SAN RAMON (CBS SF) — For at least the fourth time since the election, racist graffiti was found in the bathroom at California High in San Ramon, school officials said.

The latest hateful messages were written on a bathroom stall divider, filled with the “n” word. One referred to “BSU,” which stands for Black Student Union.

Junior Jada Rose is a member of the BSU.


“It’s really sad because school is supposed to be a safe place,” said Rose. “And if people don’t feel safe, what’s the point of coming to school? I feel safe, but not as safe as before.”

Out of the 2,600 students at California High, the district says only four percent are black.

Students tell KPIX 5 someone wrote the racist graffiti Friday morning in a boys bathroom in the Fine Arts building.

Administrators shut down all campus bathrooms for half an hour to try to investigate who did it.

They couldn’t find the person and reopened the bathrooms with stepped up security.

“They’ve had additional adults out in front of the bathrooms today just to monitor kids coming to and from,” said School District spokeswoman Elizabeth Graswich. “We do have security cameras near many of our restrooms, which is part of the investigation, going through the footage.”

It was the fourth time in recent weeks someone has written racist graffiti at California High.

This was the fifth incident in the San Ramon Valley School District. Someone wrote racist graffiti on a bathroom wall at Monte Vista High School On Wednesday.

“We moved here from Nashville where racism runs rampant,” said California High parent Lolinda Guarin. “We moved here thinking this would be a safe bubble. It hurts knowing you can’t escape racism.”

The district invited all Cal High parents to attend a meeting scheduled to start at 6:30 Friday night.

They want to answer any questions they have and ask them to talk to their kids.

  1. those on the left whine just as loudly as those on the right. thank God i’m a moderate!!!!!!!!

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