SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Louise Rosealma never intended to become the face of a movement, but by Monday she had.

Rosealma traveled to Berkeley with her boyfriend and two other friends – all members of the Antifa anti-facist collective — from Southern California on Saturday to take part in a counter demonstration at a Patriot’s Day event organized by alt right and neo-nazi groups including the Proud Boys.

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By the end of the afternoon, the video of Rosealma being punched by Nathan Damigo – a known white supremacist who attends California State University, Stanislaus – would go viral.

Efforts by KPIX 5 to reach Damigo for comment have gone unanswered, but Rosealma did talk Monday about the incident.

While she said she came to Berkeley to photograph the demonstration, Rosealma did help crank up the pre-demonstration rhetoric by authoring a Facebook that said she hoped to gather the scalps of 100 neo-nazis at the protest.

“I wasn’t looking for a fight,” she said. “I know there was the Facebook post that I posted of 100 nazi scalps, but I guess no has seen Quentin Tarantino movies. I thought that was going to be obvious, but I guess not.”

In the World War II movie ‘Inglorious Basterds” Tarantino’s character utters the line — “Each and every man under my command owes me one hundred Nazi scalps. And I want my scalps!”

Rosealma said she came to Berkeley expecting violence.

“We knew that there was probably going to be violence,” she said. “We were hoping for the best, but expecting the worst… (We wanted) to show that neo-nazis just can’t walk into the street and march and like spieling out this violent genocidal rhetoric… and get away with it without anything happening to them.”

Rosealma and her friends arrived at the protest after it had already been underway for several hours.

Anti-Immigrant Group Identity Evropa Holds Rally In San Francisco
Central Valley College Student Recruits For Whites-Only Group

“We got there around 1 p.m.,” she told KPIX 5. “We went to show our support and be bodies present in counter protest.”

By the time Rosealma and her friends got to the park, tensions were already boiling.

“You could hear the commotion…Things got very intense, very quickly,” she said.

Rosealma and her friends were not in the park long before they found themselves rushed by a group of counter demonstrators.

“A smoke bomb went off in the area where the white nationalists and neo-nazis were…Everyone was confused,” said Rosealma. “It (the smoke) filled the whole intersection. They started rushing and started attacking people.”

Chaos ensued. Rosealma found herself in the midst of an angry mob.

“Me and my friends were fleeing. As we were running away I lost my friends,” she said. “I was trying to follow my boyfriend, but he just disappeared…I was just trying to block myself away from different people who were just pushing me and attacking other people.”

Rosealma found herself backed up near a wall and garden.

“I was just trying to get out of where I was because I was in a cornered spot,” she said. “The next thing I remember is turning around and from the corner of my eye I saw this fist coming at me … I put my arms up to try and push him away as much as I could. He just threw himself into me.”

Cameras caught what happened next.

Reverse-Angle of Woman Punched at Protest

Reverse-angle photo showing woman punched at the protest

“He punched me on the bridge of my nose. It cut it a little bit,” Rosealma said. “I got thrown down and I’m pretty sure he just ran (away). I got right back up. I was punched twice more by two other people. People kept trying to throw me down to hit my head on the rocks that were in the planter. I was just trying to not get my skull cracked open.”

The last attacker kneed her in the head several times before he also fled.

Eventually, the attack stopped the 5-foot-1, 95-pound Rosealma said. She looked around and found her boyfriend nearby covered in blood.

“There was no time for emotion,” she said. “I was just terrified. I didn’t have time to process what was happening to me. All I knew was I was trying to find my boyfriend and not get hit…When it was happening I realized they were trying to crack my skull on the curb and on the rocks in the planter.”

During the entire attack, Rosealma said she never saw any Berkeley police officers. She also said the attack was unprovoked.

“I didn’t exchange words with anyone,” she said. “I was just standing there.”

Fortunately, Rosealma was just battered and bruised and not seriously injured. However, the attacks have continued on social media with memes and threats.

“They are trying to make me into this trophy – the victory of the alt right and neo-nazis,” she said. “It’s petty and pathetic… That they knocked over a 95-pound person… It (the harassment) has been non-stop… Requests on Instagram. Facebook, Youtube…They just are trying to get to me.”

Berkeley officials once again — to their chagrin — found their city playing host to a bat-wielding, brick tossing, pepper-spray fueled confrontation.

City of Berkeley spokesman Chakko Matthai said authorities would be looking to prosecute assailants who attacked others during the protest.

“There is a lot of video out there,” said Matthai. “We will be working with the community to identify those people who were committing those acts.”

When asked if he thought Saturday’s event was a political rally or a rumble, Berkeley Mayor Jessie Arreguin replied, “I would probably say it was both.”

He continued: “It’s challenging. They had helmets. They had shields, they had weapons and this is something we really haven’t seen before.”

The Berkeley police have yet to say what they are investigating in light of the violence. A similar protest and violent outbreak on March 4th has led to charges against several suspects.

