SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – The state of California is studying ways to suspend financial transfers to Washington after the Trump administration threatened to withhold federal money from sanctuary cities, KPIX 5 has learned.


Officials are looking for money that flows through Sacramento to the federal government that could be used to offset the potential loss of billions of dollars’ worth of federal funds if President Trump makes good on his threat to punish cities and states that don’t cooperate with federal agents’ requests to turn over undocumented immigrants, a senior government source in Sacramento said.

The federal funds pay for a variety of state and local programs from law enforcement to homeless shelters.

“California could very well become an organized non-payer,” said Willie Brown, Jr, a former speaker of the state Assembly in an interview recorded Friday for KPIX 5’s Sunday morning news. “They could recommend non-compliance with the federal tax code.”

California is among a handful of so-called “donor states,” which pay more in taxes to the federal Treasury than they receive in government funding, according to the latest available figures from the non-profit think tank Tax Foundation.



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  1. Would be wonderful if they also found a way for this to work for withholding for individuals and corporations as well. #calexit

      1. Mark Meyer, take a debate class. Focus on ad hominem, and how it’s the tactic of those without a valid position.

    1. Stacey, trust me on this one. While the state government will try not to send money to Washington, the California tax goons will be showing up on your doorstep to suck every penny out of you that they can.

      1. All the anchor babies are now running the California state legislature. I think their ultimate goal is to give California back to Mexico. Heck, illegal aliens already dominate every blue collar industry in the state and are deep into the white collar industry too. Mexico virtually already owns the state

    2. Seriously? We would LOVE your kalifornikstan to leave our union.

      55 electoral votes taken from the dems means that liberalism is forever dead in America.


      1. Please do secede, and take the nearly one-third of ALL welfare recipients in the entire country who live in your state with you- when you add up all the federal benefits these same people extract from the Feds, CA is not a ‘donor’ state—-go ahead and pull that lever, please.

    3. Nicholi Hel says:

      It must suck to be a demoralized, butt hurt, Bolshevik Loser.

    4. 8 USC 1324 (a) (1) (A) (iii)knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;

      I know when “Barry the power bottom” was in charge you people could break the law, by not enforcing the law, those days are over. Get ready, what they are suggesting is essentially tax evasion. This wont end well, all over shielding illegal aliens, la Reconquista se acabo, tread lightly.

    5. Funny thing about #CalExit: you think your water politics are bad now? Imagine negotiating Colorado River water draws with a hostile US federal government. Imagine negotiating electricity imports with the same hostile US federal government. Imagine losing access to the NEXRAD doppler radar network operated by the NWS when that gets shut down and dismantled; you really want to build and run your own weather forecasting agency from scratch? Never mind surrendering control of your monetary policy to a hostile US government to keep using the US Dollar.

      Imagine losing access to a lot of the economic knock-on benefits of hosting US military bases. If Californians suddenly stop being American citizens, there go a lot of security clearances, you’d need work visas (from, again, a hostile US federal government) just to keep your civilian jobs there. You’d need work or tourist visas just to cross the border into the United States.

      Imagine having a trade embargo imposed on your ports. You know the fun thing about California with regards to oil? You don’t frack, you’re on the wrong side of the Rockies (making pipelines providing access to cheap American shale unfeasible) and yours is a system where consumption is thoroughly encouraged but production is often flat-out illegal. A trade embargo on California would cut you off from your global suppliers, meaning an immediate local oil shortage and your economy grinds to a halt more-or-less overnight.

      You do not want to play hardball with the federal government. You might say that a trade embargo is an act of war. Of course it is, but so is secession, and California would have to form and fund its own military to prosecute such a war, against the US armed forces, which I just can’t picture California accomplishing in the midst of more pressing issues like CalPERS going bankrupt. I’ve actually read about how #CalExit is supposed to work, and it boils down to getting three-quarters of the other states to agree to a constitutional amendment to let California secede. Meaning, as sick as we already are of your shenanigans, you’d still need our /permission/ to secede. There’s nothing stopping us from retaliating out of spite after kicking you out.

    6. Simply send a contingent of Federal marshalls to Sacramento and arrest Moonbeam Brown and any other Democrat loonybirds who refuse to comply. Let the Supreme Court sort it out – AFTER Trump appoints a solid conservative to the bench.

      1. Marshals, dimwit. Other posters ought not have to teach you your own choice of subject.

      2. Especially for Warden Clyffe
        Go stick your head between your legs where the sun doesn’t shine. Who gives a rats butt how he spelled the word? Oh that’s right, just you. Get over yourself and get a life. If you have something of value to contribute to the conversation, say it. But if you fancy yourself as the Internet Word Police, just bugger off because no one else is really interested in your comment.

    7. Geary Carson says:


    8. Allen Clark says:

      Great Idea. Lets put the feds out of business by cutting all funds and that way mexico or china would have clear road to invade and we could all start to learn a foreign language. What an idiotic and stupid idea. People like you really do need to go to a different country.

    9. Tom Dean says:

      If CA does withhold monies from the federal govt, they will be violating laws and, as these are monies are cash flows, the fed can then respond by withholding other monies beyond that having to do with sanctuary cities – who are also violating the law.

      In short, CA will not have a leg to stand on and some or many CA “lawmakers” may well become lawbreakers.

      I may be wrong, but I believe that in addition to a boatload of federal laws/statutes they may be violating the state constitution as well.

      Further, CA is in no financial position to be making such threats. Bottom line the state and municipal governments would likely have to curtail spending on services and possibly raise taxes too – actually, they want to do that anyway because there is a budget deficit of $1B that is not going away.

    10. Ask or Search Quora
      Ask Question

      States of the USA
      U.S. Constitutional Law
      Can a US state secede from the Union?
      Is there a clause in the Constitution which allow states to secede from the Union? Or can this process be done by voting?

      Upvoted by Ian Jackson, Former lecturer in politics, 4 years, Phd in Political Science. and Marc Bodnick, Harvard Gov major, Stanford PoliSci PhD student
      Not any more. It was in doubt before the Civil War, but after that horrible event two things now stand as a reality:
      The Federal Government will go to war, regardless of current political thought, to keep the Union together. There are no collection of even 10 states that have remotely sufficient weaponry to secede without the Union destroying their infrastructure in under a day, causing mass starvation and thus requiring that state to sue for peace with the Union (that is: we’ve become accustomed to water, electricity, etc. The moment it’s removed, societal collapse ensues). Beyond that, the blockade and “legitimizing” of that seceding state (no trade, no exports, no currency) immediately makes it a no-go.
      Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

      By withdrawing from the Union, a state would effectively be denying someone who is a citizen of the United States their rights except by due process. The key there is “due process” and in this case, the state would need to find a LEGALLY RECOGNIZED way to withdraw. This would either be some kind of legislation passed in Congress or an Amendment to the Constitution. Anything less will ensure a civil war and no state will win such a war.

    11. Lots of Californians do not appreciate how the state spends their state income taxes. Perhaps Modoc County taxpayers should become tax resisters to Sacramento?

    12. The Feds will show up with warrants at the State House, and that will be the end of that.

  2. Sam Starfas says:

    Sheesh, what are we coming too? We commend and reward people who come here illegally, put stress on our healthcare system, lower our economy, and bring crime elements to our nation.

    Glad Trump is in office to turn this BS around.

    1. Mark Meyer says:

      Won’t take long for Kalifornia to wake up and smell the coffee. The leftists there will have egg all over their faces when the feds find 1-1.5 million illegals votes in the last Pres election.

      1. I expect by 2020 California will be in the midst of a self-imposed economic collapse and will remain that way until they string up the envirowhackos and open up the Monterey Formation to fracking. The great thing is, we don’t actually have to do anything to make this happen. We literally have to do absolutely nothing to get to this point, because simply ignoring the developments of the wider world would leave open the opportunity for, say, Russia to put Ukraine out of its misery, or Iran and Saudi Arabia throwing down the gauntlet, or China to interdict oil shipments through the SCS. Any of those happen, the global oil price shoots over $100/barrel. All of those happen, the global oil price shoots over $150. We’d slap the oil export ban back in place (thank you populism) but California still has to import and pay global prices, so they won’t benefit from the oil price split that’ll ensue.

    1. Sumner Kagan says:

      I mean the power. People want to ignore federal laws? Then be ready to pay the consequences. CA. gets a lot of their power and water from other states.

      1. Frank Davis says:

        And refined gasolline as well.

    2. Ask the EU how it went when they tried to play hardball with Putin and his pipeline—

    3. Doc Mac says:

      Water and electricity, they import a third of the electricity that they use. But hey, Californians wouldn’t mind 2 days a week without electricity; it’d be good for the environment, right?

  3. Fake News! Cal can’t do any of these things without a war.

    1. Guy Gadbous says:

      The sooner California leaves, the better!

  4. Kerwin Hieb says:

    If they really do this I hope they at least have the decency to wait until I make some popcorn. It should be damned entertaining watching DC put the smack-down on Commiefornia!

  5. Dave Gaskill says:

    So rather than compromise CA will stoop to level. Disgusting. Only people hurt are citizens.

    1. demotropolis says:

      you’re not making sense . citizens are hurt when the federal government, which RECEIVES MORE FROM CALIFORNIA than it pays out in grants to california, basically steals the money which belongs to californians to spend as we please

      in fact, it’s dt who’s hurting citizens by collecting federal taxes from us but refusing to give back to us as they give to other states money WE PAID IN

      no taxation without representation . if dt doesn’t wanna honor the state rights of california, dt doesn’t get to require us to pay federal taxes

      1. Steal the money from the people? Who told you it was your money to start with? It is a well-established fact that all money is owned by the Federal government. The Democrats have been ranting and raving about this for years. Every time they want to increase spending the answer is more taxes. Don’t pay, Go directly to jail; do not pass go. You should be dang happy they let you keep any of the money. After all, as Obama said: “You didn’t make that.”

      2. demotropolis says:

        ? what are you talking about? even if ‘all money is owned by the federal government’ … we have the right to control where it goes when it leaves our pockets

        more taxes for whom?

        first of all, i in no way expressed support for all ‘democrats’ … regardless, your idol dt is about to raise taxes on the vast majority of people to, as did his predecessors, cover tax breaks to the already obscenely wealthy? you one of them? if not, your taxes will increase

      3. Jon Lewis says:

        OK. Then the Feds can close all of those military bases and facilities. When you factor in the impact of those on your economy, you are getting more than you’re giving.

      4. demotropolis says:

        ? pure bs . military bases are no boon to the economy

      5. West Walker says:

        So ignoring the concerns of the Sheriff Assn, and the risk to public safety (and the increase motivation of ICE to therefore RAID communities due to suspects unaccounted for) there is a reason why 77% of ALL VOTES (both parties) are against sanctuary cities and the drugs and crime those who smuggle into our state bring. Latino population is even more against. Add to the fact that Public Safety GRANTS are big money for CA and that for sure is gone. Not going to be a safe state folks. Why is that? Even Bernie people agree we need to “Drain the Swamp” in SAC.. the party elites could care less what We the People Want.

      6. Frank Davis says:

        It’s folly to say that Kalifornia is a donor state. You forget all of the military, ports, etc. that the feds pay for. Go ahead. Secede, you won’t be missed.

      7. demotropolis says:

        ? california pays in more than it receives back . military bases have nothing to do with it … and are, like based everywhere, filled with people who weren’t residents of the state before enlisting and being parked on the base . in fact, a base is, by definition, federal property

        the feds paying for military bases only militarizes the state, which is not good for the people

        meanwhile, i’m glad you wouldn’t miss california, but you only speak for yourself . the feds would miss the influx of money … and every state which receives more than it pays in would miss california

      8. Sukie Tawdry says:

        Fine. Stop paying your federal taxes, Citizen. Then see what happens next.

      9. You do realize that all states pay more into the feds than they get back. It’s part of what supports the federal government. Would you really expect to get more back than you paid in? Do YOUR taxes work that way? Federal or state?

      10. demotropolis says:

        no, all states do not pay in more than they get back . wow

      11. 8 USC 1324 (a) (1) (A) (iii)knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;

        I know when “Barry the power bottom” was in charge you people could break the law, by not enforcing the law, those days are over. Get ready, what they are suggesting is essentially tax evasion. This wont end well, all over shielding illegal aliens, la Reconquista se acabo, tread lightly.

