TEHRAN (CBS/AP) — Iran’s foreign ministry is suggesting the country will limit issuing visas to American tourists in retaliation for U.S. President Donald Trump’s suspension of immigration and visas for nationals from Muslim countries including Iran.


The official IRNA news agency Saturday carried a statement by the Iranian foreign ministry that says Iran will resort to “counteraction” to Trump’s executive order.

The statement said: “Iran, to defend the dignity of the great Iranian nation, will implement the principle of reciprocity until the removal of the insulting restriction against Iranian nationals.”

The statement added: “It will apply corresponding legal, consular and political actions.”

Earlier, Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, said the time has come for removing walls between nations rather than building new ones.

Rouhani did not name any particular country but his remarks came shortly after President Trump’s executive order Friday suspending all immigration and visa processes for nationals from a handful of countries with terrorism concerns, including Iran, for 90 days.

Rouhani said Saturday that, “It is not the day for creating distance among nations.”

Speaking at a tourism conference broadcast on state TV, Rouhani said that those seeking to create such walls, “have forgotten that the Berlin Wall collapsed years ago.”

The U.S. and Iran have had no diplomatic relations since 1979 when militants stormed the U.S. embassy.

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Comments (7)
  1. Lennis Hall says:

    There is a big difference between a wall to keep people out and one to keep people in.

  2. Mike Oxlong says:

    Did they say ‘build bridges not walls’ before or after the ‘DEATH TO AMERICA’ chant?

  3. Steve Lucid says:

    ALERT: This is FAKE news. The countries subject to the executive order were done so because of the failure(s) of those countries’ governments, not because of any official religion in those countries. If it were true that “Muslim” countries were targeted, then other, larger majority Muslim countries would have been included. Most people know there are other countries with larger Muslim populations.

    Also, Obama used the same list of countries to remove them from the USA’s Visa waiver program. This (fake) “news” media outlet never reported that.

    The question here is why is this media outlet lying and saying that Muslim countries were targeted? What kind of payoff or funding is this media company or its writers getting for fabricating fake news? Who benefits from this media company lying to its readers and viewers?