SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — One of the Bay Area’s most beloved bookstores has a new section designed to help voters who are in despair over the presidency of Donald Trump.

They are putting up resistance at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco’s North Beach, with a special section called “Pedagogies of Resistance.”

“Everyone is asking, ‘What can I do?’ For us, our role is to inform and to help people to understand what might be something you could do,” City Lights publisher Elaine Katzenberger told KCBS.

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Katzenberger has stocked these shelves with everything from “Rules for Radicals,” to the “Verso Book of Dissent.”

“Analysis, history, anecdotes, there’s poetry, there’s fiction. It’s a multi-genre attempt to inspire,” Katzenberger described.

And inspire it does, with customers like Don Hooper striking up conversations and formulating strategies, as they browse through the books.

“There are many more ideas of what we can do. There’s a ton of great ideas and I think we’re starting to think about it,” Hooper said.

Katzenberger said, both online and in-store, the books are selling.

“We’ll do it as long as we think it’s valuable. Doesn’t look like that will stop being the truth anytime soon,” Katzenberger said.

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  1. Thanks for this coverage of our efforts at City Lights! I do need to correct the impression that this is my own effort, though. This section was the brainchild of Ivy Anderson, one of the talented booksellers at City Lights, and she enlisted her colleagues in the bookstore to create this powerful, inspiring display of books. I want to be sure that credit is given to the people who work in our bookstore, since perhaps the public doesn’t realize how much their dedication, knowledge and experience shapes the entire project of City Lights.
    Thanks again for shining a light on our efforts, and we hope that folks will come in to check out the section. You can also access the Resistance Reading List via our website.
    Best wishes,
    Elaine Katzenberger, Publisher and Director

  2. Cashin in on the “useful idiots again? Shame on you for taking advantage of the uneducated …

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