        I like the clinched red fist, do you fist Jerry Brown, I heard his ass is loose. a .

  6. Marc Salomon says:

    Time to cut off the subsidized entitlements of these welfare libertarians in the red states who can only win elections when they have the “affirmative action for white people” of the electoral college on their side and who insult us for the subsidy.

    Let them try to launch a military campaign to recover their welfare or prevent California from seceding absent California’s hefty federal subsidy.

    1. I’m glad we all agree welfare needs to be abolished.

    2. Hey Marc – That affirmative action (electoral college) you speak of… that was designed to prevent big city pricks like you from you from determining how the rest of America lives. I believe the founding fathers even used those exact terms. Oh, and if you go looking for a fight, I’ll be your huckleberry.

  7. Tom Ronson says:

    One problem with the idea California could withhold money. Federal money going to the cities for police etc is not required by law. It can legally be stopped by trump.
    State money going to the feds is required by the tax laws and the state could be hauled into court for nonpayment.
    Then fines and penalties could be added which would make the state regret their actions.
    Just more stupid talk by the brain dead liberals.

    1. Sukie Tawdry says:

      What “state money” goes to the Feds?

  8. Alt Bart says:

    Looking forward to seeing Jerry Brown and the California Legislature in Orange overalls in a Federal Prison

  9. edbarbar says:

    Paying taxes is optional? I never knew.. I will start by not paying my CA income taxes.

  10. The champions of communism, socialism and Fascism call themselves progressives, but they recommend a system which is characterized by rigid observance of routine and by a resistance to every kind of improvement. They call themselves liberals, but they are intent upon abolishing liberty for anyone not pledged to the cult Liberalism. They call themselves Democrats, yet they yearn for a dictatorship. They call themselves revolutionaries, but they want to make the government omnipotent in every way imaginable.. They promise the blessings of the Garden of Eden but will only result in more unsustainable debt that will eventually enslave our progeny. They plan to transform the world into a gigantic post office. Every man but one a subordinate clerk in a giant bureau. Modern ctrl-left Progressive Liberalism is a serious mental disorder.

    When the ctrl-left dissents, it’s patriotism even though it’s just the opposite. When the right dissents, it’s insurrection even though it’s just the opposite.

  11. surimike says:

    AND when NEV/AZ/CO shut off the water and the PacNW shuts off the electricity?

  12. Mark Meyer says:

    All the news that’s fit to fill…the minds of leftist nutcases.

  13. Sure, California can retaliate and be invaded by the USA forces. Meanwhile their electrical grid could be shut down and water shut off and their markets ignored. In the meantime, California will busily recruit an army from the trannys in California.

  14. Seems to me that the federal government could freeze California’s assets if they don’t send their tax contributions, much like they’d do to an individual. I’m not sure that California can win this fight.

    1. Sukie Tawdry says:

      What “tax contributions” does California make to the federal government?

  15. Can I plead reciprocity and withhold paying taxes to Jerry and his kids?

  16. Ethel Weiss says:

    Put them under martial law until they squeal

  17. What a joke. First off this would never happen. We would just arrest your officials and take the money. This California wealth, you all keep dropping, is from agricultural farming from die hard Republican areas, not trashy liberal fascists who don’t want to get jobs because it would take away from protest time. Calexit would never happen because the state doesn’t belong to these fascist, it belongs to the union as TX found out in 2012 under Obama. If they want to leave they’re more than welcome. CA wouldn’t survive without the Colorado river for a water supply or our military anyways. You’ll will lose your sanctuary funding and you will comply. No SCOTUS will side with you because the precedent set from it would be to dangerous to be allowed if any city could harbor law breakers and illegals. The rest of America is currently laughing at the delusional among all of you.

  18. It’s one thing to defy Trump, but messing with the IRS is entirely different.

  19. Go for it. How many elected officials at the State and local level will be tried for harboring fugitives, violating Federal immigration law and now Federal tax law. Bring the IRS, FBI in, arrest the perps, try them and put them in Federal prison.

  20. cleancode70 says:

    It looks like we’ll need a much longer wall. Fine with me.

  21. Chuck Yates says:

    Yawn……….California is all talk and nothing more.

  22. Challenging Trump will not work out in your best interests. Harboring criminals is in itself a crime as is obstructing federal law enforcement. Trump holds all the cards. Push too hard and the only funds these guys will be concerned with will be their own bail.

  23. This is stupid.. the federal govt has far more legal leverage over CA than the other way around. This is about sending a lefty idiotic message – basically more tantrums from those that support violating/subverting/ignoring laws they don’t like rather than changing them. We are still a republic (rule of law), not a democracy (rule by public majority), and these actions prove politicians are not interested in protecting their legal citizen constituency as directed by their oath of office but in scoring political points for an ideological agenda.

  24. Folkes be real the truth is easily found on the web even if the news media won’t report on it.
    It would take a Constitutional Amendment for California the constitution shows a path to the Union but none to leave it. Then California will lose all of the bases they enjoy the money from. Plus they still need to pay off their $443 billion in debt. And without the $300 billion in federal aid they get every year.

  25. Democrats will lose.. they already have. Presidency, Senate, House, Governor-ships, state legislatures, local gov’t… Only the nut jobs in CA and NYC continue to want socialism and illegal immigration. Right now we have an exodus of productive people and in influx of illegals to the state… this ends badly for CA which is $800 billion in debt or more…

  26. Jolly Roger says:

    The Soviet Socialist Republic of CA is going to learn the hard way, like the secessionist Confederate States did, that the United States is a Federal Republic under a Constitution. The power to make immigration, customs, and border protection laws, policies, and regulations is reserved for the Federal government, not the states, and sure as hell not city governments. States and local governments have just as much obligation to adhere to federal regulations and support federal authorities on immigration as they do in any other matter. How do these communist fifth columnists in CA think they do not have to follow federal law and federal guidance just because they disagree with it?

  27. I’m an American held hostage by the mexicans invading California.

    President Trump, they are stealing and murdering from us and I beg you to declare war on Los Angeles. Cut off their water & power from out of state and bomb the dams.

  28. So CA wants to harbor illegals and somehow this is the fed’s fault for taking action? Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  29. Time for Trump to send in the tanks. A few battleships off the coast of LA and Frisco would be a nice touch as well.

  30. Bob Suyak says:

    LA and SF = the a..holes Ca, no wonder it beginning to stink so much.

  31. Bob She says:

    California politicians have decided They don’t need no stink’n ba-tchez!!…

  32. Barry Cooper says:

    The conservative–which is to say true Liberal–position is to return power to the States, and eradicate abusive and intrusive Federal authority. So we can only applaud the newly discovered States Rights movement among those on the Left.

    Please secede, if you think it would make things better. Every major corporation that keeps you afloat right now will jump ship once it realizes the socialists are taking over. You are bleeding people and jobs now, and have been for some years. Texas, Tennessee, and Arizona thank you.

  33. Fine, try it California. It’d be fun to see Federal Marshals descending on Sacramento to arrest Gov. Moonbeam and a bunch of other State officials.

  34. BTW non-compliance could lead to the state of California losing water and electricity. The federal government runs the Nuclear plants and Water resources. Heavy fines can be levied and if it continues the state could even be barred from participating in any Federal positions that means having California senators and representatives blocked. Don’t think it will be any different than if you didn’t pay your California State Taxes. The federal government won’t be any more compassionate than the state is to you.

  35. San Tan says:

    Typical liberal windbags….This is all talk about nothing. blah blah blah

  36. Robert Cat says:

    What is CA thinking?? The illegals have bankrupt their state. How they can think socialism is the way to go when we have Cuba and Venezuela for examples of how that didn’t work out.

  37. Kevin Cowart says:

    It could take 5 years to fill up lake Powell, What would claifornia do without the Colorado river water and the electricity produced? Just an idle threat…

  38. Bruce Allan says:

    Tough talk, California. Secession. Withhold money. Threats against law abiders, all so your political class can continue to break the law yourselves, huh?

    Sounds like the ruling class there is misgauging the climate again!

  39. Laughing. If California interferes or does not make federal tax payments state officials can be jailed like any other citizen for tax fraud. And even more fun? The IRS can sieze state property in lieu of payment and in addition to payment and penalties.

  40. Choosing foreign criminals over American citizens. Ever think you’d see this in America? This is the modern Democrat Party. America is the enemy — always.

  41. That’s AWESOME!!! I want california to illegally stop sending funds to the federal government that they are required by law to send.

    Then we can just arrest the democrats and place california under Marshall law. Once we have deported all the illegal aliens the Republicans will have the majority and can elect a new state government.

    What a brilliant idea!!!

  42. Jerry Brown meet your new cell mate Charlie Manson. Oh and Jerry, sleep on your backside just a friendly tip.

  43. California doesn’t get to flaunt the rule of law with sanctuary cities. If you want to threaten to secede, cut off due tax liabilities and spit on the Republic, get ready for federal troops to pay your state borders a visit. I don’t think you want to face down 1st Infantry, 3rd ID, your own NG units and multiple other federal agencies. You would lose.

  44. Scew CA!!! NOT ONE MORE FEDERAL DIME of our tax payers dollars should go into California. Not only that, those that are NOT abiding by Federal and State laws to comply with immigration laws, should be handcuffed and perp walked straight to jail.

    We cannot pick and choose what laws to follow. You want that kind of stuff go join a cartel and live in Mexico! I CANNOT WAIT for California to be on their own and secede from our great union. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Then all the great patriotic people will flee California and all they will be stuck with is the Hollywood elites. Wait till all them Hollywood and Music industry elites find out they are gonna have to pay a 90% tax burden to pay for the upkeep of the state. HAHAHA They will jump ship faster than ANY rat could.

  45. Mark Smith says:

    The FBI can arrest the entire state legislature and Governor Moonbat.

  46. John Marston says:

    Just wait until Kalifornia gets their bill for their $2.4 trillion portion of the national debt.

  47. doctorfixit says:

    Jail Moonbeam. Game over.

  48. Robert Blum says:

    Should California stay the course (towards non-payment of federal taxes collected), it shall be determined whether the national debt is meaningful and significant.

    California’s dark clouds will foreshadow America’s financial abyss.

  49. This is Insurrection against the Laws of the Union.

  50. Sharp Shtik says:

    Nothing new. Democrats commit nearly all individual crime and run government like organized criminals.

  51. Looks like the land of fruits and nuts are into suicide!!!! Go right ahead fools!!!!!1

  52. “They could recommend non-compliance with the federal tax code.”- Willie brown


    Now that would be a fantastic precedent!

    I look forward to the feds allowing organized non compliance with Tax code!!!!!!!

  53. LOL aren’t these the same hypocrite voters always trying to INCREASE TAXES for the sake of socialist-services?!?… Aren’t these the same voters who spent YEARS trying to surrender their (and every other states’) sovereign state-level jurisdictions like marriage, education, police, etc to the FEDERAL government, and then they lose ONE LITTLE ELECTION and are all throwing tantrums and talking about secession from that same powerful-beast THEY created in the past 15 years (the FEDERAL government).. Grow up; suck it up buttercup…

  54. Sharp Shtik says:

    Most Democrats who weren’t already criminals are criminals under 8 USC 1324: “Any person who…(iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States…; or (v)(I) . . . conspir[es]…or (II) aids or abets [these] acts, shall be punished…for each alien.”

  55. David Reed says:

    Yeah, get into a pssng contest with Trump and let’s see who wins that one.

  56. Chuck Costin says:

    That’s awesome and give up your 55 electoral votes. There will never be another democrat president.

  57. Praying for an order from my Commander in Chief rot kill all the Democrat trash in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

  58. I hope California finds a way to do this. This is a libertarian conservative’s dream. All states will then be able to abolish paying taxes to the federal government and we will finally return to full on Federalism!

    1. Sukie Tawdry says:

      Name a state that pays taxes to the federal government.

  59. Ken Cel says:

    California is going to cut off funding to the Federal Government. Funny! I guess the idiots in charge of California don’t realize most of their money comes from Federal handouts. California is bankrupted financially, morally and spiritually.

