SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — There’s more trouble for a pair of well-meaning nuns whose soup kitchen operation was evicted from the Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco.

For the past several years, the Sisters of the Fraternite of Notre Dame from France have run their soup kitchen from San Francisco’s Tenderloin District.

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But, the rent drove them out.

After multimillionaire Tony Robbins stepped in to buy them a new spot – a $750,000 condo in the mission, the sisters thought their prayers were answered.

“When we give the food we try to give with love, we try to love them. We try to make the soup kitchen like a family,” Sister Marie Bendeicte said.

Residents at 1930 Mission Street are trying to block the nuns from relocating their soup kitchen to the building.

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The lawyer for the homeowners association wouldn’t comment for this report.

But he filed a letter with the city’s planning department, saying feeding the homeless is wonderful thing, but that the Mission condo “is not the appropriate location.”

The letter also says lines for a soup kitchen could hurt future development.

The building already may have issues – with some residents complaining of drug deals going on in broad daylight.

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The nuns believe their presence will help.

The planning commission will have a hearing on the new soup kitchen location in January The nuns will be there, hoping to change the resident’s hearts and minds.  “I will ask them to be compassionate,” Sister Marie said. “I know it’s not so easy to live when you have a lot of encampment on the street, but we need to work together to help those.”


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  1. “Why be compassionate when you can be selfish? That’s what I always say…..” – San Francisco neighbor.

    This is not easy on either side. Tony Robbins didn’t give all that money so the nuns could be there and not help the homeless, but those neighbors didn’t buy condos so they could live with the homeless every day. Both sides are right, and wrong.

    1. Nope – they are wrong. When cities like San Fransisco buck federal law and declare themselves as sanctuary cities, then they lose all of their credibility. You don’t get to choose which parts of San Fransisco are sanctuary parts. They’re are no sanctuary neighborhoods. It’s all or nothing. Liberals don’t get to pretend they are the champions of the poor, sick and illegal, and then shove them to someone else’s front door. Oh no – if SF wants claim it is a liberal bastion for all, then ALL of SF is a bastion for all. They made their beds, now they can lie in it with the filth they worked so hard on getting into this nation in the first place.

  2. Hold on liberals of the sanctuary city known as San Fransisco – you idiots don’t get to have it both ways. If you are going to support illegals, then you are going to support EVERYBODY. To pick and choose who you help is down right racist and hypocritical by your own liberal definition. Furthermore, you don’t get to choose where these shelters set up shop. I don’t care if it’s in a back alley, in the middle of city hall, or right in front of the most posh and upscale house in SF. You voted for this, now you have it. You kick and scream every time moderates and conservatives talk about walls and citizens rights, and banning illegals, so you don’t get to have an opinion as to where these outreach organizations set up shop. You (liberals) don’t get to banish the poor, the illegals, or the miscreants to only the poor sections of town; you wanted it, now you have it – anywhere it damn well pleases to be. This is what your idiotic liberal ideals look like, up close and personal.

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO typical of Liberals. Help the poor but do it somewhere else.

  4. Dear California,
    Please secede.

  5. Remember, Ted Kennedy? I’m not referring to him driving a woman off a bridge, killing her and then getting away with it, but for complaining and then filing a lawsuit to prevent power-generating windmills from spoiling his view off Cape Cod. The Rifleman is right on target (no pun intended). Liberals love to be compassionate . . . but with YOUR money and in YOUR neighborhood–not theirs.

    1. George Locke says:

      Wait till there are enough sanctuary-seeking illegals to occupy or threaten every upscale condo development in town. With nowhere to move all those undesirables out of the way, it’s gonna be major panic-time in the city.

  6. Gary O'Neal says:

    Liberals. They’re soooooo compassionate! They’d give you the shirt off of someone else’s back…as long as you don’t wear it in their neighborhood.

  7. Tallie Jones says:

    with all the vast holdings of the catholic church, why don’t they have a place for this?

    oh, of course, this is actual charity and they don’t do that.

