SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A San Francisco startup said it can build an entire house in one day, using 3-D printing. Instead of paper and ink, the giant printer uses concrete.

Apis Cor posted a promotional YouTube video of their home being constructed in Russia, claiming the structure was built in 24 hours.

The company said they used a giant printing machine that looks more like a small crane.

The machine spits out layer upon layer of a concrete mixture. After printing out the walls, the printer is removed and then contractors install insulation, windows and the rest.

Apis Cor said the homes can be built quickly to rehouse people after natural disasters or simply for a new development.

However, traditional contractors and workers might not be jumping for joy. In the promotional video, Apis Cor said the printer is designed “to make the construction printing process as much automated as possible. And to eliminate the human factor.”

The company said the homes could be built for about $10,000.


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