SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Anti-abortion demonstrators have marched through downtown San Francisco in an annual event that coincides Saturday with the city’s anti-Trump Women’s March. Organizers say they have coordinated so the two events occur at different times of the day.

Organizers of the Walk for Life West Coast said that attendance appeared to be similar to last year, which drew about 50,000 people from across the western United States.

Protesters met at San Francisco’s City Hall at 12:30 p.m. to walk a 1.7-mile route to Justin Herman Plaza.

The San Francisco edition of the Women’s March, likely to include thousands of people with a different view on abortion, was called for later in the day on the same route.

  1. Abortions are the greatest gift that nature has given us and women should be using them much more often. There are so many people whose parents should have self-aborted in back-alleys and in their bathrooms instead of placing their degenerates onto this earth and making us pay for their drunken mistakes.

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