SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco’s top officials tell U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security that the city will defy federal orders and will not be assisting in immigration enforcement.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Chief of Police William Scott, and Sheriff Vicki Hennessy said in a letter to Sec. John Kelly, that “residents are safer when they can report crimes, get immunizations, and enroll their children in public school.”

The city’s top brass said that the U. S. Supreme Court, as well as federal courts, have emphasized that cities and states are not responsible for the administration of immigration laws.

“Our community policing efforts are effective only if we have trust and cooperation of the communities we are charged to protect,” the letter states. “Pressing local jurisdictions to become entangled in federal immigration enforcement betrays that trust and undermines the work our public safety departments have done to improve relations with our residents.”

They said San Francisco will continue to honor valid criminal warrants and court orders but that in the interest of public safety, the city will not be assisting the federal government in immigration enforcement.

By Hannah Albarazi – Follow her on Twitter: @hannahalbarazi.

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  1. Aethera Aqua says:

    It really sounds like treason. Open defiance of federal law. Totally out of the purview of what local elected officials are supposed to deal with in their jobs.
    We are “safer” with no illegals. They deprive citizens of countless opportunities – housing, economic, educational, medical, etc. Time to deport them all and restore sanity which means a real immigration system based on merit not lowlifes jumping the queue and scamming our country!

  2. “San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Chief of Police William Scott, and Sheriff Vicki Hennessy ” – US Marshals should visit these folks with arrest warrants