  60. I remember the last time a state seceded from the nation… Lincoln didn’t bring them gifts of fruit-cakes and rainbows… He reconquered that land with military force so violent that they are STILL part of our nation today, 150 years later…

  61. Mark Todd says:

    no big deal, with federal authority just seize the funds from the banks.

  62. Lib Serum says:

    “CA state government bracing for all out war…” How well did that go for the gay-marriage issue? Hmmm. Well anyway go on and secede so CA can get started on it’s Open Territory notions. Multicultural paradise. Hahahahahaha

  63. Yes, California can essentially refuse to comply with the Federal Tax code. The Federal Government, in response, can freeze and seize assets as well as issue warrants for non-payers.

    In United States v. Tedder, 787 F.2d 540, 542 (10th Cir. 1986), the court stated that, “although Treasury regulations establish voluntary compliance as the general method of income tax collection, Congress gave the Secretary of the Treasury the power to enforce the income tax laws through involuntary collection.

    California will not win this fight. The key thing to remember in “resisting” a larger power is to pick your battles. Non-compliance with clearly established Federal law is not something that will be won in this case.

  64. Tommy Lewis says:

    I have news for you Willie. The people can’t stop sending funds. Thy will be fined by the IRS. Pathetic.

  65. Dan Payne says:

    California is snowflake heaven for sure.

  66. the “state” doesn’t collect and pay federal tax dollars … corporations do … so this is an empty threat

    1. Sukie Tawdry says:

      I suppose California could refuse to deposit the federal income and payroll taxes it withholds from state employees’ pay. That might be fun to watch.

  67. Tom Mccoy says:

    It’s the weekend.

    Nothing else to talk about.

  68. Because that would ever work, and challenging Trump has been so successful these days

  69. Woody Garvey says:

    I love this irrational (liberal) idea. All California has to do is increase its taxes to equal the Federal taxes. This would serve Cal voters fairly and give them a foretaste of succession. Too bad for the battalions of dependent poor though. BTW, Willie’s advice to commit felonious tax evasion is a felony in itself. Another guy who got a law degree because he was Black rather than able.

    1. Yup. The legal term is “counseling” the commission of an offense, and if the crime is carried out, the person who provided the counseling is charged as a principal, meaning it’s effectively the same as if they committed the crime themselves.

      US Code Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 1 § 2:
      “(a) Whoever commits an offense against the United States or aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces or procures its commission, is punishable as a principal.”

  70. South Carolina got the ball rolling long ago. Didn’t end well. California, push forward with your plans for secession. Not going to happen and certainly not going to be tolerated. Yeah, California’s going to keep the ports and military bases without a fuss.

  71. Mike says:

    Don’t wait for California. It’s been a pain in the arse of the nation for much too long. Expel it from the union, and let it be over run totally by Mexico and have it become a Mexican state. Just be prepared to not accept them back after they become drug cartel central and lose their economy – Turing into a third-world replica of Mexico. Require all California citizens to reapply for American citizenship should they choose to enter past the wall that will be built between them, and America. Good riddance you slime balls. This is way over due.

  72. The story is completely devoid of facts. California doesn’t pay any money to the Federal government. The federal government gets its money by collecting taxes from individuals and corporations. It is completely illegal for California to force people to stop paying federal taxes.

  73. asudad90 says:

    Trump should send only blacks and criminals released to San Francisco, seeing it is only 6% black.

  74. Woody Garvey says:

    Governor Brown should remember that socialism doesn’t work when you run out of other people’s money.

  75. You would think California would already know how expensive political correctness can be. Is protecting murderers and violent offenders really that important to you?

  76. I hope that California Officials have been fitted for steel bracelets. Withholding federal funds passing through state entities will probably result in arrest.

  77. CA Politicians are putting a line in the sand based on their belief that CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS have more rights than Sovereign American Citizens?
    Well, when you have a Legislature comprised of Traitorous Politicians that have an allegiance to Foreign Nationals who have infiltrated our Election System and a Citizen Population Educated in Progressive Government Indoctrination Centers controlled by Leftist / Marxist inspired Teacher Unions, these things happen.
    Good luck Comrades.

  78. Please do secede, and take the nearly one-third of ALL welfare recipients in the entire country who live in your state with you- when you add up all the federal benefits these same people extract from the Feds, CA is not a ‘donor’ state—-go ahead and pull that lever, please.

  79. In a Constutuional argument, how can Californîa prevail when the issue is compliance to standing federal law? It doesn’t seem to be a matter having legal standing in California’s Superior Court. California could appeal a lower federal court ruling to a federal appeals court. What’s that get California? And the talk of leaving the Union is stupid, and dangerous.

  80. The democrats will be the ones to put the kibosh on this stupidity. Can you imagine 55 electoral votes lost to the democrats? They’s never hold the White House again.


    Too bad there isn’t some way the Republicans can FORCE calexit.

  81. Woody Garvey says:

    President Trump should eliminate our national debt, and the cost of a bigger wall, by selling California to the Chinese.

    1. Give us good people in in Commie-fornia a chance to leave before you sell it off to China. Not everyone in this state is a commie.

  82. This is so great. If they leave they will be taking Hollyweird with them. They can declare themselves a sanctuary Peoples Republic and the USA can ship all our illegals to them. We can slap a nice import fee on all the goods they want to sell us, and ban immigration from California. Naturally, we will grant an exemption to regular Americans (like Republicans and conservatives) who should be allowed to immigrate to the USA. So to California I say bye, its been real dudes.

  83. I think the USA would be much better off letting CA try to pay down their huge debts on their own and fund all the federal programs supporting tens of millions of illegal aliens (stress on word illegal). Make a true researched story instead of the now famous biased and fake news. Then try and defend the fake news above the CBS is feeding to the old media.

  84. As a Kalifornia ex-pat I find this possibility deliciously perfect. I would like nothing more than to see the federal taxes I pay directed away from that socialist/lawless enclave. liberal voting fools who promoted Moonbeam and the other liberal goons to power are going to see what happens when their state continues to violate federal law and statute. They chose to spend billions on a stupid high speed rail project while their state coffers are painted a deep shade of red. Fools. Now get ready for more state taxes and fees. BWWAAAHAHAhahahaha.

  85. Sukie Tawdry says:

    California doesn’t pay taxes to the federal treasury, Melissa. Individuals and businesses located in California do. Federal taxes withheld by employers and quarterly estimated tax payments made by individuals and businesses don’t “flow through Sacramento.” The State of California may collect something on behalf of the federal government, but off-hand I wouldn’t know what it is.

  86. Bev Kaller says:

    Hey land of fruits and nuts, (except for those rare conservative counties)……

    do it, do it, do it…..and the next move out of d.c. will be check mate baby.

  87. Moonbeam’s Taxifornia still has too much debt to be thinkin’ it’s all that.
    One phone conversation to the right people and California Uber Alles could have Cali’s notes called.
    More show than go from the Boat People Governor.
    Hope those dogs were tasty Jer…

  88. Bart Drennon says:

    All banks are regulated at the federal level. The Feds could immediately seize all monies due them.

  89. Tim Briker says:

    LOL, at Californians thinking this is a threat. It’s like the doctor threatening to remove a 30 pound cyst from your ass.

  90. Dean Ayer says:

    The feds can seize the contents of state bank accounts – last I checked the money said United States Of America on it not California. That means they control the whole casino, wise up people. The bluster is adorable but its toothless and everyone knows it.

  91. Justified? CA doesn’t want to “pay it’s fair share” ??? Hypocrites!!! Then CA residents can suspend paying money to CA. Fair is fair. Plenty of reasons to justify it.

  92. Alan Whitney says:

    Sounds like California needs to be occupied by Federal troops, and brought to heel. Then again, perhaps it will FINALLY slide off into the Pacific, and thus cure the problem!

  93. “They could recommend non-compliance with the federal tax code.” What happened when states tried non-compliance w/ 55 mph speed limit. Faced losing highway funds.

  94. Sanctuary cities function outside the LAW. Harboring illegal aliens is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  95. This is cool…. The state does not pay its obligations to the Feds, so now we the people don’t have to pay its obligations to the State. Trump, cut the state of California off of ALL federal money simply because the State is aiding and abetting criminals by not looking the other way when criminals comment crimes. Do it California, I dare you, idiots.

  96. We’re talking about a state and political culture that elected Jerry Brown twice, allowed environmentalists to run so amok it prevent them from building new water reservoirs which should have been built 20 years ago and who’s Social Progressive policies have led to massive debt and social welfare issues.

    Sorry, if this was prize fight CA is Michael Spinks and President Trump and the US Government is Mike Tyson and we all know how that ended on June 27, 1988 in Atlantic City. Could CA best the US Government ? Yes, however past relevant behavior is a reasonable indicator of future relevant behavior and so far the collective political brain power of CA isn’t that bright.

    Sorry, but but if we were talking Texas vs President Trump and the US Government I’d bet on Texas. But were talking CA, therefore my money is on President Trump for the win in this match up.

  97. Arturo Ayala says:

    Just so that the whole world knows you’re serious about secession, please feel free to revoke your American Citizenship BEFORE this is on the ballot. Put your money where your ignorant mouth is!!!! friggin crybabies.

  98. Enjoy being invaded, having your property confiscated, your cities looted and burned, your men shot and killed (at least our died valiantly fighting in armies your will just be killed) having federal occupation forces maintain order all the while you will be compelled to pay taxes, live with unelected congressman, senators and governors while your rights are taken away.

  99. John Poland says:

    California Politicians take Note. They have let people on city Councils that effect Sanctuary Cities skirt jail time for THAT But for willfully being in Noncompliance with Tax Laws..That is Serious Jail time !
    President Trump could then use the words of Clint Eastwood’s ‘Dirty Harry Callaghan’ to California..
    ” Go ahead ..MAKE MY DAY”!

  100. The precedent is clear: the last time states succeeded from the Union, Federal troops invaded said states. If CA leaves the Union, I only wish I was 40 years younger. I’d long to don a US Army uniform and invade the renegade, rebellious CA with all the artillery necessary to destroy it like the Yankees did to the South. Hauling Pelosi & Friends to jail would be a pleasure!

  101. Chris Cook says:

    California should just be permitted to leave the Union. They can keep their illegal immigrants, Communists, degenerates, and Hollywood kooks. Real America will be better off without California.

  102. laserw says:

    Go ahead, California. Withhold funds.

    Every dime you get from the Feds can be pulled and you can support your precious illegal tacos on your own dime.

    Do it.

  103. Mason Shell says:

    Read carefully California.
    18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy
    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

    1. Frank Walker says:

      Californians, wastrels and spendthrifts that they are, have no clue whatsoever how detested they are by real Americans. We just elected Trump. You might think this would offer them a clue. But no. Lazy Californians richly deserve the lack of respect they garner from responsible Americans.

    2. Due to inflation, the 20 years should now be 80 years.

  104. Steve Reich says:

    So, being a republican, I can stop paying California state taxes? Great

  105. Steve Torrez says:

    Califruita will lose. The State of Califruita has virtually banned firearms and ammunition. How will its people fight? You will be sitting ducks for the Feds.

  106. Maria Tall says:

    It will make the “six day war” look like it lasted forever. Lala land will be forced into submission in less than a week.

    What fools those people are.

  107. Texas could cut off electricity to California

  108. The easy way to ameliorate the problem is to comply with law, Land o’ Fruits and Nuts. One way or the other your leaders are breathlessly beggaring the most blessed state in the union. And when it happens, you will have richly (you should excuse the choice of words) deserved it.

  109. President Trump, millions of we patriotic American Californians stand ready to do what is necessary to oppose the treason in Excremento.

  110. Gee. It just happens that Cali’s share of North America’s military defense comes to, let’s see, um, $0.22 per $1 sent to Washington.

  111. Frank Furter says:

    You mean the state could take care of things that the Federal Government takes care of now? Wow, what a revelation. Sounds like a WIn-Win to me. Cut each other off.

  112. How excellent that California could lead a national movement to defund federal tyranny. A lot of conservatives and libertarions could hop on board with that one.

