SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Gunfire erupted at busy San Francisco intersection Friday afternoon, leading to a shooting investigation and some shaken nerves among those who witnessed the incident, including a KPIX 5 reporter.

The shooting happened around noon at the 5th Street off-ramp from I-80.

KPIX 5 reporter Susie Steimle was nearby working another story as the shots rang out.

Steimle clearly heard gunshots across the street from where she was standing. She was shooting video when the shots were fired, her camera shaking as she realized what was happening.

Steimle was covering a story about homelessness when the two gunmen opened fire on the off-ramp of I-80 westbound near 5th and Harrison streets.

“All hell broke loose. There was multiple gunshots and I heard my car get hit with a bullet, so I immediately got down,” said witness Hal Stober.

Stober is one of dozens who were forced to duck behind their steering wheels for fear of being hit.

His car is one of three struck by stray bullets. He said all he could think was that he “…was in the middle of the warzone.”

Looking at the other two vehicles struck by gunfire, it was sheer luck no bystanders were hurt.

Police don’t know if the shooters were injured, as both took off from the scene and have not been found.

Witnesses reported hearing at least 20 shots fired and two separate shootings within minutes of each other.

CHP is investigating the incident. They interviewed multiple eyewitnesses who saw this from their cars.

Steimle was also interviewed because she saw the gunman across the street.

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  1. Wait! Doesn’t California have tough common sense gun laws?

  2. Hiram Floss says:

    well this story is obviously racist since San Francisco and Mexifornia has very strict gun laws so this could have not happened….must be Trump supporters yeah that’s the ticket.

    1. lapd21480 says:

      another liberal loser showing his stupidy. Hillary lost and so did you.

      1. You really don’t understand sarcasm or have any knowledge of pop culture do you?

      2. despiser25 says:

        We don’t blame you for being unable to recognize sarcasm. Many Libidiots make these absurd statements and are totally serious.

  3. Yeah, extremely tough. But they’re only tough on the law-abiding. On criminals? Not so much.

  4. Olaf Auer says:

    And, what? We are supposed to care that a media type was caught in the middle of a gun battle?

  5. Gregg Powell says:

    Well.. this story is obviously FAKE NEWS. I know guns are illegal in California and you have to have a permit to even carry a handgun – which they won’t give to basically everyone – so NO ONE EVEN HAVE GUNS there. Hellooooo.

  6. Why was no one killed?
    These criminals today just don’t shoot like they did back in the 90’s.
    Back then, if you heard 20 rounds popping, you’d find 3-6 dead grubers stretched out.

    1. I blame the schools not giving the children a healthy breakfast when they were in elementary school, thereby hurting their eyesight and mobility. Obvious this can be laid at the feet of those “evil Republicans” who don’t want to fund schools feeding poor children. Oh and maybe they didn’t get out and “move enough” when Mooch was trying to change their dietary habits.

    2. snufy01 says:

      They were too drunk or high to hit each other.

  7. Lie down with criminal dogs, get lead fleas.

  8. Thank god that no trump supporters were injured.

    1. Snargle Bunsniffer-“Thank god that no trump supporters were injured.”

      Trump supporters in San Francisco? I seriously doubt it. Anyone with a brain would live as far away as possible from the air headed Marxists and feral street thugs that overpopulate a once great city.

  9. Guest Guess says:

    why are libs and hillary supporters shooting each other????

  10. Steve Neely says:

    FLASH: Reporter narrowly escapes experiencing real life!

  11. One must exercise extreme caution when entering the native habitat of the North American Urban Thug.

  12. John Smith says:

    Twenty shots and no one was killed? These guys would make good Stormtroopers.

  13. jsolbakken says:

    I love the honesty of the reporter who admits she “ran and hid.” I would have said that I “moved quickly to find cover.”

  14. Gotta love those common sense gun control laws. They’re working great.

  15. Good damn thing Newsom is removing those “high capacity” magazines from law-abiding gun owners and forcing us to go through ammo background checks. I’m sure THESE two thugs will comply with that asinine legislation as well before the bullets fly next time. Pretty sure they just haven’t gotten the DoJ’s “Emergency Memo” that was released yesterday to “ensure public safety”.

  16. rytwinger says:

    No description?…Negros, of course.

  17. okay…let’s take a look at your camera…let’s see the great footage of the shoot out and we can have those suckers in cuffs in no time.. You what? You were shaking too bad to hold up your camera and possible get evidence. great job lib.

  18. Teddy Novak says:

    FAKE NEWS! California has strict gun control laws and San Francisco is all happy leftists. Clearly this is just impossible.

  19. Glad to hear Susie Steimle survived. But let’s talk about Kate Steinle. Not forgotten. Any comments Gavin, Kamela, Willie Brown?

  20. John Hill says:

    San Francisco where no one enforces the laws and the homeless, street filth and drug use, and harassment of the public is epidemic. Only a matter of time before the city is consumed in a crime wave. Good job socialists!!! Feeling sorry for every sociopath and practicing ultra permissiveness really pays off. Why would anyone want to live there now!!?!?!?!?.

  21. Dee Christou says:

    California is the only state whose residents willingly pee in their own Post Toasties and then wonder why it tastes bad…

    What is it about California that makes people become stupid and turn against their country, morals and common sense…?

    Most people who hit their thumb with a hammer try not to do it again.

    Unfortunately, “Gruber” voters in California haven’t learned that concept – they just keep electing the leaders that keep them in bondage…

    1. jsolbakken says:

      Hey, I’ve been calling it “Kalifornia,” but from now on I will be calling it “Gruberfornia.” Thanks for pointing the Gruberized nature of the voters here. We might not be able to get through their thick skulls and communicate with their pea brains, but, we can still enjoy mocking them mercilessly.

  22. despiser25 says:

    It isnt ALL of California. It is about 55% Libidiots. That means about 45% of us don’t belong to the Party of the traitors. Please don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    Ive spent my entire 51 years living in California. I fought Libidiots the entire time. I should be called a HERO… Instead you all want to flush me with the rest of the imbeciles that stole this State form us using illegals aliens as the weapon..

    1. jsolbakken says:

      I have to disagree. I’ve lived my whole 58 years of life right here in the San Fran Psycho Bayarrhea, and it just gets worse all the time. I’m afraid only God can sort us out after the rest of the country puts us out of their misery.