SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) – A lawmaker from the North Bay is introducing a bill that would require information about claims of Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election to be placed in textbooks.

Assemblymember Marc Levine of Marin County is introducing the bill, which would require the California Board of Education to develop the curriculum.

Earlier this month, a declassified intelligence report said Russian President Vladimir Putin “ordered” a campaign to influence the election in favor of President-elect Donald Trump, a claim Trump repeatedly dismissed.

“The work of 17 intelligence agencies including the FBI and CIA confirmed Russian interference in our election. This is a threat to our democracy and must be treated with appropriate significance in American history,” Levine said in a statement.

Levine noted that California is the nation’s largest textbook market and that state-approved texts are used throughout the country.

“Through this legislation, we can make sure students in California and across the United States receive accurate information about the 2016 Presidential election,” he added.

Levine’s bill follows another bill by Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, who is proposing high school students learn skills on how to identify fake news stories posted online.