  113. California has one of the highest welfare rates. They have homeless and poor flooding the streets. Mexicans NOT paying income taxes for any work they perform, yet we pay for their vehicle insurance crashes and health care costs. Everything is subsidized by the Feds. From public schools to social services, to agriculture, to Crony Capitalism and fed tax breaks for Silicon Valley, to flood/drought/fire FEMA cash and a lot more. California Democrats are full of excrement.

  114. Kurt Smith says:

    Idiots! the biggest reason we’re a donor state already is from all the federal contracts for tech and military. Yeah, cut them off, watch ’em cut us off, watch us not be a donor state real quick.

  115. Frank Walker says:

    Kalifawnia leaving? Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  116. Bob Larson says:

    They can show us how great solar power is when the electricity from Hoover dam is cut off and it shouldn’t take long for Lake Mead to refill once the gates are closed.

  117. Ken Nichols says:

    A Marxist rebellion in California will incite a federal reaction. In case anybody’s forgotten, a prior Republican president had encountered this some time ago.

    And I remind California that Electors (as in the Electoral College) are not counted from any State this is in rebellion. That’s 55 votes, as of November, 2016.

    It is irrelevant that your State constitution already says that you are an inseparable part of the United States of America. You are. So changing your constitution doesn’t alter that fact.

    We have John Mattis taking the field on our side. You have Lena Dunham.

    Think about this before it gets out of control.

  118. Seems like we, as a nation, have been down this road before. It didn’t end well for the secessionists.

    Is California ready to take on the U. S. armed forces and the 20,000,000 man armed militia of the U. S.?

  119. Cut off Social Security checks and stop Medicare reimbursements. Trump is the wrong guy to pick a fight with, and for what? To break the law.

  120. Having Obama make a lot of California land and coasts Federal National Monuments is going to backfire now. Even if California leaves the USA still keeps all Federal Property… all the parks, Military Bases and Ports… Watch how fast these fools fold when CalPers, CalStrs, Calfresh, CARE, and the Free School Lunch programs start folding. California will be Venezuela in less time than it took Chavez. Carting around garbage bags of worthless California Peso’s to try to buy toilet paper.

  121. I do not believe that California I still a donor State. With ~1/3 of this country’s welfare recipients, this statistic I question. We used to be the 5th biggest producer on the globe…no more. Liberal ideology and control of Sacramento for the last 30 years has driven this once great State towards economic disaster. Unfunded liabilities…promises made to public sector workers by politicians now dead re just a part of the problem. Jerry Brown having to raise taxes…AGAIN…in order to pay for these liabilities. A light needs to be shown in the darkness that is Progressivism and liberal ideology in order that the truth comes out.

  122. Fred Doe says:

    That’s already been tried. Ever hear of the civil war? Ask Kentucky how that turned out.

  123. Frank Walker says:

    A great many Californians are not even legal Americans. Nobody cares if they leave. We wish they WOULD leave.

  124. I’ve lived in CA since 1977. MONKEYS are running the state. It is a joke. Cal-Exico should secede and take their 55 Electoral Votes with them.

  125. Hilarious California. I would certainly like to see you try. Lets see how much of your 6th largest economy is after you support your own military, customs and border enforcement, college system without federally guaranteed student loans and grants. You will not get water from the Colorado River. Your costs for energy are going to increase. All military bases and their impact on local economies would be gone. It is much more than getting 78 cents back for every dollar you send to Washington. You forget that all federal employees in California spend money in California.
    Just having California out of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, would be great.

  126. Jason Watson says:

    No problem. Let’s just take the military out and recede the borders back to AZ, NV, and north. Leftism is a cancer and this will go a long way of cutting it out. Good riddance.

  127. When secession goes on an actual ballot, it will lose. Most Californians are not as stupid as commenters seem to think.

  128. Frank Walker says:

    California annoys and offends real Americans. Leave quickly, and take your millions of illegal Mexicans with you.

  129. John McCall says:

    The rest of us can restrict immigration of Californians to the USA just like we will soon restrict Mexicans. Border Crossing at Yuma for openers. Than at Donner or Reno; at Shasta.

  130. “California could very well become an organized non-payer,” said Willie Brown, Jr, a former speaker of the state Assembly in an interview recorded Friday for KPIX 5’s Sunday morning news. “They could recommend non-compliance with the federal tax code.”

    Willie Brown will somehow get a dime.for every dollar held back by California,

  131. Jim Bond says:

    Time to start removing from off and jailing state and municipal politicians that promote and encorage the defiance of federal laws.

  132. Lou Anthony says:

    While they’re at it, they can change their name to ‘Venezuela II’.

  133. Brian Vineys says:

    132K Active military personnel live in California. If the Feds were to shutter the bases and move the people out of state, it would destroy the economies of many areas, namely San Diego and several areas of the Central Valley. the next move would be to lean on the shipping companies that bring container ships into the Bay Area and Los Angeles, and have them move their cargo to other ports outside of states, that would destroy another 200K jobs.

    California doesn’t have the leverage to not pay taxes and we picked a moron to defend us against the government in Eric ‘Fast and Furious’ Holder.

    Why is California so dead set on protecting Illegal alien criminals? Isn’t society better off if they are gone? Maybe we should ask Kate Steinle’s family…

  134. I live in California and support Trump. I guess I’ll have to stop paying income taxes.

  135. What money does the state provide to the Feds? Social Security? Medicaid? Cut if off and the state worker gets hit, not the Feds. The socialist democrats are lying again.

  136. Stop paying to the IRS and see what happens.

  137. Let ’em secede. Then:

    – Shut down all military bases. Recall all Federal troops and equipment.
    – Immediately halt all federal aid.
    – Immediately halt all federally subsidized entitlements (Welfare, EBT, Housing, etc.)
    – Offer massive tax incentives to any company willing to leave California for other states.
    – Six Month Moratorium on all trade.
    – Establish military checkpoints on all major routes in and out of the new “Republic”.
    – Send all illegal immigrants to their “Sanctuary cities”.
    – All “immigrants” FROM California must be thoroughly vetted and spend 6 months in quarantine.
    – Post moratorium – Set a 20 percent tariff on all goods & services they export.
    – Declare the governor Persona Non Grata
    – Remove from FEMA planning.

  138. Willem Reese says:

    The whole “giver state/taker state” meme is a fraud. It is a favorite of the left, of course, because they can use it to imply that those who vote Republican receive more benefits than whose who vote democrat. The calculations, however, are gross generalizations that are influenced by the locations where corporations report their income, where retirees live, where there are Federal lands, facilities (parks, military bases), and suppiers, location of ports, etc., and also depend on conflating earned benefits (like social security) with unearned ones (like food stamps, public housing). A simple negation to the implication is that polls show those individuals who are on true “welfare” type benefits, not surprisingly, vote 75%+ democrat.

  139. More and more California is becoming a “Confederacy” of lawlessness very similar to the “Confederacy Slave States” of the Pre-Civil War Era. Their attempt to nullify Federal Law via “Sanctuary Cities” and dismiss the Community and Public Safety Hazards due to this nullification is evident in the skyrocketing crime and violence in all our communities.

  140. Jim Scott says:

    Simply get rid of the sanctuary city nonsense and it will be a non-issue.

  141. snailmailtrucker says:

    Build THE WALL ALONG THE Az, Nevada, Oregon Borders.
    Oregon may want to join Calif…. I’ll be Happy to Move to my Az. Property !

  142. Gary Epling says:

    Wouldn’t be great if all illegal immigrants migrated to CA? CA, the sanctuary state! Let the state handle all the housing, including imprisonment, law enforcement, school funding, health care and welfare for all those illegals depending upon it. CA legal residents all ready pay the highest taxes in the nation. How much higher would it be without all the federal subsides?

    That great sucking sound will be all the legal taxpayers flooding out of the state. Guess who’s left?

    U can thank Gov. Monnbeam Brown for this disaster in the making.

  143. Ralph Evans says:

    Are you are going to withhold federal income taxes?

  144. Mike Loewen says:

    Donor State???? ROFLMAO……We borrowed a TRILLION dollars a year above revenue to the treasury every year Obama was in office. From state run healthcare, public sector pensions and school districts, California has sooooo much unfunded liability that they need to just shut up, play nice and hope the rest of country is going to be willing to bail them out of their financial mess they have created. I recommend confiscating all of Hollywood’s and Silicon Valley’s money to pay off the debt. I am sure the actors, producers and executive staff at Google and Facebook will be happy to give up their wealth for such a noble cause. After all you Californians are the ‘enlightened’ people.
    As a member of a state with a budget surplus….please….secede….please!

  145. krew09 says:

    there was a time when California could exist on its own..easy. Now it has been rotted out with Marxist policies to the hilt. Overrun with millions of illegals who drain billions,and billions,and billions from the tax payer. EBT signs everywhere,Emergency rooms packed with pregnant illegals who pay nothing,classrooms stuffed with illegals who can’t speak English,many businesses have left. If it were not for federal aid,California would have collapsed already.When the dollar goes bust,it wont just be California

  146. I’m down as long as Trump negotiates NY leaving with you—GTFO, both of youz-

  147. The Coastal Cities think very different than those who live inland, if Calif splits from the US it should just be the Coastal Cities… look at the voting maps of the state, we inlanders look at S.F. down the coast to San Diego as the Kommie Koast of Kalifornia, so they better redraw their map… MoonBeam has already stolen city tax money from us to support his fruitless programs.

  148. snailmailtrucker says:

    Personally, I would LOVE to be Ordered to Invade California….Sacramento for Starters !

  149. Please, please, please! start a civil war! The sight of Union troops rolling out of Camp Pendelton and crossing the barbie wire border into Kommunist Kali-fornia will be glorious to behold!

  150. Here’s a better idea — sterilize all the Democrats and other leftist trash in America and then deport all of them to Venezuela.

  151. CA is about to experience a catastrophe of their own doing. These willful lawless liberal loons will bring you ALL down.

  152. I finally found out why Jerry and his kids are behaving the way they are:

    Sacramento State has found lead in their drinking water on campus and are encouraging everyone in the area to be tested for lead poisening.

    The Sacramento County Public Health Officer stated that ingesting lead “causes low IQ, ADHD and behavioral problems.

    I am concerned about our Legislators and the California Administration. I would like all of you to join me in encouraging them to get tested for the above effects. I believe Covered California will cover the diagnoses and follow on care.

    Oops: It may turn out that like our Federal Legislators, California Legislators do not need to use Obama Care.

    Oh well, we can always disarm them and send them to a half way house or shelter in San Francisco. They won’t have any trouble finding a place to pee.

  153. DianeMaree says:

    California cannot exist without the federal government funding. I don’t want my earned income going to that state. Let that state fall.

  154. maximthedruid says:

    We dare you to try…

  155. I would say we are at the beginning of a negotiation. Trust me, if the fed pull out of CA secession will be the least of their worries. Willy Brown is the same old genius he’s always been. What fun to watch

  156. looks like inland California will get its chance to cleanse coastal Kalifornication…mercenaries from much of the US will rush to help those Americans against the Marxist-Progressives. Delicious…

  157. All this to protect those who disregard our laws? Technically, government officials who facilitate that are accomplices.

  158. Steve Gome says:

    1/3 of Californians is dependent on welfare. that game isn’t the one they want to play lol

  159. Stu Pedasso says:

    Willie Brown reminds me of a mouse crawling up an elephant’s leg with rape on it’s mind.

  160. JohnPaulJohnes says:

    Boycott California Wine and produce.

  161. label1877 says:

    California… you don’t want to go there. President Trump will embarrass and defeat you. Follow the law… if you disagree with the law… use your resources to change the law. Look at the USA county Blue/Red map… you are practically alone with your far left views.

  162. Ty Harris says:

    “California could very well become an organized non-payer,” said Willie Brown, Jr, a former speaker of the state Assembly in an interview recorded Friday for KPIX 5’s Sunday morning news. “They could recommend non-compliance with the federal tax code.

    Uh… no. California cannot just decide to not comply with federal law and stop paying taxes. That’s defacto secession. Either you are part of the country or you aren’t. Just because the prior administration did not enforce federal law, that does not mean you can stop paying taxes when the new administration DOES decide to enforce it. Enough is enough. Eisenhower sent in the national gaurd to enforce school integration and Trump can do the same- not to mention simply sendingthe FBI to arrest everybody who decides they aren’t going to comply with tax code.We need to stop this right now.The lawlessness has gotten completely out of hand. Thanks Obama!

