By Joe Vazquez

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — San Francisco says it will have no tolerance for hate crimes.

“We stand together against messages of hate … against acts of hate,” Mayor Ed Lee at a news conference on the steps of City Hall.

The mayor and other city leaders announced they will proactively stave off attacks against people of different backgrounds.

San Francisco’s Interim police Chief Toney Chaplin says hate crimes are spiking right now – up 10 percent this year and 28 percent from 2 years ago. He says it’s directly related to the ugly campaign season that saw President-elect Donald Trump insulting some minority groups.

The police chief said the department will post undercover officers in plainclothes to try to catch those who would commit hate crime violence. 

The district attorney has also set up a special hotline number.

Chaplin said, “What kids are doing is they’re mimicking behavior of what they see adults do. … I mean, we’ve got a problem.”

Lee tried to reassure members of the community saying, “We want to remain an open, welcome city. And some people may not feel that unless we enforce the very laws we put on the books that say ‘if you wear a hajib you’re going to be as protected as if you’ve got a nose ring. Or that you look different.'”

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  1. If it is up 28% from 2 years ago and 10% this year, Trump has nothing to do with 18% of the increase. Explain that. And by different backgrounds , does that mean ALL backgrounds ? Or just the PC ones. I moved away from the Bay Area 15 years ago because of the PC induced change in the area, and I do not mean a change for the better. Treat ALL people equally. Not a difficult concept.