KCBS_740SANTA CRUZ (KCBS) — A Santa Cruz man’s collecting donations of warm clothes, food, goggles, and wet suits for the so-called “water protectors” working to block the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, and is planning to deliver them himself.

Curtis Reliford, the founder of the Follow Your Heart Action Network, has parked his truck at Cooper and Front streets in the downtown area since Friday, and will be taking donations there all day Sunday. After today, he’s available to pick up donations until the 6th of December.

Reliford’s truck is apparently well-known in the area, as he drives it around the city, showing off its hand-painted signs about peace, love, and Native American people.

He founded his network back in 2005 when he began collection donations for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

You can find more information at followyourheartactionnetwork.com.