SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Gunfire erupted at busy San Francisco intersection Friday afternoon, leading to a shooting investigation and some shaken nerves among those who witnessed the incident, including a KPIX 5 reporter.

The shooting happened around noon at the 5th Street off-ramp from I-80.

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KPIX 5 reporter Susie Steimle was nearby working another story as the shots rang out.

Steimle clearly heard gunshots across the street from where she was standing. She was shooting video when the shots were fired, her camera shaking as she realized what was happening.

Steimle was covering a story about homelessness when the two gunmen opened fire on the off-ramp of I-80 westbound near 5th and Harrison streets.

“All hell broke loose. There was multiple gunshots and I heard my car get hit with a bullet, so I immediately got down,” said witness Hal Stober.

Stober is one of dozens who were forced to duck behind their steering wheels for fear of being hit.

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His car is one of three struck by stray bullets. He said all he could think was that he “…was in the middle of the warzone.”

Looking at the other two vehicles struck by gunfire, it was sheer luck no bystanders were hurt.

Police don’t know if the shooters were injured, as both took off from the scene and have not been found.

Witnesses reported hearing at least 20 shots fired and two separate shootings within minutes of each other.

CHP is investigating the incident. They interviewed multiple eyewitnesses who saw this from their cars.

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Steimle was also interviewed because she saw the gunman across the street.