The authorities did make 20 arrests at Saturday’s protest.

Rosealma says all she wants now is to return to her normal life. But she does vow that Saturday’s attack will not end her activism.

“I don’t think people understand what’s at stake here,” she said. “These people are serious. They are here to hurt and kill. They are here to create and sustain a culture where women are oppressed. Where people of color are systematically oppressed.”

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  1. What? They weren’t neo-nazi groups or white nationalists, they were simply conservative free speech advocates. Antifa had started the violence, and they’re not being described as militant. This is awfully biased.

    1. Rosealma never mentioned her facebook rant about going there to break up what she called Neo Nazies.

      1. RJ Inkglider says:

        She was the one ranting about ‘collecting 100 Nazi scalps’. These pseudo-communists are a damn joke. Antifa have consistently been the instigators of violence against peaceful Trump/free speech supporters, by labelling anyone they please as Nazis or fascists. They are sociopathic losers and the communist Berkeley government and media is giving them cover. The stand-down order to police is disgusting. Just wait until the first person gets killed by one of those Antifa psychos hurling a brick at someone’s head or whatever and opens up the city to a multimillion dollar lawsuit. In fact, I believe the city is already being sued for the mayhem during the Milo protests where again the police allowed many assaults and hundreds of thousands in damages to local businesses.

    2. Jeff Bogner says:

      If she wants to play the big boys game, she is going to get treated as such. The FAKE news reporting that its White Supremacists and White Nationalists are nothing but corporate sell outs to the American way. They don’t want borders or culture. If she shows up at the next rally, i hope she gets her jaw broken.

    3. Clearly the moron gene is deep, both with the “reporter” and Ms Moldylocks.

      Shame the “reporter” didn’t do any background on the babbling anarchist so she could ask some reasonably tough questions. Like her scalps comments, or the wine bottles she was tossing at people before the big smackdown. She wants to play the whole “Gender Fluidity/Gender Neutral” thing, she needs a smackdown.

      Moldylock, piece of advice. Don’t go to a rally and pick a fight with a Beta-male boyfriend and then act shocked that he disappears and leaves you for a well deserved beatdown. Just saying.

    4. Exactly, they failed to mention that she was the one that threw the first punch which was to the throat to Nathan Damigo. She’s lying when she says they weren’t looking for a fight. It’s the only reason they came there. They came with loaded wine bottles and were throwing them at the peaceful conservatives which they are calling “neo-nazis” which is a bunch of BS. The truth will never be told by this Bay area liberal media. This interview of this lying Rosealma makes me sick, she’s trying to act sooo sweet & innocent. BARF!

  2. yeh she’s a good example of the de-evolution of the human species.

  3. Fake news. Why do you have to lie?

    1. Because if they told the truth it would make it quite obvious that the leftists were completely and utterly in the wrong on this one, and we can’t have that, can (((we)))?

  4. So many falsehoods here – she is a violent, hairy liar. She was holding a bottle and she tried to hit the guy in the neck with weighted gloves (illegal in CA). She was definitely instigating violence. She got what she deserved. Her dad sure didn’t though. Feel bad for what he got in his inbox. YIKES! (Ewwwww)

  5. It appears that she is a slow learner.

    1. Randy West says:

      shes not innocent, she was using a wine bottle to beat people. Reuters has it on film. the event where she got punched is right after she tried to bean someone. SHE IS GUILTY.

  6. Fake news at its finest. She went there to “protest” as a commie. She got what she deserved. Equal rights for woman right? This is what she wanted and now this is what she got. Now you’re going to cry over it. These commies are the most disgusting pieces of diarrhea to walk the earth. I still can’t stop laughing everytime I watch her get blasted in the face by that dude. Funny your “boyfriend” leaves during all the commotion and can’t protect you. Another stand up commie that lets his girl get blasted in the face and does nothing about it. LOL.

    1. Arch Stanton says:

      In her own racist words, she went there to “take scalps”. She failed, and took a punch in the face instead. She likely felt tough in her black clothes, mask, and sap gloves. Lot of good they did her.

  7. She conveniently left out the fact that she had a 2 liter wine bottle that she was using as a weapon. Good thing there is plenty of photos showing her swinging it like a tennis racket through the crowd. Plus, she’s a 3rd rate porn “actress”. And you’re featuring HER as a credible “source”? HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

  8. She threatened violence over the internet, she tried punching someone in the throat, then when she got punched she becomes a victim. What a pathetic piece of garbage. She really is the poster child for anti-fa.

  9. Here she is saying it’s okay to throw explosives at innocent elderly women

  10. Kevin Hunt says:

    Your own photo above the vid clearly shows her punching him in the throat. Credible journalism would require you to at least question her account based on that — if nothing else.

  11. so you anarchists have declared war against me. then you are my enemy. be on guard. you are expendable and not relevant to my life.