  163. Wuncle Sam says:

    Does this mean that all American Citizens no longer need to pay taxes? because i will stop this minute. not a penny to the feds or a dime to the state. it is ok because i don’t like the president.

  164. John Hill says:

    LOL the wacko leftists in CA want a show down?!?!?? Let’s give them one. Stack the Ca fed courts with conservative judges and in four years with enough court rulings against them they’ll capitulate. Just open up another front in the war against the leftists and wear them down. They will spend and spend and spend in defense. Suck up all their resources. They are in a losing battle.

  165. Works for me. Build a wall around California, too. Make them pay for it lol! They can have all the illegal felons and MS-13 gangs and unvetted Syrian refugees for all I care. Better them getting shot and blown up than the rest of us.

  166. Isn’t California’s debt almost $750,000,000,000, and who do they owe it to. Arrest the mayors of sanctuary cities for violating federal law !!

  167. Mission accomplished. We may not need to wait for the big quake after all!

  168. Let them leave the Union. 55 less electoral college votes and no more popular presidential votes for the Democrat party.

  169. Harold Lowe says:

    Such a beautiful state with wrongheaded people running it………………………………..

  170. Breaking rocks in the hot sun…………

    I fought the Trump and the Trump won…………..

    I fought the Trump and the Trump won…………..

  171. Need to cut off all services and move ships out. no water, electricity or other services. Let them go off on their own. They will be in bad shape the next time they have fires or mud slides. Yes, if they want to play hardball and think they are tougher then the rest of the country and try to force the nation to live by their rules, bring it on.

  172. Chuck Blinn says:

    OK, so far three people have signed up to take on the IRS. Good luck with that.

  173. N.M. Hill says:

    Banks are subject to federal regulation. Unless CA is operating in hard cash, the assets due the Feds will just be seized. Any assets overseas, will be seized. Any investments outside of the state, will be seized.

  174. Remember the American Revolutionary War….only about 20% of the country wanted to seceed, around 15% wanted to stay with England….the rest of the people (the majority) didnt care either way. It only takes a SMALL portion of a society to cause a serious conflict. I say invade!

  175. Well, the inevitable civil war has to start somewhere…glad General Mattis will be in charge on our side.

  176. Oh PLEASE fight Trump and the Right half of the country California…. I want to see your ocean areas fall off the map, since they are the ones who mostly voted for Hillary, while the Inland areas voted for Trump. We will take you out.

    People don’t realize that the Civil War was a War between Republicans and Democrats, and you Democrats are AGAIN trying to mess with us Republicans and America itself because you want your “slaves” aka Latino’s to do your work for you, at the expense of blacks not having jobs, and thus both races destroying people’s lives and their own due to the poverty you’ve put on them by the Welfare State.

  177. Maybe this is the first step AztlanCalifornia will take toward seceding from the union. Boy are they really stupid!

  178. Lynn Wood says:

    So, the ending of the unchallenged migration of people across our borders is going to cause a Civil War?

    If Sacramento demands a portion of the Nuclear arsenal proportional to the taxes California contributes to the Federal Union, then we will know they are serious.

    California Del Norte, or how Mexico became a nuclear power.


    1) Cut the water.
    2) Close the federal reserve branches in SF and LA and transfer them to Utah’s branch.
    3) Close the land exits from California to the USA.
    4) Close the ports – air and sea.

    Watch a reclaimed desert, convert back to desert.

    1) please seceded, we want you to. you’re a cancer for this country.
    2) take your portion of the national debt that you were so heavily responsible for creating.
    3) create a new currency and issue it in the hopes that someone in the world will take it.
    4) build dozens of desalination plants with the money you won’t have.
    5) lose all the revenue that is created by CA’s function as a port of entry.
    6) lose all trade revenue with the rest of the country.
    7) beg to be part of china since they’re the only people who can finance your survival.
    8) learn chinese, and how to live under authoritarian rule.
    9) note that the rest of us will lock the doors, throw away the key, and leave you to die.

    You know. You can go nicely, or you can go ‘dead’.

  180. ***“They could recommend non-compliance with the federal tax code.”***

    Yeah. Did you give Wesley Snipes that advice too, Willie?

  181. Alan Liss says:

    As a Trump supporter living in Mexifornia – it is time to drain the swamp in Sacratomato. Willie Brown and his brother by another mother Gov Jerry Brown – have turned this once prosperous state into a one-party Socialist Cesspool. Thank You President Trump! God speed!

  182. If Calf. wants to escalate, the the US should divide CA up into three parts and give it to Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. This will keep us United.

  183. California does not want to be part of the US, Mexico wants California back, California wants all the Mexicans they can get so it seems the logical solution is to sell California to Mexico.

  184. Bong Hits says:

    Can’t wait for Trump to go all “Lincoln” on Kalifornia. Would be a great civil rights lesson.

  185. 8 U.S 1324 (a)(1)(A) (iii) and (iv) says these idiots (and those under them who openly assist) are going to prison.

    All bluster and show. These mayors and their henchmen will cave quickly once they start being indicted. Those that replace them, if they continue the cover, will be indicted as well.

    Not to mention once they are in open defiance of the enforcement of federal law, any future crimes against citizens committed by one of the harbored illegal aliens opens the city up to massive civil lawsuits.

    I would further guess that any and all liability insurance the cities or entities within might have will also be cancelled – no insurance company is going to knowingly cover payouts for illegal behavior.

  186. doni609 says:

    A so-called state that needs billions and billions just to cover it’s state and city government’s shortfall in pension funds to it’s citizens now thinks that it’s going to suspend it’s payments to the federal government. Great….do it; forfeit those federal bailouts that you’re looking for; save the rest of America from paying your tab for illegals, crooks, stupid liberal politics, the Hollywood drones, etc. Yea, withhold your payments and stave. Also, perhaps Donald will cut off half of your electricity that we Americans pay for via Bonneville Power, a federally subsidized energy company that gives you electricity at a bargain via the US taxpayer. Yea, you idiots out there just think about it. Dry up in the dark and let your bunch of immigrants get on a treadmill to generate your electric. Ha!

  187. This threat from California is a bad joke. The idiots are bankrupt. They will cut off their noses to spite their faces! I hope they do it! Watch them sizzle in their own grease for a while!

  188. If you do this, it will give the federal government every legal right to set martial law and take over the state government. Don’t be stupid. Please.

  189. California receives nearly half of its electrical power from Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon. Let’s see how quickly they change their tune when Uncle Sam cuts the cord.

  190. mikey0 says:

    Empty threats from small-minded children.

  191. Why don’t you secede already? We don’t want you anyway.

    Can you imagine a state threatening to not pay taxes during the O years? The libs would have melted down like they are now. You notice the theme don’t you?

  192. There are two Californias. The Leftist Coast and loyal Americans (who have more in common with the REAL America) inland. At least one major California city is NOT a sanctuary city and I hope that if the federal government takes drastic action such political tantrums deserve, that it will EXCLUDE from punishment those inland valley areas that are NOT acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. AND, FYI, if all exports from Cal are banned, the rest of the US will use about 1/3 of its food supply. Honestly, I wish California could be split down the middle between the Left Coast and more common-sensical inland areas. Honestly, the hags and idiots California elects to Congress are embarrassing.

  193. California, could theoretically, hold back excise taxes it send the fed but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to income, corporate and estate taxes which are paid by citizens and are outside the jurisdiction of the state of California. Big whoop. The fed would still save money.

  194. How soon before you leave the Union?

  195. Steven Hitt says:

    I am up for selling California to the highest bidder and use some of the proceeds for wall and the rest to pay down the national debt.

  196. I have read a lot about CA and their threats, from succeeding to withholding money to the feds so I questions regarding their threats. Aren’t their threats based on CA as it is now? What happens when businesses say ” oh hell no” to these ideas and decide it is time to get out of dodge? Bank of America I predict would be one of the first to close down their corporate office and relocate to another state. Money gone.. How many other businesses and residents would leave? Not everyone in CA has a liberal mindset and they will exit the state over this foolishness. As much as some of these CA leaders would like to believe they are speaking for all of CA, I don’t believe they are. How many people are fed up with this grandstanding. I am having a hard time understanding how one state feels they have a right to dictate their agenda to the rest of the nation.

  197. Remind me, how much of CA is owned by the Bureau of Land Management? Quite a bit, I’d suppose. Disaster funds for fires and floods? Gone. This is nothing more than a liberal brain fart, and Jerry is really starting to show signs that his prostate cancer may have moved into his head…where there is lots of vacant space. This is going to be fun to watch, and I’m in CA! Let the liberal skinning begin!

  198. Tango Victor says:

    So CA wants to fire on Fort Trumpter, … this would be interesting. CA needs to start figuring out how it intends to raise a military force, … maybe start with a recruiting office on Folsom street in SFO.

  199. Danny Smith says:

    this could be the action needed that would help to split CA into multiple states. Sate of Jefferson

  200. Robert Mull says:

    If they cut the taxes they send we just have o cut them off the round up all the imported rags and illegals and ship them to california.. They want them they can have them.. Lets make moonbeam happy…

  201. Red Byrd says:

    just got a nice supply of California Ranch olive oil at Walmart. now go ahead an start your revolution and plunge yourselves into poverty. without the US for customers and aid when you have a problem you would crash!

  202. West Walker says:

    CA needs to #StoptheHate, support our country, stop burning our flag and violently attacking Trump supporters…. and its leaders who harbor known fugitives need to all be arrested!

  203. go ahead weirdafornia cut your own throats.

  204. Not everyone in CA is a liberal. The state government officials and others are acting like children who didn’t get their way. They are being asked to obey the law, not spend taxpayer dollars posturing about how they won’t obey or enforce laws they don’t like. I don’t like a lot of CA laws, think I would be allowed to just pick and choose which ones I wanted to obey? CA decides not to pay it’s legally stipulated fees and taxes? The Feds come in and start seizing property as default. Garnish paychecks and bank accounts (which is exactly what CA does if it doesn’t get money IT wants). News flash — I pay more to CA than I get back in services too Do I get to decide I don’t want to pay my CA taxes?

  205. go ahead weirafornia, cut your own throat.

  206. The rest of the country is going to LOVE watching California gets its collective kiester kicked!

  207. Taking federal payrolls into account, California gets much more Federal money than it sends out.

  208. chuckyschmucky says:

    Leftists have spent decades tearing down the 10th Amendment, and have rendered states little more than appendages of the federal government, despite the best efforts of conservatives to prevent it.

    So now you Leftist thugs shall reap what you have sown. When all is said and done, California will lose this fight and will have to capitulate.

    You got what you wanted — how does it taste?

  209. Keith Crosby says:

    Secession is delusional. California politicians long ago lost their minds. Or are they trying to encourage the South to secede and not honor the federal laws some Southerners don’t like? We get to pick and choose? On what and whose authority? Secession attempts end badly—ask South Carolina and ask Jefferson Davis. It’s against the law to enter the United States illegally. In fact, internationally, it’s against the law (including international law) to enter any country illegally. And cities and their politicians are not above the law. Want to change the law? There’s a legislative process. One wonders what would happen if the South had declared sanctuary cities for slave owners based upon public opinion. You can’t ignore federal law when you feel like it. It’s embarrassing. I live here.

  210. Don Rhudy says:

    Who cares? Let California make it on its own. Every state has that right under the Constitution, although in fact the USA has not governed by the Constitution since 1860. Now would be a good time for California to test the USA. If it can get away with it, so can the others.

  211. The lefties suddenly support states’ rights

  212. TK Stoke says:

    Where is Lex Luther when you need him….

  213. It’s going to be fun watching Trump counter this…The actions he can take are nearly endless..Up to and including jailing the entire executive branch of CA government for sedition..

