On the lookout for the NES Classic Edition? CNET tells us where you can get it.

By Alina Bradford

(CNET) – The Nintendo’s mini NES (NES Classic Edition) is hard to find. The tiny $60 Nintendo entertainment system is currently sold out in most places, but you still may able to snag one…eventually. Here are the places giving gamers hope, and those that have shut down sales.

  • As of 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET November 11, Amazon began selling the NES Classic Edition and sold out within minutes. In fact, the site crashed. Apparently at least one store on Amazon has restocked. These bundles come with an extra controller and are priced at $275.
  • Chunk Toys says it has consoles in stock, but for the whopping price of $499.99.
  • The NES Classic Edition can be found on eBay if you can’t find it anywhere else. Be warned, though. People are charging $200 and more.
  • The Nintendo Store in New York will probably be one of the first stores to restock the new NES at its original price. Keep an eye on its Twitter and Facebook feeds to get the latest info.
  • Best Buy lists the unit as “sold out,” but mentions that it “may be available in stores.” Be sure to check the Best Buy app’s All Stock tab to see if the system is in stock at your store.
  • The mini NES is available in-store at GameStop. Call your local stores to see if they have any in stock. It was available online for a few minutes, but GameStop’s website crashed under the strain.
  • Target is no longer selling the mini NES online. It doesn’t even have a listing page for it anymore.
  • It is currently sold out at Walmart, but you can get an “in-stock alert” when it does become available.

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