By Maria Medina

CAMPBELL (KPIX 5) — Porch pirates out looking for holiday packages are being warned to stay out of Campbell.

Technology is helping Campbell police keep Christmas gifts safe from thieves.

Police say they’re fed up, that they get reports of stolen packages about three times a week.

Campbell Police Department Captain Greg Berg said, “And we were looking for a creative way to solve the problem.”

And they have.

Campbell police are leaving packages all over the city at homes and businesses. Inside are GPS trackers that are undetectable.

Berg said, “And even when you open up the box there there’s going to be merchandise inside and you’re not going to have enough time to figure out that it’s ours until you have the lights and siren behind you.”

Berg said, “…we want people to know that if you’re going to steal packages don’t come to Campbell.”

And police aren’t the only ones with a message.

Campbell resident John Houghton got his daughter a Christmas present — a kid’s desk — but his was snatched from outside his home. His surveillance cameras caught the suspected crook and the entire crime.

Houghton said his daughter cried when she learned of the theft.

“She was crying, you know, she never really had anything stolen from her,” Houghton said.

Houghton urged the mail thief to “…please bring the desk back and give an apology to my daughter.”