  214. I live in California and my state makes me sick. What kind of example are we setting for our children when what this amounts to is saying, “we don’t like a law so we aren’t going to follow it!” like petulant spoiled brats. Get a grip my fellow Californians….these immigration laws have been on the books for DECADES. All Trump is doing is following those laws so we can have at least an appearance of a country that respects it’s own borders and solvency just like EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON THIS PLANET DOES. Why is that so hard to understand? I know it’s hard to turn them away and send them back to their very poorly run and corrupt country but it has simply become too much of a burden to us and way too dangerous. I’m so sick of this state. As a family we’ve decided to move even at the cost of being far from friends and family and having to sale a business to do so. See ya bleeding heart, dysfunctional, illogical, spoiled, race guilty asshats.

    1. Oh and by the way, we paid $85,000 in California states taxes for tax year 2015. It will be around the same for 2016 and it will be $0 for 2017 because we won’t be here….say what you want, but I’m not alone in this and that’s a big hit…there’s a whole lot of something that I won’t be paying for in California anymore!

  215. NEWS FLASH—The left lily pad circus has closed down for good. The dumboRAT party is requesting all clown suits be turned in. That includes all snowflakes. Obummer has retreated to a nice cozy white RICH neighborhood. He’s sipping champagne and laughing at all the jokers he fooled. Hillary’s slurping over all the funds they stole and Billie boi is being his pedophile usual self.

  216. Obama has given illegals jobs, Muslims a pass at every corner and raised gays on a pedestal. What has he done for the BLACK community. When has anyone seen Obama go into ANY inner city with funds to clean it up and provide jobs? ANSWER: Not once. Instead we’ve seen him playing golf over one hundred times in eight years playing with rich Banksters and Wallstreet crooks
    Black caucus, hmmm… what have “they” done for the black community other than sip champagne in their high rolling jobs in D.C.? Many of you brothers and sisters are waking up to the abuse you’ve endured under the Democratic machine that has taken advantage of your dedication. The very party that rose up from the KKK and Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood with the intention of eliminating black babies and their race. Later, to be promoted by the very people you’ve dedicated yourselves to, the DemocRAT Party!. . What has any of the above done for the BLACK community? Wake up black brothers and sisters; Wake up!!!!

  217. Fred Doe says:

    Let’s not drag this out. If the leftists who have taken control of MY CAlifornia commit sedition, arrest and imprison every one of them.

  218. Right just what California needs to do is to break another law to demonstrate against the federal govt.
    Do the politicians know what will happen when the IRS and the treasury dept foreclose on California state owned property for non payment of taxes due
    I can’t wait to see that showdown

  219. Jeremy Davis says:

    Let them leave, but they can’t take any federal property to include real estate (41% of the state) and military equipment. Oh yeah, and they have to pay off their portion of the national debt first. Then we can negotiate for fresh water since any river entering California can and will be diverted otherwise.

  220. The invasion of unskilled aliens, who entered the United States by unlawful means
    is a net economic drain on the finances of the California budget

    I am reminded by what Chou En Lai said to a member of Nixon’s entourage in his historic 1972 visit to China, when asked when China will allow free movement of it’s citizens
    Chou En Lai answered, “How many 10’s of millions do you want?

    A Lifeboat designed for 60 will swamp leaving none alive when you overfill it

  221. well Californians don’t have any guns to fight with……maybe the look like guns but they cant have more than 10 rounds and bullet buttons for magazines….They will be a push over .

    I would bet more that most Californians will over through their own capital because of all the craziness they put out and horrible taxes

  222. Go for it. We just won’t seat your representatives or senators and will cut off all Federally administered infrastructure, relocate military installations, suspend Federal contracts to CA firms, suspend Federal aid and subsidies, etc.

  223. Bokshil Kim says:

    Governor Moon Beam will save the day.

  224. I suspect if that were attempted, the US Attorney’s office would direct the Marshals to start arrested State officials and a Federal judge could even put State Controller’s Office under the control of a special master!

  225. Yes, this is a great idea! As a former resident of SC and a student of history, California should learn this lesson. First – send the snowflakes from your universities to storm Camp Pendleton with their flowers and stuffed animals.

  226. Suibne Geilt says:

    THIS IS gonna be to great to watch…..moon beam jerry brown playing hard ball heheh……trump: fun fun fun till your leader takes your t bird away.

  227. Dear California,

    You’re broke and everyone knows it. Goodbye, Pay your own freaking way from here on out. Sincerely
    Fortynine other states

    PS Don’t call us when your mudslides, fires, droughts, tsunamis, earthquakes and hordes of illegal immigrants and criminals eff with your world.

  228. Jimmy Chonga says:

    With or without Federal funds, California is a cesspool. You can KEEP IT.

  229. Obviously most people in California who think this is a good idea, have no idea how the system works. We are the biggest welfare state in the Union.
    Yes. Despite accounting only for about 12% of the nation’s population, California has around 30% of the nation’s welfare cases. Experts argue that the state’s generous benefit structure and policies could contribute to the state’s unusually high caseload. California pays one of the highest maximum monthly cash grants to its beneficiaries, around $670 to an average family of three living in a high-cost county. Also, it continues to aid children even if their parents become ineligible to receive welfare.

  230. Doug Forbes says:

    Empty threats. Can’t wait to see them eat crow.

  231. How is it that cities that are disobeying Federal laws figure it is OK to stick their fingers in the eyes of the Feds? Trump is only demanding that they follow the laws. These cities are in violation of the law.

  232. I can’t wait for the feds to beat CA into submission.

  233. Ray Williams says:

    Please explain why these so called lawmakers feel they can disobey any law they disagree with. They should be jailed for noncompliance. Can i now disregard federal gun laws because I disagree?

  234. akemp3000 says:

    California can’t win this battle. They can either adhere to American law or lose tax dollars…and go to jail. MAGA

  235. Picking a fight with trump is going to cost California liberals a lot more than they think.

  236. Go ahead CA. You know nothing of law or legality. Your threat to withhold funds is as unconstitutional as can be. Too bad you are so ignorant to know it.

  237. richardjstacy says:

    As a CA Republican of 66 years, Willie Brown is an idiot just like Jerry Brown, most of Hollywood and too many Democrats. It’s frustrating. Bur I have hope:

  238. Shut off the water from the Colorado River. Let them die of thirst. Brown is talking open insurrection. Last time this happened 2% of the population died. That would be 6 million dead. Willing to do that? 44% of the enlistees in the Military come from the South. The rest are spread over the rest of the US. California is one of the smaller. Those US troops will have no issue firing on your people. Remember what the Union Soldiers did to the South when let loose, they burned and destroyed. Go ahead and do this. The Instigators pushing (from Silicon Valley and other rich Californians) will be safe in New Zealand.

  239. LOL, California politicians have to have completely lost their minds. Need I remind them that California is broke and the Federal government has an infinite money machine that prints money. The state of California can do nothing that will affect the Feds financially, but rather the reverse.

  240. We all knows what happens when you do not pay your federal taxes. Obama weaponized the IRS so they can enjoy the fruits of Obamas administration.

  241. It’s sort of the consensus that California and the rest of the U.S. don’t need or want each other.

  242. Dan Ashley says:

    I want all o you to help us split California into three states: San Francisco, Los Angeles, everyone else. Los Angeles and San Francisco will be uber liberal. The rest of us will be (very) conservative. Help us. We are unrepresented and need help.

  243. Steven Zore says:

    LOL, moron. No US Military protection? No National Guard? Cya!

  244. Jack Riley says:

    Ever since California was annexed by Mexico, they have gone liberal looney.

  245. Kelley Eidem says:

    CA is mixing apples with oranges. The federal transfers are based on Congressional approval of funds to CA. Thus Congress or the president has final say on those monies. The state transfers to the federal gov’t also belong to the federal government, so the state has no say. The state didn’t pass a law to give money to the US. It’s the fed’s money from start to finish.

  246. Please, please, PLEASE do give President Trump the excuse he needs to send federal Marshals to drag the entire state government of California away to prison for refusing to pay their taxes. There would be no greater justice in all the world.

  247. Leftists love big expensive government, but will use any excuse to avoid paying for it.

  248. Oh do please try to do this. How exactly will CA stop CA taxpayers from paying the IRS?

  249. I will withhold my tax dollars from Kalifornia and send them to the Feds. Disgusting brown Kalifornia politicians should be working for Mexico anyhow. I want them all out of my country and yes I’m prepared if force is necessary…

  250. Art Carney says:

    history repeating itself. demcorats mad a republican was elected

  251. Cool. Then the Feds stop paying out Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare allotments.

    Human garbage California. Are there any whites that haven’t fled yet??

  252. Tim Radmore says:

    so if California stops paying it’s federal money, shouldn’t the citizens of California not have to pay their state taxes? How could the state justify enforcement?

  253. Wait a minute. When will Trump send in the troops like Lincoln did to force the South to remain in the Union?

  254. Let’s get something straight. The state of California does not pay anything to the Federal Government. But, the federal government transfers a lot of money to bail out communist California and its stalinlist one party rule demonrat party. Taxes to the Fed come the PEOPLE, of California. Get that Jerry Brown, leftist media et al,??

  255. Jim Speers says:

    California dreamin’ is about to become another Leftist nightmare. Think Dr. Zhivago on steroids.

    How many illegal families can the Communist Party of California fit into one of those Hollywood mansions???
    How many homeless people can the commies in SF fit into the Fairmont hotel luxury suites?
    How many tents for refugees can they fit onto the greens of the golf courses at Pebble Beach, Palm Springs, et al?
    How many of the churches in CA can be confiscated and given to the Muslims and the godless heathens for their personal use?

    You people are utter fools!

  256. Bob Ho says:

    they we can cut off federal payments of Social Security and Welfare assistance to the loser leftists in CA..

    What is it your peeps like Madonna say about Republicans?

    “F@#K Democrats!”

  257. Jack Son says:

    I wouldn’t take this at all…secede!!! You should secede immediately!!!

  258. Johnny Lock says:

    Would this means I get to keep more money in my wallet?? Yes!!

  259. West Walker says:

    Democrats are proving they are the Party of Division. BLM, Burning the Flag, violence as protesters, attacking those seeking right to Assemble or hear Free Speech (San Jose, Chicago), lack of support of a peaceful transfer of power (Inauguration walk out), violating federal law, attempting to give American soil to a foreign power (CalEXIT).. in short..traitors, un-American, Democrats can officially be called the PARTY OF ANTI-AMERICA.

  260. Ron Traguer says:

    All this to protect illegals.

  261. CA urges non-compliance with Federal Income Tax Code… best idea ever!

  262. Lets all gather around and watch California press the self-destruct button.

  263. Dennis Todd says:

    california is the world’s 8th largest economy

    1. Rey Luis says:

      …and the state that receives the highest number of welfare check recipients too.

  264. Rey Luis says:

    These people in CA take the term “imbecile” to a new level. Do you really want to stop sending tax money to the Federal Government? What if the Federal Government stops sending any and all funds, including Social Security checks, to CA? You would collapse in a month, maybe sooner!

  265. Please do it california. Get out and take the illegals with you.

  266. There are some very good comments here. They need a thumbs up set-up. Go Trump !!

  267. So if Hillary Clinton won, it would be OK if Texans withheld their Federal income taxes?

  268. Lann Man says:

    The IRS has very broad powers to collect money owed to the federal government. The feds could go to a federal judge, get a court order and take the money owed to it right out of California accounts. The constitution also give the federal government the explicit control over interstate and international commerce. California’s fight with the federal government would be very difficult if the feds stopped all or most of the state of California’s monetary interstate and international financial transactions.

  269. Susan Borden says:

    I’ve been trying to dream of a way President Trump can overthrow the communists who have executed a coup of California and this threat opens the door. Sacramento throws out conservative votes and their regime stays in power with illegal votes! America there are more conservatives in California than dopey useful idiots. HELP US PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

  270. Joe Lilly says:

    California is truly becoming a rogue State. This won’t end well for them at all, being at odds with 90% of the rest of America….

  271. Federalize the national guard and arrest Jerry Brown and all others sworn to uphold the laws of the land.
    Please Trump arrest any and all of these idiots!

