Mullen says:

    Paid leave? If history teachers were doing their jobs, the snowflakes would be better able to accept losing an election.

    1. Dave Horne says:

      Len, “Paid leave? If history teachers were doing their jobs, the snowflakes would be better able to accept losing an election.”

      Well, to be clear, at the moment Clinton won the popular vote by over 200,000. That’s a fair number of … snowflakes as you so poetically wrote.

      The fact of the matter is this, conservatives have an adverse reaction to facts. This history teacher deals with facts, conservatives deal with ideology.

      Trump had the endorsement of the KKK. That in and of itself would give me pause.

      Signed, Dave Horne – Retired US Army,

  4. Jack Foobar says:

    Why do you mind wiped Leftists never compare actual SOCIALISTS like Barry Hussein to Adolf Hitler. No, you pick that capitalist- because you have no F’n idea what NAZI means.

  5. Were it not for Democrats and Liberals we would have no use for the words “ignorant” and “clueless”

  6. “Hitler focused on the Jews and the Poles as foreigners and that they should be driven from Germany, Donald Trump has focused on Muslims,” said Navarro.”

    And just when did Trump mention DRIVING ANYONE out of America? He said Muslims need to be strictly vetted before entering America and he said ILLEGAL ALIENS who have committed crimes should be rounded up and deported.

    This guy is a first class liar, in other words he is a Democrat.

  7. Sounds like Gov Schwaggenzer with Rothschild. Set up 2 world wars via ZIonism, brought in communism and socialism. Terminator Gov Calif LGBT bar, hippie drug culture Hell’s Angel’s. Sept 11th world terrorism. Putin back into communism BP oil communist party Greece 2008 housing crisis. Russia asks US for democracy, get Calif Caitlyn Jenner’s dress, Rev Wright Marxist Obama blow, gay washrooms, put down Olympic torch. 1/3 race malnued 100 million dead BP oil and now kill the zombies MEGADEATH. Survival to murder mankind like on Mexican pyramids, NEXT as they ripped their hearts out. Fallen Angels out to survive used these polarised nutters as useful pawns.

  8. I support this teacher. Certain aspects of society create these truths then become offended when it is presented to them. They can put it out there, but they can’t take it in. Such a sad time for America.

  9. Tony White says:

    Fortunately for us, the USA has a strong democratic tradition with all its checks and balances, whereas Germany had little experience with democracy and its economy was far worse than anything we have experienced. However, blaming immigrants for the lack of decent jobs and calling them rapists, murderers and drug traffickers is similar to the scapegoating by demagogues and fascists.

  10. Sam Starfas says:

    Hmm, I think this teacher should be fired. To compare Trump to Hitler really shows how ignorant and uneducated this teacher is. What a moron!