SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A self-driving Uber car was caught on camera apparently running a red light in San Francisco Wednesday.

Uber launched the fleet of self-driving Volvo SUV’s Wednesday morning, just hours before the incident.

Dashboard video from a Luxor Cab captured the Volvo apparently running the light after the taxi had stopped for the light. Just in front of the SFMOMA building.

There was also a second incident reported by Twitter user Annie Gaus Wednesday morning. She initially posted at 9:48 a.m. that she saw “a ‘self-driving’ Uber” that entered the intersection on Van Ness Avenue on a red light and nearly hit the Lyft car she was riding in.

Moments later, she posted an image out of the back window of the Lyft that showed the Uber vehicle in the intersection.

According to Uber, the cars aren’t yet ready to hit the streets without someone monitoring them, meaning someone from the company was likely behind the wheel. A statement issued by Uber Wednesday afternoon attributed the red-light being run in the video to an error by the person monitoring the car.

“This incident was due to human error,” the statement read. “This is why we believe so much in making the roads safer by building self-driving Ubers. This vehicle was not part of the pilot and was not carrying customers. The driver involved has been suspended while we continue to investigate.”

State regulators said Wednesday afternoon that Uber must stop the self-driving car service until it receives a permit from the state.

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  1. We need these because:
    1. Computers NEVER fail
    2. We all hate driving and can’t do it
    3. We have no other, more pressing problems
    4. Nerds like them.

    One of these is true.

    1. Ever notice how the charlatans pushing these cars never hop into the driverless backseat and instruct the car to take them for a stroll along the cliffs? Wonder why.

  2. Story does not support the story. What else is new from the media?

    1. Tom Menino says:

      No idea what your comment even means, but I’m pretty sure you’re wrong anyway.

  3. Mandy Lane says:

    Gotta make it to that gay bar in time

  4. State regulators said Wednesday afternoon that Uber must stop the self-driving car service until it receives a permit from the state.”

    Yes, you must have a permit to start killing our citizens.

    1. Permits? They didn’t already have the permits? Typical SF government. “Oh, you need a permit.” Why are permits suddenly mentioned after the fact?

  5. Will they be replacing vehicular man slaughter with hacking man slaughter? What a stupid idea. If you really think Russians can hack systems not even connected to networks how could you possibly trust your life and your family to something that was legitimately vulnerable?
    Technology is a servant but technology for technology’s sake is insane.

  6. Bill Loyal says:

    Uber = Dangerous to start with, Mix in automated drivers and its deadly.

  7. Self driving vehicles should not be allowed. They will make perfect bomb delivery systems.

  8. “This incident was due to human error”. Ah, right. What they always say.

    The “driverless car”. Silicon Valley’s favorite unicorn.

  9. Jeremy John says:

    We have it here in Pittsburgh. I love intimidating the self-driving Uber vehicles to test their software algorithms. Snow is here. Should be fun!

    1. Dan Cronin says:

      For those that do not knw, lots of steep hills in Pgh.a

  10. Dave Allen says:

    The CIA, FBI, NSA and the rest of the alphabet soup said the Russians are behind it!

  11. Alan Long says:

    That’s one way to take out the competition.. (chuckle)

  12. ben (@neaon) says:

    The unfortunate inevitability of self-driving cars is, I believe, a harbinger to the coming time in which humans will be more or less redundant and useless. If self-driving cars can bring down the death rate in automobiles by even 10% from the current rate, legislators will consider mandating 100% self-driving cars on the road to be a moral imperative. With the abundance of inexpensive services like Lyft and Uber, they won’t really consider that the poorer amongst us will be unable to afford an expensive new self-driving car, and they will consider banning human drivers to be a net-positive and not the negative that it really is. The fact that ‘driving’, the nebulous, all-encompassing career, is the single largest employer in the United States should be all American’s warning that this is an incredibly dangerous path to take for humanity.

  13. Mark Granger says:

    A person monitoring a poorly implemented self driving car is just a distracted driver.

  14. John Oakman says:

    Good maybe one of them will run down a mob of DimoRats.

  15. Ok, The fault is being blamed on the human monitor, meaning that person is responsible for the car’s actions. So, was the monitor a licensed driver? Being we have time, date and video evidence, the same thing law enforcement uses to give traffic tickets by mail. has this person been issued a ticket for running a red light? A person? They don’t know who this person is? They entrust a vehicle costing thousands of dollars to a person they don’t know? And they say it proves that human drivers are not as good. And if it wasn’t a pilot test vehicle, what was it doing there driving on it’s own. Am I the only one that smells something dirty here?

