By Julie Watts

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A dangerous intersection in one of San Francisco’s fastest-growing neighborhoods is making some people nervous.

Area resident Joshua Weinberg called the cross streets of Mission Bay Boulevard South and Bridgeview Way an “accident waiting to happen.”

On a recent Thursday morning, the intersection was fairly quiet. But Weinberg, who works in the area, said cars going southbound on Bridgeview Way and eastbound on Mission Bay Boulevard South can easily collide because there is no stop sign and no clear right-of-way.

It almost happened to him back in early January.

“A car came flying through the intersection as I was about to go through,” Weinberg told ConsumerWatch. He managed to jam on his brakes in time, but he said it was a close call.

“Had I not stopped short, we probably would have had an accident,” Weinberg recalled. “I think you absolutely need a stop sign here.”

Weinberg called 311, San Francisco’s government hotline. To his surprise, he didn’t get a response.

“I was kind of surprised after a few days it hasn’t been taken care of,” Weinberg said. That led to him calling ConsumerWatch.

Several days later, the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency sent an email. It read: “We have reviewed the request and are planning to install a stop sign by the end of next week for the southbound Bridgeview Way approach.”

“Initially, there wasn’t enough traffic volume to have a stop sign on every intersection there,” the SFMTA’s Paul Rose told ConsumerWatch.

But Rose notes traffic in the area has increased, and Weinberg’s complaint brought the concern to the agency’s attention.

“If two individuals in a car feel they have the right of way, we want to put more signage out there,” said Rose.

The fix comes as a new report finds the San Francisco-Oakland area has the worst road conditions of any large metro region in the state of California, with 71 percent of streets and roads rated in poor condition.

Weinberg says he’s happy the streets in Mission Bay should soon be safer. He also plans to point out “his” stop sign to his kids the next time they walk through the neighborhood.