Just as groundbreaking advancements in technology in the ‘90s and 2000s have fundamentally changed the way film, music and television are produced and distributed today, more recent tech innovations have also provided entrepreneurs with the tools they need to compete in the global marketplace. Here is a look at some of the open-source solutions that you can use in order to realize your entrepreneurial ambitions.

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Knowledge is power

Despite their passion and dedication, many burgeoning entrepreneurs simply don’t possess the knowledge base necessary to overcome all the challenges associated with launching a new business. However, as this exhaustive Venture Beat compilation proves, lectures, ebooks and tutorials on the ins and outs of establishing a successful startup are free and readily available from prestigious institutions such as Columbia, Caltech and Berkeley.

An open-source digital infrastructure

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The rise of high quality open-source web utilities has made it possible for anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of web design to make a quality site. In fact, open-source content management systems like WordPress are so easy to use and comprehensive, companies like Best Buy and Xerox use them to maintain their web presences. Additionally, open-source business management and accounting program Solegis, customer relationship management app ConcourseSuite and e-commerce solution Zen Cart all exist to empower entrepreneurs with limited resources.

Social media has leveled the playing field

While social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram are not open-source, they are free to use. They are also the only form of advertising in which a work-from-home sole proprietor stands on equal footing with a multi-billion corporation. Any entrepreneur with the will to educate themselves in the different social media platforms can create a simple and effective strategy that will allow them to connect with consumers in a meaningful way for a fraction of what it costs to advertise through expensive and dubiously effective traditional advertising channels. Email is an advertising channel that has a 4,300 percent ROI, and is also free.



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This article was written by Mario McKellop for CBS Small Business Pulse.