  272. Gary Bonner says:

    California doesn’t feel it shares values with the United States. How would they feel if the United States withdrew its military forces from California. The people there say they are “tired of supporting the other 49 states.” California is the 2nd largest recipient of Federal Military Spending behind Virginia at roughly $60 billion annually. Then, the largest defense contractors, led by Lockheed Martin, are located in California. Will California Leftists feel better without tax money generated by military activities and the sizable loss of population of military forces? La Raza will have achieved its goal to “return” California to Mexico, but it will become a dirt hole with unlimited migration from the South. Good riddance Silicon Valley

    California Army Bases (4)

    Camp Parks (PRFTA) N/A
    Fort Hunter Liggett Monterey
    Fort Irwin Barstow
    Presidio of Monterey

    California Air Force Bases (7)

    Edwards AFB Edwards
    Los Angeles AFB El Segundo
    March Air Reserve Base Riverside
    McClellan AFB
    Travis AFB Fairfield
    Vandenberg AFB Lompoc

    California Coast Guard Bases (2)
    Intergrated Support Command Alameda
    TRACEN Petaluma Petaluma

    California Marine Corps Bases (6)

    Camp Pendleton San Diego
    MCAS Miramar San Diego
    MCLB Barstow Barstow
    Marine Corps Recruit Depot San.
    Mountain Training Center Pickel Meadows
    Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine PalmsCalifornia

    Navy Bases (14)

    Chocolate Mountain Gunnery Range N/A
    Naval Air Station Lemoore
    Naval Air Station Point Naval Air Facility El Centro
    Naval Base Coronado San Diego
    Naval Battalion Center Port Hueneme
    Naval Hospital Pendleton Camp Pendleton
    Naval Medical Center San Diego
    The Naval Medical Center in San Diego
    Naval Postgraduate School Monterey
    The Naval Postgraduate School in California
    Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake
    North Island Naval Complex San Diego
    Naval Base San Diego is the United States Navy’s largest base on the United States West Coast. NS San Diego is home to over 40,000 personnel people of which 7,000 are civilian employees.
    The Naval Weapons Station in Seal Beach, California Point Loma San Diego
    Naval Base Point Loma

  273. watch the people of california reaction when they realize they wont get their federal refunds 🙂

  274. Matt Pace says:

    California is among a handful of so-called “donor states,” which pay more in taxes to the federal Treasury than they receive in government funding.

    Hah…I guess that definition makes me a donor taxpayer.

  275. Dan Tolbert says:

    oh my, California is threatening to secede!!!
    let’s see…..CLOSE EVERY AIRPORT THAT HAS FAA FUNDING FOR VIOLATION OF FAA COMPLIANCE, STOP ALL AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS & TSA; STOP ALL FED CONTRACTS TO EVERY SINGLE GOVT AIRPLANE MAKER, SHIP BUILDER, ETC; Shut down ALL Federal-funded Construction Projects Getting Federal Hwy Funds (usually 1/2 to 3/4 of ALL $$$ spent on Interstates like I-5 & U.S. Hwys like ‘US 101’); SHUT DOWN ALL FED FUNDING TO COLLEGES, MEDICAL SCHOOLS, COLLEGE HOSPITALS like UCLA Medical Center, Stanford, UC-Davis, UC-Irvine, Loma Linda, USC, et al; Shut down ALL ELECTRIC GRID SINCE IT IS FEDERAL PROPERTY UNDER US LAW, All Hydro-electric dams controlled by Army Corps of Engineers, Diablo Canyon Nuke, and about 100 other DOE-controlled facilities in CA..

  276. snailmailtrucker says:

    Jerry Brown trying to find any way he can to Swindle another 50 Billion out of somebody !

  277. Ferd Berfel says:

    federal asset seizure. US Marshals. Prison bus.
    end of problem.

  278. Mike Wilson says:

    Cut off flow from the Colorado River. Hello living in Bangaladeshi-like poverty.

  279. California can keep their taxes. They are going to need them to pay all of the soon to be laid off federal workers to make up for the federal taxes.

    By the way, the rest of the country would *love* for CA to secede. The revenue saved from federal payroll alone would put the rest of us in the pink. How can we help?

  280. I am sure that Eric Holder who allowed 743 Chicago BLACK to be MURDER in 2016 can help you people.

    or at best call Barbara Streisand, Madonna Ashley Judd, and all the LA LA land big shots…. they seem to be running Cali and have the answers to these BIG issues I am sure…

    More NASTY HATE Speech will fix the issues.

    California is now facing billions in unfunded pensions that they are going to want the Federal government to cover.

  281. I can think of 100’s of BETTER WAYS to spend this money.. rather than PROTECTING illegals.

    Sanctuary City Funding: San Francisco 70.9 Million / Los Angeles $466.2 Million / New York City $701.6 Million

  282. Rich Hamrick says:

    Yeah good luck with that. Wasn’t it the libs in Ca who said fed laws override state?

  283. California already has financial problems……………………………………
    May 2016 – The state this month trimmed its current fiscal-year revenue forecast by about $1.9 billion due to April’s lagging tax receipts, including a shortfall in personal income taxes —

    May 2016 0 Revision warns that the state’s commitments in coming years “will exceed expected revenues” to the tune of more than $4 billion by fiscal 2019-20.

    Where is the money going to come from to pay for all these SPECIAL INTEREST programs you have.

    Why should ALL the others states pay for your hand outs?

  284. Better make sure the CA government has no funds in any federal banks (and they are all federal banks) because the feds can and will take what they are due one way or another. You can’t win CA unless you secede, which II think would be a great idea for the rest of the country.

  285. Jack Cooper says:

    Look this isn’t going to happen. If you people would teach Civics out on the Leftest Coast you would be aware it takes first a vote in the state, then the 2/3 of the states have to vote yes at a Constitutional Convention not to mention getting past Congress. So if everything went smooth best case would be 2025-2035 if your lucky.

  286. John Doe says:

    Send in the 101 Airborne and force their officials to follow federal law. That is what Eisenhower did to enforce de-segregation. Break federal law, in this case refuse to pay income taxes, get forced to at the point of a bayonet.

  287. I love it! Isolate Commiefornia from sane America and let it die.

  288. Good luck with that CA. Sounds good to the alt left liberals, But wont fly. And if you did some how pull it off, Expect to be over run by illegals.

  289. Where is the bigot MORRIS DEES and his SouthernPovertyLawCenter?! He always says these states are bigoted and prejudiced and anti civil rights. These states are full of under educated white militias clinging to guns and bibles. That these states like ARIZONA (my Country) have NO RIGHT to leave the Union…aaaanddd so on. Sorry kalifruitia , now that the shoe is ON THE OTHER FOOT , you cant leave any more, or any easier than when legion states wanted to leave during Carter, during Clinton, DURING THE OBAMA REGIME. HAH he’s (the Donald) YOUR PRESIDENT NOW!! LOLOL

  290. Steve Hollar says:

    Split California between the Conservatives and liberals. Let the liberal part secede. Then sit back and enjoy the spectacle of their newly formed communist country going belly up. It would not take long as a mass exodus of businesses and productive people leave. Only the leaches of society and illegals would remain.

  291. MH Thomas says:

    California v USA. This is one war that I’m looking forward to watching.

  292. Roger Trox says:

    I think if they want to secede, it needs to be ratified by all other states, and that ain’t gonna happen….

  293. Lizard says:

    It’s ok, Reich Wing Trolls. We all realize you’ve never stood up for anything in your small lives except if it involved your hate and discrimination.

  294. Lib Serum says:

    You could bet the rebelling individuals in CA government would raise holy hell over the Confederate Flag, yet look how they behave. Hilarious hypocrisy.

    Oh, has anyone figured out how much water pumped in from the United States would cost?

  295. California will never secede, US law prohibits it. there are many ways to make California pay for its stupidity, US Marshall, Homeland are already in Ca. so is the military, send the ships and
    sailors on tours, military on maneuvers, base restrictions, cut civilian jobs on bases, plus much
    more. They have an idiot for a governor who they kicked out once before but there are nothing
    but Liberal idiots that keep re-electing incompetent and incompetent leaders ie Nancy Pelosi

  296. One very important note: California does not collect or transfer physical cash. Electronic money will be impossible to hide from the feds.

  297. The federal government has every legal right to direct or with hold money as they see fit. States failing to make required payments do not. The feds have been using money to cram policies down states throats for decades, but as long as it was part of the leftists big government agenda it was all good. now you suddenly have an urge for states’ rights? Enforce the law or pay the price. Honestly the US would be better off without you. Just leave Northern CA behind

  298. Paul King says:

    Allow California to secede. Don’t allow them to trade with the United States. Make them get visas to enter the United States.

  299. Brent Taylor says:

    Long overdue to teach California it’s not nearly as important as it thinks it is. These dregs honestly believe they are only receiving 78¢ on every dollar? LOL. Close down every major military port just to start with and stop the funds for 1/3 of America’s welfare recipients.

    It’s time to put the squeeze on California big time. As far as I’m concerned, after we’ve taught this once beautiful now cesspool state a lesson, don’t let them back in. Let Mexico have at it. Isolate them and be done with it. California has been gone for 20 years.

  300. If California goes into open rebellion it will give President Trump a blank check to clean out the state, jail their leaders and deport anyone he wants.

  301. send in troops with strong southern accents, they’ve been waiting for this since 1865

  302. Jen Brown says:

    For those bleeding hearts who think “so what if gasoline gets cut off – I have an electric car” , well guess what, buttercup – electricity still needs to be generated somehow, and you won’t be getting it from dams on the Colorado, or coal, or natural gas (pipelines cut off).

  303. Tallie Jones says:

    california gets back way more than it pays. they won’t do it.

  304. Jen Brown says:

    Also, no doubt celebrity’s bank accounts will be dispersed to the rest of the state, you know, in the name of Progressive Progress. And most horrifying, the illegals won’t get those falsified EIC tax refunds.

  305. Rick Johnson says:

    All Trump would have to do is to proclaim a state of emergency Nationalize the State Guard and take control of the government.

    Or he could simply cut off all water and electricity from the Colorado river.

    Personally i would love to see California get a bit of the same thing the South got during reconstruction. Land confiscated, voting rights denied. writ of habeas corpus suspended. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people. Just think California not allowed to vote for President or Senator or House members for over a decade. All representatives to Washington appointed by the Federal governor appointed by the US government.

  306. Curt Price says:

    Hey Journalist, repeat after me … “illegal.”

  307. The Feds can order Arizona to shut off hydroelectric and nuclear-generated electricity from Arizona the Hoover Dam and Palo Verde Nuclear, respectively, to shut off the lights on Rodeo Drive and to make it impossible for the gay bath houses in San Francisco to keep their bath water warm. The collective mindset in California is so anti-American that secession from the Union would be apropo. Sadly, this perversion is not particular to California.

    President Trump needs to sign an executive order requiring all states to institute US civics courses in all public elementary schools and middle schools so out youth have a better understanding of how our country works and why it is exception. And Congress needs to re-institute the protections necessary to keep Communists out of our society, as was done in the 50s and 60s where employment applications explicitly asked(and I paraphrase):

    “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party, or do you possess views consistent with those put forth my Marx and Engels?”

    If a person answers “YES,” the application goes into the roundfile. Love it or leave it!

  308. This CBS comment section plays games with auto-correction:

    1. More auto-correction mayhem:

  309. Neuro Mancer says:

    It’s time to declare war on California and take it back from Mexico… again.

  310. Let them eat cake. They will choke on it.

  311. theotherhanddude says:

    Sounds good to me. I look forward to seeing some California politicians arrested and indicted for sedition.

  312. Kevin Wallis says:

    I say give me 24 hours notice and bomb the san francisco and Los angles areas and i believe you will have one of the best states for years to come. better yet make the 2 areas become new states or even countrys and free the good country people and farmers of the corruption.

  313. Justin Camp says:

    Cut all Federal social services “welfare, EBT, Snap cards..etc”. and Federal pension packages for California Federal politician’s and employee’s to start..

  314. Go ahead…make my day!

    Source for .@CBSSF .@melissacaen1 is California’s poster boy for term limits.

    Baja Norte is #1 with a bullet in the stat that matters, Fed spending—$344 Billion in 2013.

    Hey Melissa, 612 tweets?

  315. Thomas Flynn says:

    BS Those of us in big no income tax states are subsidizing big high tax states. In CA, where I was born and spent most of my life, I deducted huge chunks of income from my federal taxes because of the ridiculous income taxes in CA. In Texas, no income tax, no deductions. And incidentally, without the Army Corps of Engineers, what are y’all going to do with the dams and aqueducts?

