By Da Lin

PACIFICA (CBS SF) — Huge waves have been pounding the Bay Area coastline and in Pacifica sneaker waves were a real threat.

Big waves washed sand up and onto the street.

Police officers were forced to shut down the pier Monday morning.

One officer said they had planned to open it at 4 a.m. but it was just too dangerous for pedestrians due to continued strong winds and rain.

Pacifica has been hit hard by recent winter storms, from sinkholes to mudslides and cliff erosion.

Residents here have seen entire apartment buildings red-tagged and demolished. Some say they are growing weary.

“Stress, worry, relocation concerns,” says Rex Roggasch. “It’s not an easy economy. Even when you have steady employment. But to logistically have to pack up because it’s been red-tagged or yellow-tagged … I mean, that’s not good.”

Police say once the waves die down, the will reopen the pier.