MORAGA (CBS SF) — A large cypress tree fell across Highway 13 in Oakland Saturday afternoon, blocking three lanes and trapping a car underneath.

The nearly 200-foot tree fell across Highway 13 just south of Highway 24.

img_5296According to the California Highway Patrol, all lanes except one were blocked just north of Broadway Terrace.

A car was trapped underneath the tree, but the CHP said no one was injured.

“We had to break some branches and, miraculously, there were no injuries. The driver is truly blessed,” said Ofc. Daniel Ramirez Meza.

The driver was checked at the scene for injuries, then taken to a BART station, as he requested.

Crews got the tree cleared off the road around 6:30 p.m. and reopened all lanes of Highway 13.

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  1. Well I’ll be! I bet a lot of Oakland residents will be surprised to see their residency is not Oakland, but Moraga. Those freeway side home values will increase for sure.

  2. Ken Adams says:

    At Moraga not in Moraga…..

  3. So much for geography or simply looking at a map( paper. not google) Just like this radio station reported that the fire last week was at 31st st when it was at 31st Ave.