SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) – Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in California by more than 4.2 million votes, according to the final election tally by the California Secretary of State’s Office.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla certified the election results on Friday.

Clinton received 8,753,788 votes (61.7 percent) compared to Trump’s 4,483,810 votes (31.6 percent), the largest winning margin for a presidential candidate in California since 1936, when Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Alfred Landon to win his second term.

Among third party candidates, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson received 478,500 votes (3.4 percent), while Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein received 278,657 votes (2.0 percent.)

Bernie Sanders, who faced Clinton in the Democratic primary, received 79,341 write-in votes or 0.6 percent.

While Clinton won the Golden State in a landslide and has a popular vote lead of more than 2 million votes nationally, Trump has a projected total of 306 Electoral College votes to Clinton’s 232, more than the 270 needed to win the presidency. The Electoral College will formally elect the president on Monday.

Padilla said a record 14,610,509 ballots were cast for the November election, beating the previous record of 13.74 million in 2008. More than 75 percent of registered voters cast ballots.

Comments (24)
  1. Ron Travis says:

    Let’s have a recount WITHOUT all of the illegals, dead people and fake ballots……………………

    1. John Puffer says:

      it’s IMPOSSIBLE for an illegal to vote. Is really that hard to comprehend that Trump is an unpopular president-elect?

      1. Kelly Carr says:

        John it is hard for me comprehend your statement that there is no way for Non-Citizens to vote in a national election. According t o Obama, they were not to be able to join Obama Care. Not even going to go there. Any way they have a licence and they have a mailing address. not much more to say, especially the students.

  2. California is a sanctuary state with the highest illegal alien population in the nation. It is not a surprise that Clinton won the state because she is an advocate for illegal aliens and amnesty and said she would be to the left of Obama on immigration. She did not announce her intent to run for president to citizens. She went to Nevada and announced her decision before a group of illegal aliens.

  3. Kelly Carr says:

    All, I will attempt to keep this short and sweet. Of the 13.5 million voters, how many were non-citizens? Something tells me that it is over 2 million. I would love to see an audit.But it will never happen because of the loons in San Francisco. Thank goodness he did not need california to win. And maybe that is why they have an electoral college system. This is what I believe.

  4. Crabby Hayes says:

    The numbers show just how out of touch California is with the rest of the country. And probably shows how many illegals cast votes there too.

  5. If we were to get rid of the long time process, it would mean that only the two coast would be allowed to elect any President. So if this was to ever be considered, the vote must be divided according to the percentage that a State votes.

    So say that California has 55 votes, then they would have to divide the 55 votes by the percentage of the different parties to allow a fairer vote.

    Not winner takes all. This would make a big different outlook on the entire process.

    But why should be not allow the entire middle of the country have no say on who would be elected? This is the main reason that this was in place to begin with. Back when it started, the smaller States would have the same issue as we have today, the biggest States of the original Union would elect without the rest having a say at all.

    I still am in favor of eliminate the winner take all process for each and every State. This would make the race much cleaner than now.