by Christin Ayers

BERKELEY (KPIX) — In the wake of Saturday’s protest violence in Berkeley, videos and photos of the brawls that broke out have been circulating online

2-Frames from "Sucker Punch" Video

Two images from a video showing a woman being punched during Saturday’s “Patriots Day” protest in downtown Berkeley. (via

One clip, in particular, is sparking outrage at a known white supremacist, a student at California State University, Stanislaus.

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Of all the fist-fights, explosions and bloody brawls that broke out at Saturday’s so-called “Patriots Day” protest in downtown Berkeley, one moment stood out.

In a video posted to social media, a young woman — apparently protesting Pres. Trump — is seen being sucker-punched.

Reverse-Angle of Woman Punched at Protest

Reverse-angle photo showing woman punched at the protest

A reverse-angle picture shows her own fist extended as well. The video and image have gone viral — not least because the man throwing the punch is Nathan Damigo, founder of the white supremacist organization known as “Identity Europa.”

KPIX attempted to make contact with the woman, who goes by the name Louise Rosealma. A fundraising page for her says that, since the protest, she has received rape and murder threats online. It’s unclear whether Berkeley police are investigating the incident or Nathan Damigo.

We attempted to reach Damigo for comment but he has not replied.

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  1. Chris Cooke says:

    Identify Evropa isn’t White Supremacy, it’s pro-Anglo-Saxon and Northeast European. Much like how some groups are pro-Black, etc.

    She went to that conflict today, claiming she’d come back with “100 Nazi scalps”. She learned that blocking a punch is harder than blocking a person you disagree with.

    When you trade blows with somebody over what you believe in, your conviction in your ideals only takes you so far. If you are a weak-willed, poorly prepared, and near-sighted, you will lose. To win in a conflict like this, you must achieve in all three categories. AntiFa lacks in each.

    1. What kind of slanted coverage is this? I’ll tell you what… simply being female is no excuse, you want Equality, you got it! You attack first, and you will get it in kind. Actions have consequences. You can see by the expression on his face that she did make contact and he is wincing. She hurt him and she started it. Oh yeah, she’s a victim… of HER OWN STUPIDITY!

  2. I saw another report on this via another news source. What ever happened to, “When they go low, we go high”? This is no way to have a revolution, (collecting Nazi scalps). If we want our civil rights back, we have to stand back and give the creeps theirs. That said, I don’t know why Chris Cooke says they aren’t WS …. they are. Identity Evropa Check them out.

  3. Is your story missing something here? This lady went to Berkeley with the intent to cause violence like the rest of Antifa. MAYBE your news station should report the whole story before putting FAKE or FALSE bylines into a story. People have been getting most of their news from many different source to get the truth that good reporter use to do. What ever happen to good news reporting?

    1. She is part of this Antifa domestic terrorist group in Berkeley. She’s even dressed like ISIS. Nathan Damigo, a marine veteran, saw that she was putting M80s (fireworks) inside glass containers, and throwing them at the rally goers. So she was literally making IED’s. Yet SHE’S the victim and gets money from hapless people who don’t know she’s a terrorist, thanks to the fake news at CBS?

  4. Candis Light says:

    They will try to cry that Berkeley were trying to shut up their Freedom of Speech, but being that their reason for speaking is now in Office, there’s no purpose for them to speak. Why do these White Supremacists or anyone who supported him (and won) have any reason to go anywhere and hold a Trump Support rally? The man is the president already.

    Since when did cheerleaders for the winning team go to the losing teams school and continue to do their cheers? They wouldn’t do it 1 hour after the game, much less several months. It doesn’t happen. Because it’s nonsense. What purpose could there possibly be for them to go to any city and hold rallies? Protests of a sitting president are expected. Rallies held in zones that did not vote for him are for no other reason than to throw his presidency in the face of people who do not like him. Nothing more than people who want and enjoy fighting for the sake of fighting. They just want to cause trouble.

    Maybe they want to scare or torment anyone who disagrees in an attempt to shut them up? I don’t mean to compliment anyone, so don’t take it as one, but this type of thing happened during the time of Hitler too.

    These rally people go to Berkeley pretending to hide behind “Freedom Of Speech” but the ultimate plan is to silence it. Tyrants. Their time would be better spent keeping an eye on every move Trump makes to insure he does whatever it is they believe he is going to do to better their lives.

    They should be on him like a hawk. If they were, they’d see, he’s not doing things that concern and worry only liberals. They’re out there marching around picking fights, in the meantime, while they are distracted, Trump’s robbing them blinder.

    Have a feeling if they did catch a glimpse of what he’s doing and begin to realize their fate, all Trump would have to do is say, “it’s Obama’s fault” and just as if it were a hypnotist snapping his fingers, back to sleep they’d go.

    The rally people are very few in number. Many Republicans are and were anti-Trump and as the days pass many more are becoming that way. The reason is simple… they’re awake and paying attention.

    1. @Candis Light

      At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      alot of facts missing in the so called piece of journalism…

  5. Unless you put “sucker punch” in quotation marks, your title is absolutely the reverse of what your photos show. She attacked him. He struck back. Case closed.

