CONCORD (KPIX 5) – Post-election tension has led to a feud in a Concord neighborhood. One family said their home was vandalized because of their political views.

Denisen and Jay Hartlove pulled out 56 American flags from their front yard late Friday night. Some flags had pro-Donald Trump messages scrawled across, including “Build the Wall Now” and “I love The Donald.”

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The family of four was inside when they heard the rustling outside.

“I went out. And I was amazed to see there were 56 American flags planted in my front lawn,” Jay Hartlove told KPIX 5.

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Jay said he caught a glimpse of one of his neighbors walking away and called out to him.

Then, the Hartloves said what they thought was a prank turned frightening, when a short time later their power went out.

“Then I notice somebody has pulled the meter off the side of my house. Actually absconded with it, took it clean off,” Jay said. “It’s gone, there is a big hole on the side of the house.”

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Denisen said, “Our cages have been rattled. We don’t know what to expect next. We are building a moat so to speak.”

The Hartloves are now installing security cameras as Concord Police investigate the crime. But the Hartloves said police don’t have to look far.

They are convinced someone in the neighborhood targeted their home, because of their political views.

“He doesn’t like the fact that I am a Democrat, he’s commented on this in the past,” Jay said.

On “60 Minutes” last week, the President-elect told people who are committing violence in his name to “Stop it.” It’s a message the Hartloves say isn’t enough…

“I don’t think he’s done enough. I think he and his campaign need to do more,” Denisen said.

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Concord Police told KPIX 5 they have now assigned a detective to the case.