BERKELEY (CBS SF) — The Berkeley City Council has passed an ordinance that bans the local sale of fur apparel products.

The ordinance, sponsored by Councilman Kriss Worthington, was spearheaded by the Berkeley Coalition for Animals and approved by the City Council on Tuesday night, making Berkeley the second city in the nation to prohibit fur sales.

West Hollywood passed a similar ban in 2013 that has survived a legal challenge from several luxury retailers, according to the Berkeley Coalition for Animals.

Coalition members said animal advocates support the ordinance because they want Berkeley to refuse to participate in the exploitation and slaughter of animals.

“To protect these innocent animals, we need to curtail the demand for their fur,” coalition founding member Amy Halpern-Laff said in a statement.

“We applaud the council’s leadership in helping to end this cruel industry,” Halpern-Laff said.

Berkeley Coalition for Animals founding member Jay Quigley said in a statement, “The millions of poor foxes, rabbits, minks and other animals who are bred for their fur typically spend their entire lives in cages barely bigger than their bodies. Then they’re slaughtered by gassing, neck-breaking or electrocution.”

Quigley said, “This brutal industry is radically inconsistent with Berkeley’s values.”

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  1. Strange that the proponents of this bill did not mention that, after various legal challenges, about the only fur “banned” in West Hollywood is UGGs. Also wonder why there’s no mention that the well-regulated North American fur trade is an excellent example of “the sustainable use of renewable natural resources”, a central conservation principle supported by the World Conservation Union. Such hypocrisy, attacking the small, artisanal fur trade (family farms, crafts people, rural people), which most Americans eat meat and wear leather every day. For another side of the story, check out TruthAboutFur.