STOCKTON (CBS SF) – Officials in the Central Valley have reportedly launched an investigation after an animal rescue group said three dogs they found were sexually abused.

The group Second Chance Kitty said they rescued the dogs, two females and one male, from a lot in Stockton over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Second Chance Kitty said they were notified through social media about the dogs being sexually abused and “rented” for the purposes of sex with men.

Cheryl Zuniga of the group told the Stockton Record newspaper that the two female dogs, named Ava and Emma, have obvious vaginal trauma and infections. The male dog, named Lobo, had a cut on his inner right leg, but had no other signs of physical trauma.

According to a post on the group’s Facebook page, Ava is pregnant and efforts are being made to save her pups.

The head of Stockton Animal Services told the newspaper Monday that they had “minimal information” and that they were in the process of interviewing people for their investigation.

Zuniga has dubbed the dogs “The Three Amigos.” Anyone who wishes to cover the cost of their care is being asked to contact the Venetian Pet Hospital or to donate to the group via PayPal.

  1. who impregnated the dog then? was it the man who supposedly raped her?, it’s impossible!!!