KCBS_740SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Delta Air Lines is apologizing for not removing a passenger from a flight to Pennsylvania who professed his support for President- elect Donald Trump, and insulted those who didn’t.

The Allentown Morning Call first reported on a video posted on Facebook by a fellow passenger on the Tuesday flight from Atlanta to Allentown. The video shows the man standing in the aisle, yelling and insulting Hillary Clinton supporters.

In the video, the man asks loudly: “We got some Hillary bitches on here?”

Referring to Trump’s victory, he says: “If you don’t like it, too bad.”

Delta said on its website Saturday that it is “sorry this disruption happened” and says the airline is responsible for “ensuring all customers feel safe and comfortable.”

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Comments (4)
  1. Another butt-hurt Demorat pretending to be a Trump supporter to smear them.

    1. Brad Morris says:

      Exactly. This is B.S. The fact that he wasn’t arrested and that nobody seems to know his name or background makes this whole story just another steaming pile of Democrat theater. And the absolute fools in the press just lap it up, no questions asked. Completely oblivious to the fact that their entire meme of hate crimes by Trump supporters is one great big giant lie. Come on Delta, you know who this person is. Don’t you? If you don’t then you have totally failed in your duty anyway.