BERKELEY (KPIX 5) — Two weeks after violent protests rocked the University of California at Berkeley campus, a Berkeley public school teacher is front and center in the debate over free speech.

Yvette Felarca is a well-known activist in Berkeley and a teacher at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School.

After her appearance on Fox News Monday night, her school is being flooded with calls for her resignation.

The interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson immediately sparked backlash. Felarca, a teacher and the coordinator of the activist group By Any Means Necessary talked about the violent protests on campus at UC Berkeley on the day that ultra-conservative Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak.

Felarca seemed to condone the violence.

“I’m really, really glad to say that thousands of us were out there last week…and made sure we defended our campus, this community and especially the immigrant and Muslim community that is under attack,” Felarca said.

Felarca is the same teacher who was briefly suspended by the Berkeley Unified School District after cellphone video captured her throwing punches at a man holding a neo-Nazi flag at a protest last summer.

On Fox News, she took aim at Yiannopoulos.

“He should not be allowed to speak in public, to spread his racist, misogynistic and homophobic lies. He does not have the right to do that,” she said.

Berkeley Unified School District officials confirmed that both their office and the middle school have been flooded with phone calls, emails and social media messages calling for Felarca’s firing.

Berkeley parent Emma Pearson said, “I think that to condone violence and say that that’s ok, it’s not ok. And especially a teacher saying that, it’s setting a precedent for the students.”

But parent Eliza Hoover said, “I believe it’s important for teachers to be activists in the community and it’s part of our national heritage. We might not all agree with the same methods that they had, but that’s just the way it was handled at that time.”

The school district would not comment, saying it’s a personnel issue.

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  1. rytwinger says:

    Spotlight? These stupid traitors should be in the unemployment line.

  2. “He does not have the right to do that,” she said.”
    Do we need uneducated teachers teaching our children that there is no First Amendment rights?
    She is a fascist and anti-American and anti-freedom.
    Perhaps living a few years in North Korea might give her some perspective.

  3. She survives only in the Peoples’ Republic of Berkeley. The Peoples’ Republic deserves sanctions, just like North Korea. Angry phone calls won’t accomplish anything with them.
    Now that Betsy DeVos is in as Dept of Education Secretary, all of Berkeley Unified School District’s funds can be pulled or suspended, for supporting sedition, violence, rioting, and denial of civil liberties, including Free Speech. Watch it happen.

  4. What if we thought she shouldn’t be able to speak? Would that be alright?

    1. Sean Kennedy says:

      No one is suggesting she is not free to speak. It is her profession that dictates she refrain from condoning and inciting violence. As a teacher she has an inherent obligation to conduct herself in way that provides the best example possible to her students. How morally corrupt is BUSD to employ this woman? Parents need to stand up and fight for their children.

  5. Albert Elson says:

    She was suspended for involving herself in violent protests before and did not learn her lesson. Now fire her for good.

  6. Leftists always think they know what’s best for everyone, that’s why they often break the law, because the law applies to everyone else but them. Free speech is for everyone and definitely not for any Berkley teacher to decide. No one is above the law, especially a Leftist.

  7. Nick Lamagna says:

    I saw this lunatic speak or interrupt and wow! she needs to be locked up in a straight jacket and fed baby food in a rubber room, she is not well. Anyone who would let this lady teach their kid is also nuts

  8. Greg Gadfly says:

    Corrupt Department of Justice employees have been running a massive theft ring that has been targeting suspects.

    Employees of the FBi and DEA fabricate evidence and steal from their suspects. They use falsified evidence to get warrants and enter homes taking things like jewelry, watches and money.

    James Lee, Denis Reed, Jim Li, Lancaster…

    Other employees take suspect’s vehicles to be searched or trackers installed. In reality the vehicles are taken, wear item parts are removed and switched with DOJ employee’s personal vehicles. They take tires, break rotors and other expensive parts.
    The DEA is a pile of s**T.

    I called the San Francisco Attorney General’s office to complain about agents who were stealing from suspects.

    First, FBI and DEA employees tried to lure me to Mexico.

    Next, when that did not work, I was in San Francisco at the now closed tower records store. In walks three hells angels members wearing the vests, etc… and they were glaring at me.

    Someone else came in the store shortly after they had and told the three if they caused any trouble, their club house in Oakland would be raided. I think the person that entered the store may have been state police who was tailing the three where ever they went. Lucky for me.
    They left without incident.

    The DoJ is filled with incompetent and corrupt losers with a false sense of aristocracy who would be unemployed if it were not for the lax hiring criteria of the US government.

  9. I got written up once at my school for having a letter published in the local paper – was told I was an embarrassment to the school! If this woman is still in a classroom, something is seriously wrong somewhere. She was one of the nastiest, vilest women I’ve ever seen – disgusting.

  10. Bigot-a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.
    Terrorism-the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
    Do I need to say anything else about this woman?

    1. David Ivy says:

      bigot? In this context? Maybe. Terrorist? You might be taking liberties with the word. Political protest, particularly in a righteous cause, isn’t the same thing as making a bomb out of a pressure cooker. Yiannopoulos is an avowed neo-Nazi and should be confronted and defeated by any means necessary, including violence…unless that means is to curb his free speech.

  11. David Ivy says:

    On one hand it’s indubitable that the ideas Milo Yiannopoulos espouses concerning white supremacy are stale, discredited and yet dangerous themselves but on the other hand, the idea that a specific neo-Nazi should be muzzled is even more dangerous. I’d rather that Yiannopoulos’ opinions be broadcast to the nation on all networks simultaneously so as to expose him as the rancid bigot that he is.

    1. How was anything he said anywhere close to neo-nazi?
      Has he called for the extermination of anyone?
      Has he called for war and conquest?
      Has he talked against freedom of speech?

  12. The UC system is full of “do as you are told, and ignore or stealthy criminal cabal” Limo Liberal UN 2030 Overlords. I pity All of the affected tax payers and students/parents who are robbed by those 1%ers.

  13. Ras Joseph says:

    Freedom of Speech? Learn the history of the Nazi & KKK. The only people complaining obviously have never been singled out because of their culture, color of their skin, their finances or even their gender! You ever harassed by the police because they have nothing better to do! But, it doesn’t matter what I say because I don’t have money. Was Milo born into $$$$

  14. Pam Rose says:

    What is telling her students when the classroom door is closed if Berkeley keeps her as a teacher they will loose all of are respect as a district!

  15. I am demanding the firing of Eric Clanton. He is a danger to students welfare, and the college’s future finances if government funding is discontinued. If he stays there he will use his position to recruit more students into Antifa,a domestic terrorist organisation. He will put them in danger of physical harm,death, or a long prison sentence,instead of a profitable career. His actions could possibly attract violence to the campus of Diablo Valley College itself harming students and faculty.

  16. Eric Clanton smashed open the skull of an innocent young man.. who almost DIED if it wasnt for the help of others to stop his profuse bleeding. I hope Eric Clanton, the Antifa Monster, ROTS IN JAIL! If I was on a jury, i’d sentence him to attempted MURDER! And if that young man, whos head was split wide open by Eric Clanton’s brutal use of a weapon, was my son…