MARIN COUNTY (KPIX 5) — It was a resounding ‘yes’ from Marin County voters to legalize recreational pot. But now it seems, county officials are saying: not so fast.

It passed with 57 percent of the vote.

But before recreational marijuana even has a chance in Marin County it could become illegal. And that, the county says, is exactly the point.

Tom Lai, assistant director of the Marin County Community Development Agency, says, “I think there are a lot of challenges when you try to bring it down to the local level.”

The county wants implementation on its terms, which won’t happen without a ban.

If a California city or county hasn’t already told the state ‘no’ then recreational outfits will get a ‘yes’ from the state, regardless of zoning.

That’s why the League of California Cities has urged all municipalities to pass a ban, or something similar, until they can decide how they’ll handle it. Several cities have followed suit.

But many don’t agree.

Marin County resident Les Waldman is pro-recreational pot and said, “I think it’s absurd, the county voted for it….tens of thousands of people use it everyday.”

But while voters may agree with Prop. 64 in theory, folks may not be quite so amenable when faced with the reality of a recreational dispensary plopping down in their backyard.

Which is exactly why other pro-pot places like Santa Cruz County and the cities of San Jose and Berkeley passed a ban similar to the one Marin County wants.

“We want to explore potential regulations, provide dialogue for public input on what regulations, if any, the county should develop,” said Lai.

Several Marin County cities, including Novato, Mill Valley and San Rafael, are also looking into how to slow down the legalization of recreational pot.

Comments (3)
  1. Jim Heffner says:

    The last resort tactics of the prohibitionists. If you can’f stop us try to dazzle us with male bovine fecal matter – over taxation and over regulation. One of the worst addictions in the world is the need to control others. I never liked having to raise my hand to go to the restroom in school and as an adult I don’t like begging for my rights. All this process of delay will do is continue and encourage the present negative effects of prohibition. It’s past bedtime for the Nanny wannabes so head back to the nursery and leave the adults alone.
    Next time you thank a Vet for our service just remember we fought for or rights in the past so let us grow our own.

  2. Jim Heffner says:

    Do all politicians forget about who elected them when the inconvenient democratic process doesn’t agree with their own self serving agendas? If Shakespeare was more of a literalist and less of a poet he would have included politicians in “First let us kill all the lawyers.”
    When you get elected do you automatically become a sibling to “Big Brother”?

  3. Prohibitionist politicians do nothing but harm local communitieswhile thwarting the will of the people. Vote them out.

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