By Andria Borba

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Searching for something a little different for your next dining experience in San Francisco?

Chef Michael Tusk of San Francisco’s acclaimed Quince restaurant has come up with a treat for you. Call it the first high-tech app-etizer.

The dish, listed as ‘A Dog In Search Of Gold’ on the menu, features a croquette that looks like a white truffle and made out of celeriac, porcini mushrooms and ricotta.

It is artistically displayed on top of an i-Pad featuring a video of an Italian truffle dog searching for the rare and tasty fungus.

“It’s deep fried and then it’s dusted in porcini powder, so it’s kinda supposed to look like a white truffle,” Tusk told KPIX 5.

Think of the experience as the ultimate farm to fork explainer.

“So, we’re basically setting the scene in which you’re getting a truffle course and you’re seeing the dog that’s foraging for the white truffle,” Tusk said.

The i-Pad is covered with a cleanable sheath.

“A sheath protects the i-Pad so we can plate the food on top of it, but it’s on a cleanable surface,” Tusk said.

Tusk and his team are planning to change the dish for the seasons — next up black truffles.

“(We’re) just trying have a little bit of fun and really get the guests at ease and relaxing and tell a little bit of a story – which I think a meal is supposed to do,” Tusk said.