  316. Cut the electric cord. Shut off the water spigot. Stop the importation of gasoline.

  317. Willie Brown is not an elected state official. He is out of office. When the reporter fails to disclose which state officials are investigating, this becomes just another fake news itsm

  318. Chris Cha says:

    Woe unto those who seek to withhold payment of taxes to the IRS. Sow the wind, and you will reap the whirlwind. Your paychecks will be garnished before you can blink an eye.

  319. Begin shipping arms to red counties and move US Military to bases in California.Cut off all federal aid. Stop travel out of blue counties. Protect California patriots- airstrikes on the rest.

  320. Anne Miller says:

    Sorry airbnb – won’t use you anymore, nor will my friends.

  321. 34% Of the nation’s welfare recipients live in California. California is third among states in per-capita spending on welfare: $179 while New York leads the nation: $256

    California Has The Highest Poverty Rate In The United States

    Furthermore; The latest report from Stanford University’s “U.S. Pension Tracker” reveals that the 2016 California Public Employee Pension Plan liability is up 19.4 percent to $964.4 billion.

    Last but not least where will Southern California get its water as most of it comes from out of State.

  322. Lib Serum says:

    Sounds like these tip top CA officials are going to get a visit from the IRS Auditor. Oops!

  323. Ben Franklin says:

    There is also the not so little matter of California’s share of the national debt. They will either need to pay that off or they will need to take it with them when they go. Currently it stands at $60,000 per person having recently doubled when leftists tried to use the federal treasury to buy votes from stupid people.

    We should also remember that the state is going broke and will not be able to honor its pension obligations. So, maybe we should cut our losses and sell California to Mexico while it is still worth something and save ourselves the bailout? It would be one of the greatest deals of all time to stick Mexico with the bill. California would be Venezuela on the Pacific within a generation of separating from the US.

  324. David Melton says:

    If Californication has all this surplus money why is at least ten of it’s major cities on the verge of bankruptcy?

  325. That’s fine. Cut off ALL federal funding to CA. And let them secede. We should be so lucky as to rid ourselves of these nutcases.

  326. Robert Mull says:

    OK they want to be their own country??? No problem pull the military pull all federal jobs cut any and all money for the arts. Stop the flow of water to them the flow of electric all air flights need a passports, then have all 49 states send the refugees there as well as every illegal, let them pay for them… Lets see how far they really get. And when they cry uncle to them to go “F” off.. You may just get your wish moonbeam and leftists..

  327. Rocky Harden says:

    If the citizens of California decide not to pay their federal taxes, the IRS should randomly go after a hundred at a time to seize there bank accounts, businesses, etc. like they do when anybody else refuses to pay.

  328. Nestor Riano says:

    If California decides to play that game, they will lose. Businesses will still be paying federal income taxes to the US government. The California taxpayers and non taxpayers for that matter will be harmed the most.

  329. Jim Bob says:

    Are these people on DRUGS??? NO state submits money to the federal government. It’s the other way around, MORONS.

  330. Jim Bob says:

    They don’t call California “The Land of Fruits and NUTS” for no reason…..

  331. John Pepin says:

    I think we all need to get a grip.

    Ceding from the Union because you don’t like the choice of the nation for Prez… grow up! Put on your big boy pants and go out and play.

    Shooting every liberal in Cali?!?!?!?! Seriously!?!?!?!? Elements of the right are getting as extreme as the left.

    Just take a breath and relax. Let’s wait and see what Trump does and how it turns out before we prejudge, and let’s calm down and stop with the violent rhetoric. Seems to me only inhuman trolls on both sides would demand violence.

  332. Betty Wood says:

    Do these folks realize they get their water and power from other states?

  333. No worries…Federal taxes are only voluntary. Ask the state lawmakers, who is that $970 billion unfunded state liability going to be paid by? Let me guess, it won’t be them.

    1. And that $970 billion deficit is directly for Public Employment Pensions (Standford Study – 2016 California Unfunded Public Pension Liability). There is no fiscal way out sans the Federal Reserve at some point soon.

  334. Okay California, this would mean you’re now responsible for your own defense, one of many. Then we’ll see a Chinese destroyer cruising a mile off Malibu. Not gonna happen folks and I’m a native in the most wonderful state in the Union but the logistics, the lack of infrastructure in all areas, independent military. The Federal Government provides CA 37% of the States Gross Budget and the majority of taxes collected in CA are Federal taxes meant for the National budget. This is going to get very…very interesting….

  335. Mark Vidales says:

    I hope they try it, and Moonbeam and the whole legislature is arrested, if they are successful even better the precedent will be set for other states to do the same when there is a Dem in the WH

  336. Ken Gallaher says:

    Let the red state takers rott.

  337. Wow, Brown’s mouth is writing checks California can’t cash. California has flouted immigration law for decades and it stops now. Calexit? Lol lots of luck getting 2/3rds of Congress to give that the thumbs up!

    The DNC will say forget thumbs up or thumbs down on Calexit…they will just give it the finger.

  338. Tim Brennan says:

    To all you neo confederates can I remind you of what happened to the actual confederates. We cant have a federal government if states can pick and choose what federal law to comply with. This is a bigger issue than immigration itself. Its called nullification google is your friend ,it has a long discredited history . The good news is with so many bases there already and California having strict gun control laws a second civil war would last 2-3 hours ….go ahead make my day

  339. Can’t believe how foreign invaders of all sorts have tried to use our own laws to steal California. That takes the cake.

  340. James Cygnus says:

    remember all the derogatory, vulgar and snarky things said about other states that brought defying Federal authorities and possibly even seceding? Remember that Californians? Well, now you know how the other 1/2 of America felt the past 8 years. Difference is we behaved like adults for the most part, whereas every liberal, from the top of the elite tot he street level thug are all acting like 2 year olds.

  341. California cannot survive without Federal money. Both are in debt past their eyeballs. Go ahead California, you are bunch of fools if you do this. I live in California but totally disagree with most of our politicians. We do not have leaders with integrity, self discipline or clear thinkers with wisdom. It’s based on selfishness and coddling all forms of irresponsible behavior.

  342. Trump could sick the DEA on pot sales and medical marijuana. Bust Seth Rogen and ilk, give em twenty years and see how they like them apples

  343. Plainly, the central idea of secession, is the essence of anarchy.
    –March 4, 1861 Abraham Lincoln

  344. Good for California Good for the US. Oh don’t forget you will be taking 2.5 trillion in federal debit with you , 12 million illegals and 14million retired Bear staters that fled your cost of living.

  345. Too bad that most of the state, as a precinct map clearly shows, outside of the narrow confines of LA and San Fran, is red. That red part of the state has all the major military bases. It also has all of those red state voters who own lots of guns. As Ronald Reagan once said to the Russians: “Go ahead. Make my day”.

  346. “California is among a handful of so-called “donor states,” which pay more in taxes to the federal Treasury than they receive in government funding.” That is a lie.

  347. Only a foul Californian Democrat can think that “money saved for not paying federal tax” may be used in the state. How will be collected?! The equivalent of fed tax added to Ca tax?! Good luck!

  348. Greg Maxwell says:

    I want to see what the California defense budget looks like. All the people who want to come to CA already have. But a lot of Californians with assets will pack their bags, sell their homes and come join the rest of us in a country that believes in individual liberty and personal responsibility. Good luck.

  349. Let’s see how well they do without Medicare, Medicaid, Education, Welfare & Food Stamp subsidies, and FEMA..

  350. I have been thinking about this for several hours and believe I have a solution to the problem here.

    What they are proposing is that they want to hold on the the roughly 23 billion dollars in tax monies owed to the Fed. That’s a breach of constitutional law and a threat to breach it is also illegal.

    So what we do is send in Federal Agents to arrest, incarcerate and see to it that they are tried in a Federal Court of law for violations of Constitutional Law that would cause harm to the rest of the citizens of our nation.

    Five years at hard labor without parole should send the no tolerance message to everyone else and the illegal alien problem in CA and other nonsensical things that too many Californians are enamored with will start to cure itself.

    Working within the confines of established law to bring about a better nation. What could be better than that?

    If you don’t like the law, don’t break it and others to get your point across like you are trying to do, change it and live legally, not illegally as we see now.

  351. I’ve always wondered why other cities and states don’t do this, particularly for the unconstitutional “separation of church and state” fiasco. The first amendment is written clearly, courthouses CAN have a copy of the ten commandments displayed as long as there are no laws respecting a particular religious establishment. States should tell the federal government to shove off and they’ll be glad to withhold their outbound tax dollars if the feds cut off inbound tax dollars. This is a REPUBLIC, after all, a collection of 50 independent states with a federal structure to provide only for trade, treaties, and national defense.

    On the other hand, liberals who LOVE a strong federal government when liberals are in charge and use that to force their will on others are suddenly finding out that a strong federal government only works when the team you like has power. They should actually side with conservatives who want a smaller, less invasive federal government. Then, states will have the power to self-govern, much the way this nation was envisioned at its founding.

  352. then the IRS will get to use all the shot guns they bought under Obuma

  353. Dear California,
    Please, please, PLEASE secede from the Union. The USA will be far better off without you. You will make the other 57 states (Obama’s figures) much better if you do!

  354. Sounds like governmental corruption and organized crime. Conspiracy to commit at least. We do have a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act to rely upon for just such occasions.

  355. mikesigman says:

    Perfect. Now we can cut off all the water that California is stealing from other states. This is great!

  356. Jack Riley says:

    That would just complete the annexation by Mexico. Mexifornia….what will the new flag look like?

  357. The Feds control the banks. They’ll just take it anyway. Then you get to pay more in fines. win/win

  358. Mark Meyer says:

    Kalifornia gets 13% of ALL the federal money given to the states. They will be broke without the fed and anyone with a brain knows this. More fake news to make the snowflakes happy.

  359. California will sell itself to Communist China and get rid of democracy to survive without Trump administration funding.

  360. Jay de Leon says:

    Democrats have forgotten what happens when they try to secede from the Union. If there’s a Civil War I will fight for United States and every single Democrat will be hunted down and will be executed for Treason if there is a Civil War.

  361. Ike Baikal says:


  362. Jeff Phelps says:

    The bad thing about ignoring history is that you’re stupid enough to make the same mistakes. That whole Civil War thing was fought to keep the states in line. We passed this little constitutional amendment after that saying federal law applied in the states. I’d hate to see the modern version of Sherman’s march to the sea only starting in Vegas and ending up on Sunset Stripped. And yes it will be “Stripped” by then. Sherman said war is hell and proceeded to try to burn enough stuff to make it seem like hell. California residents surely aren’t stupid enough to try that fight again.

  363. Paul Trott says:

    I was born in Los Angeles 67 years ago and have lived here all my life. Cow Fart Jerry’s daddy, Gov. Edmund G. Brown built the dams, roads, water projects, power plants etc. in the 50’s & 60’s that created the fifth largest economy in the world and made living here the best. No bullet trains to nowhere.

    Since then the fuzzy logic religion of environmental Marxism has destroyed the place and now the Sierra Nevada forest. Jerry came back from his mystic India experience to usher in his crony billionaire friends raping the last of it.

    Hablamos Espanol hombres? Make a new country? Toke up dream-on brothers, because the state will look like it did when Senor Vallejo ran the place in 1830 as soon as Google, Facebook and Apple abandon the taxes, loss of underpaid H1b’s and broken infrastructure around 2021. All the other corporations and everyone else has already left. Time to get a taco push cart to go with the new country where marijuana is main export.

  364. Remember the whiskey rebellion when George Washington lead troops in to collect the taxes? Liberals love it when we pay taxes so they can give it away.

  365. lsjogren says:

    I would just advise you guys, puruse the California Confederacy in a cautious and deliberate manner. But if you choose to go forward, I think most of those of us in the rest of the country will be OK with your exiting the country.

  366. Go for it! The GOP couldn’t come up with better ways to win than the Democrats in Sacramento are handing to them. They’ve got their guns aimed at their feet. Go ahead, pull the trigger.

  367. Roger Bird says:

    Go ahead, make my day, California girlie men.

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