OAKLAND (KCBS) – A proposal for Oakland to boycott businesses that design or build the border wall with Mexico has passed unanimously out of committee and heads to the City Council.

Plans for President Donald Trump’s wall are moving ahead, with interest for proposals due this week. More than 400 companies, some in the Bay Area, are expressing interest in doing wall design and construction.

Oakland City Councilman Abel Guillen introduced the proposal.

“It doesn’t reflect the values of our city,” Guillen told KCBS. “And tax dollars should not be used to create barriers across our border that prohibit commerce and trade and certainly separate families as well as does nothing to solve the immigration problems as a community.”

Construction of the wall is expected to in the billions of dollars. Other Bay Area cities have expressed interest in following Oakland’s lead, along with San Diego and Fresno.

“You have to start somewhere, and Oakland is the first city to take this action,” Guillen said.

The law would allow for narrow exceptions. The Oakland City Council will vote on the proposal next week.

Comments (9)
  1. It might be cheaper to build a wall around Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and Sacramento and let the nutjobs in those liberal enclaves secede. Better than 74% of Californians are against sanctuary status for criminals. Coddling terrorists and criminals is not who we are. Mr. Abel Guillen, even if you can provide what appears to be your non-photoshopped birth certificate you are obviously not an American. Feel free to self deport at your earliest convenience.

  2. Johnny Roqet says:

    These fools need to understand it’s not stopping immigration. It’s stopping illegals, that cost over 114billion per year. Undercut wages by offering cheaper labor. The welfare system that’s already overburdened gets weighed down even more. Then there’s medical needs and police calls. Add in school costs and colleges where they’ll apply for fafsa and other low income funding, taking away from natural and legal citizens making tuition go up.

    I just found out that around 75%(I was surprised honestly it was that high) of all drugs ceased in drug possession cases and 30% of all federal sentencing. I don’t get liberal, logic. You want crime to go down but you want to let people who don’t care about the law to stay I mean they instantly violated the law when they came the first thing they did.