  16. James T Doe says:

    So had does Uber make this work. Right now they pay a fee by miles to a driver that provides – car, phone for the app, gas, tires, brakes, oil, plates, inspection, insurance and permits depending on the city. Uber is now going to buy Volvo’s with speical gear to drive them self, everything mentioned above and a person to sit and make sure the “Johnny Cab” doesn’t run red lights (which failed this time BTW). Hmmm, strange business model. Besides who are they going to exploit now??

  17. So, please tell me, anyone… How many cars WITH drivers do this every damn day? Let’s take them ALL off the street. LOL People are asking if the “monitors” are licensed drivers… Hell no they only hire illegal aliens that speak no English, and children under 10 with experience in the Grand Theft Auto game… stupid questions get stupid answers.

    EVEN with human drivers cars fail. Brakes fail to work when needed, accelerators get stuck at high speeds killing people. This is in it’s infancy, if it didn’t move forward, we should all be driving cars where we hire people to walk in front of it swinging a lantern for headlights.

    There are more accidents on an HOURLY basis every day in this country, than there are for driverless cars on a MONTHLY basis. So, if you want to remove the driverless cars, that make some errors, you need to remove the human driven cars as well.

    1. The issue is also what OS (operating system are they using for the software that drives this car? The point being, the OS is prone to crash. they usually do. If its windows, this scares me because Windows 10 is an ever evolving OS and is by no stretch trustworthy when it comes to peoples lives. I have a laptop built with Windows 10 but just on this past monday, Microsoft released an update to the OS that broke the DHCP, which prevented people from connecting to the internet. they had to rush a fix later that day. I see lawsuits coming.

  18. UBER running red lights… almost hitting a competitors vehicle, no permit.. after the fact.. in SF.. what could go wrong?

  19. Chris Neal says:

    And CBS was caught using an apostrophe to form the plural of SUV.

  20. Pete Dosado says:

    If people die, who will they sue? Oh, wait, if they are dead, they can’t sue anybody! Problem solved!

  21. Steve Hollar says:

    This needs to stop. With self-driving cars and all kinds of “safety” gadgets in other cars, it is going to create a completely irresponsible populace who will think they really don’t have to learn to drive well. After all, the car will stop if you are about to hit something, or, warn you if you are drifting over the line, or, park itself for you. Maybe if every single car were this way, it might be alright, but, the transition to that far off day is going to be a nightmare for those of us who actually do drive safely without assistance.

  22. John Schmidt says:

    I’m sure all the proper security protocols are in place in all these automated autos, just as they were on CLinton and DNC server. SO don’t worry about hacking. Just sit back and relax.

  23. Tim Weeks says:

    First of all California is the worst traffic and then SanFran is the worst of the worst mix that with Uber and automated cars that are prone to fail, I will never go near there again.

  24. The whole concept of self driving cars needs to be banned until they are 100% reliable under 100% of driving conditions. Which in the world of computer will be never.

  25. If the car is so safe it should have noticed that it was coming up to a red light and stopped regardless if someone was behind the wheel or not. This is not the error of anyone in the car but rather someone who programmed the vehicle or failed to maintain the vehicle prior to it being put on the road. This could have very well killed someone and the Uber guy being interviewed is laughing it off.

  26. No worries. If one of these cars injures me or my family , I will hold the owners responsible and if they hire lawyers to weasel out of their responsibility, I will just add their lawyers to being responsible as well. Trust computers at your peril, not at mine.

  27. Uber please have an office up the Northern, CA coast in Fort Bragg, CA and test your cars “We Love You” !!!

  28. Fred Garvin says:

    I hope one hits me. Uber has a ton of money.

  29. Tom DeAngelo says:

    The media is apologetic but if Trump owned Uber they would sing a different tune.

  30. Anyone who knows software understands the ramifications of releasing beta and relying upon the ‘live environment’ for QA and testing in order to get tech support feedback so engineers can patch and fix for future releases. This is with human lives instead of a desktop glitch.

  31. Test the killer kars in DC, especially K St.

  32. Real Americans hate being captive in slave cars.

  33. SF pigressives can single you out for death by car smash in a selective wreck.

  34. Don Rhudy says:

    Self-driving cars? Insanity.

  35. Joe Blasy says:

    I saw an Uber self driving car run a red light in SF too. Though I’m not sure if it was under driver control or not.