OAKLAND (KCBS) – The Oakland School Board has named Dr. Devin Dillon as interim superintendent, as they search for a replacement for Antwan Wilson, who abruptly announced he was leaving the district.

Dillon was the Chief Academic Officer of the Oakland Unified School District. Now she’ll be running the show, at least until the job is filled permanently.

“The community right now is really experiencing loss, loss around a superintendent leaving, loss around the recent fire. And I think to be able to stand here and support that for our youth, for our teachers and our leaders, is a tremendous honor,” Dillon said.

Wilson, who is leaving to become chancellor for the public schools in Washington, DC, said he was pleased to see someone from the inside get the job. He said Oakland is a complex district with unique challenges.

“I just think she’s going to do a great job, leading through this space as the board makes a long-term decision,” Wilson said. “And I just ask that you give her an opportunity to be the leader I know she’s capable of being. And she will serve this city very well.”

The next step in that long-term decision is choosing a search firm that will be conducting a local search.