    1. LOL, good shot, well done, and if you look at the picture from another angle, she was clearly throwing the punch to his throat. So, yeah, good for him defending himself against these monsters who btw are NOT true leftist, they are the political polar-opposite to what the 60s students there were all about.

  6. huh…seems her fist was heading to his chin first…a sucker punch is when one isn’t expecting one…from what I see is her fist is already in flight so it wasn’t a sucker punch…he was quicker than she was…if you’re going to a rally with a mask on and armed with an reinforced fighting glove…ya…expect to be get punched by a man or woman. And it looks like she was already engaged in a fight.

    I’m sure if he got sucker punched by this female…all would be good in wonder land.

  7. Mark Rosen says:

    Has Nathan Danian been arrested for assauly yet ?

    1. Rly??? The woman should be arrested, not the man, dummy.

  8. Nice to see most of these commenters speaking the truth, unlike this bogus agenda driven website. Carry on!

  9. RedHawk says:

    The supremacist advertised this “rally” as a battle in Berkeley. Damingo? Latino traitor? Or of Italian descent? Pathetic losers. This is due to tRump’s rantings and bullying. He started this whole hate movement by whites (and a sprinkling of brown and black uncle toms).

    1. William Lee says:

      Hawk, what a silly, shallow thing to say.
      You care not about individuals, but only group think and group identity.
      Point to any violence Trump supporters started in the Berkeley event.
      They are guilty only because they support the Current President.
      Admit that is their only fault.

  10. William Lee says:

    with all the wanton, unprovoked violence directed at “Trump supporters”,
    you chose to select a few screen shots of someone FIGHTING BACK.
    Much biased agenda going on here?

  11. George Stock says:

    Looks like she’s wearing a leather sap glove. And bragged about collecting nazi scalps on social media before the dance. So, not an innocent.

  12. John Doel says:

    That’s what happens when you roll up on a man, like you are one. You get Knocked the Phuck OUT! lmao!

  13. Emory Start says:

    Why is this woman’s hands on that man’s throat? I would have swung too!

  14. I’m not going to comment on which side is right or anything just about one thing…Since when has a punch from in front of the person been considered a “sucker punch”? And to be fair it does look like from this angle she hit him or something as his head is at a kind of weird angle.

  15. you and the reporter say he is a known white suprimisist but don’t say how you know that…so you labeled him with no proof or facts. and see the girl had a mask on….and a weight glove, she asked for a fight and attacked first

  16. Sucker punched? Wow how did you come to that conclusion. That “girl” posted to social media how she was gong to get scalps. Well she showed up looking for a fight and confronted someone minding their own business. She put her hands on him first, since she wanted to cause harm. She found the fight she was looking for.. Now she is whining about it, because she lost. The person you called a supremacist please provide any evidence please… Otherwise this is clearly libel slander.

  17. She threw IED’s into the crowd (M80’s in glass bottles). She deserves far worse than a punch in the face

    1. Stoneface Johansen (@StoneStoneface)
      There is no evidence she took any such action except one doctored still image of the punch where someone placed a bottle in her hand. The live video from either angle has no such bottle. It’s easy to photoshop effectively a single cell of a video but not make her open hand, that goes to grab his collar, hold a bottle.
      Daniel Silverman (@Sanchanim)
      He charged her and the only reason she put hands on him first is as a defensive move.

      Even if she’s at fault for assault; you let the police handle it as they filmed it all.
      Sending her death threats, rape threats and doxxing her is criminal behavior and going to land some people in jail or with civil suits.

      She got punched hard and she retreated from the field. Honorable soldiers don’t continue to kick and attack an opponent that’s out or then go after them later on social media.
      Evropa are not doing European descendants proud with dishonorable behavior.
      And the website she works for is making a great deal of scratch to boot from their actions.
      If they intended to make her money… alright then.

      1. yavoyavo says:

        Yea, no, reuters pictures prove she was holding bottles, more than one from the sound of the impacts when dropped, beyond just hitting people over the head they likely were tossing m80s with them to make improvised explosive devices.
        She and her ilk are despicable terrorists who showed up at another groups event to cause trouble. She was barely tapped by the punch because she had not a mark on her after as proven by video, sorry, but its not hard to really mess someones face up if one really is intent on “continuing to attack” them.
        We’ve seen the antifa professor exposed, on more than one instance swinging his bicycle lock at peoples head on video.
        We’ve seen the Berkeley mayor linked to antifa facebook groups.
        Don’t talk about honor, antifa and the left have none, its why they wear masks, resort to violence as first resort and then have no problem lying about everything involved.
        The fact that antifa cucks put their women in the front line deliberately as human shields tells you just how little honor these sackless wonders have.
        The fact that the place where the free speech movement was born has fallen this far, says everything one needs to know about the modern left, and why people rightly chose Trump instead.
        The funniest part about all this is that once these little trouble makers grow up, they’ll realize they can’t afford to live in the bay area anymore.