    1. ahh attack the church….typical athiest liberal….typical…..

  8. - (@soupman) says:

    At least ‘liberals’ care enough about the poor to make any attempt help them, even if not on their own doorstep. That is much better than the complete disregard for people less fortunate than yourself displayed by most of the comments I’m reading here.

    I wish we could secede too, Charles Miller! You might regret it if we did; we are ground zero for most of the innovations you are making use of right here, not to mention that we are the 6th largest economy worldwide. Our absence wont do you much good, and we wouldn’t be tethered to your hate.

    1. What hate? The only hate I see here is from liberals directed to the Inconvenient Homeless.

  9. What a cesspool of a city.

    The city of liberals and urine.

  10. Mike Deal says:

    What about the hungry gay transgenders, and illegals struggling to find free food in the sanctuary city?

    1. - (@soupman) says:

      “gay transgenders” lol. Transgender has nothing to do with being gay. And, illegal immigrant does not mean lazy and looking for a handout. They work in our restaurants or doing other work many Americans view as not good enough, just like they do all over the nation. A cursory look at the homeless in fact shows the vast majority to be white, suffering from mental illness including addiction and schizophrenia, unable to function. This nation used to provide care instead of leaving them to fend for themselves. There were no people pushing shopping carts full of their possessions when I was growing up. It is a national disgrace; the measure of a society is how well they care for the least among them.

  11. Liberals are so tolerant of others – especially those less fortunate than them… as long as it doesn’t affect “their” property values.

    Please secede… please!!!!

  12. - (@soupman) says:

    Y’all must think that there aren’t tightwad conservatives living in SF just like elsewhere, people who would measure up to your standards.

    Yea we too have people here more concerned about property values than the less fortunate, thankfully they are outnumbered.

    1. John Hickey says:

      Soooo..what you’re saying is that you’d be willing to have the soup kitchen relocated to where you live? And be going to the hearing to publicly make this kind offer? How very selfless of you.

      1. - (@soupman) says:

        Yes I would, and have, my nickname isnt soupman because I like soup, it derives from 12+yrs of volunteering, serving soup to hungry people. I wont be going to a hearing but I absolutely don’t support the nimbyism shown by some of the people who live here. They are not representative of my town, thankfully.

  13. John Hickey says:

    I wonder if anyone has ever done a soup kitchen in a “food truck”? (I’m not being sarcastic here btw). It’s mobile, they can set up shop almost anywhere, can serve up basic fare and when they’ve done their meals they can park it somewhere out of the way..

    1. - (@soupman) says:

      That’s actually a good idea John Hickey, not sure if anyone has done it, but we do have a bus converted to provide hot showers and sundries that travels around the city

  14. Now, I’m liberal, but to a degree

    I want ev’rybody to be free

    But if you think that I’ll let Barry Goldwater

    Move in next door and marry my daughter

    You must think I’m crazy!

    I wouldn’t let him do it for all the farms in Cuba

  15. John Oakman says:

    more san fran IDIOTS.They are almost as entertaining as shillery’s crying Idiots.

  16. If it is a bunch of liberals that are protesting then the solution is for the Nuns to dress in full Muslim style. liberals will tolerate any religion except Christianity. If those protesting are a mixture of libs and Republicans then they are simply self serving whiners and need to grow up and show a little compassion. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  17. Liberals are just so tolerant aren’t they…

  18. “I will ask them to be compassionate,” Sister Marie said. ”
    They are VERY compassionate as long as it doesn’t inconvenience them.

  19. John Hanley says:

    Well, all you San Francisco liberal hypocrites, when you find yourself adrift in the ocean after the San Andreas fault dumps California into the Pacific, you can expect the same degree of compassion from those of us who believe in karma.

  20. Vince Okc says:

    Oh now the condo owners are paying their ‘fair share’. How does it feel?

  21. Suibne Geilt says:

    time to stomp out the hypocrites of the liberal left.

  22. Liberals motto, do as I say! Not as I do!