    Here’s my response, *high capacity magazine* *repeat* No more threat, next.

  12. What a liar…she posted on her FB page she was going to the protest to get “100 Nazi scalps”, not discounting the fact the video clearly shows her swinging on the guy. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  13. yet, she was talking about taking nazi scalps before going to the event. but noo, poor innocent woman.

  14. She’s on video throwing glass bottles and stomping a prostrate man on the ground. She’s a terrorist. Liberal media has resorted to glorifying domestic terrorists. Think about it.

    Totally unrelated but moldylox also happens to be a hairy porn actress.

  15. Only problem is we have very clear video of what really did happen. I personally would not hit a woman, even when it is so hard to tell is it is one. But if you don’t want to get punched in the forehead, don’t try to kill people.. I saw the rocks, bottles, heard the bombs… I watched your violence lead up to them meeting the threat you and yours posed. Even if you did not throw one of the deadly rocks, you were standing with the people that did. Just like driving the getaway car in a robbery… You are a criminal.. Period.

  16. I feel sorry for her that she had to experience any pain, but if you look at one picture, you can see that she actually makes contact with his throat before he even comes anywhere near her face… all within a half-second’s time. Also, violence is not what you should bring to a First Amendment right to a freedom of Assembly. She is currently misguided and 25 years from now, she’ll agree with me. Otherwise, i admire her chutzpah.

  17. Ty Harris says:

    This is the same chick who does porn for people that has a hair fetish, we’ve all seen the video and we know the context of what happened. She is sitting on a throne of lies.

  18. We have all seen the video and the posts… Everyone knows she is lying.


  20. There’s pics of this young lady and the same man. She’s holding a wine bottle as a weapon, it appears earlier. They’d had an encounter before. Funny how she left that out of her story. I believe that’s aggravated assault and a felony in California, am I right?

  21. filthy degenerate posted she was going thereto take scalps of (nazis) looks like this little Bolshevik got more than she bargained for? Back to making low budget porn for her.

  22. Lenny Dowhie says:

    Seems to me, this “man” (and I use the term loosely) should be arrested for assault. If I were her, I’d file charges and prosecute him.

    1. So Lenny, let me get this straight…she wants to riot, and vote, and drive…more power to her, because girl power. But as soon as she suffers a consequence for one of those actions, you become captain save a hoe? You want to be my peer, take a punch like one.

  23. She showed up with a group of domestic terrorists to attack a free assembly. It appears to me she was going for the guys throat in the middle of a melee. Someone might punch their grandma in such a situation. There is something wrong in CA and it isn’t on the Conservative side. The media is out of touch with America

  24. What a lying news outlet this San Francisco CBS affiliate is. Anyone who saw the video knows what really happened. These Antifa groups have been using violence to get their way for a long time, loudly and proudly I might add, it’s no secret, it’s part of their philosophy. CBS news has a responsibility to report news accurately, not act as a propaganda outlet for leftists.

  25. You know who he is. Sue him. Take every red dime.

    1. You realize there’s video evidence of her attacking him earlier with a wine bottle, and even this picture clearly shows she swung on him before he swung on her, right?

  26. Counter-protesting while being a tiny woman in America is not a crime punishable by a male fist smashed into your face, by a coward who scrambles out of nowhere and then skitters off. Probably screaming like a child.

    1. She drove there to incite violence. She was throwing glass bottles and bricks. It was a huge brawl. No time to lightly detain her.

    2. Life is punishable by a male fist, remember that. And your only recourse is the hope that some other male fist will intervene on your behalf. At the end of the day, that’s all it is. Any arrest of this man is only enforceable if some cop is able to dominate him through violent means.

  27. Horribly dishonest girl. She was throwing thick glass bottles at people prior to getting punched. Why is this violent porn star trying to take the moral high ground here?

  28. “The whole rush was unprovoked” – Are you KIDDING me?! Her and her chums were throwing rocks, knives, pepper spray, bottles and explosives into the crowd. The smoke grenade was their OWN that backfired due to wind. She was caught on film wielding a glass bottle, and punching others. She claims to be punched 3 times and kneed multiple times, despite zero bruises on her face.
    She’s a member of a communist terror group. She went with the intention of doing harm to others, as she confessed on her facebook, now she plays victim when the chickens come home to roost. Hope her life is utterly destroyed after this.

  29. Interesting how you completely overlook the bottle she was packing at the time, and the ones she was throwing earlier in the day. There are videos

  30. Channel 5….ever dawn on you to get the other side’s story? Obviously not….do your research before you write stories like this…view other videos out there that show what really happened….this isn’t some innocent young girl

  31. tyrannus44bc says:

    Moldylocks here speaks out about being punched in the face and conveniently omits how she was sporting for a fight (“taking 100 Nazi scalps” remark), photo evidence of her holding a glass bottle during the fight and also her lackluster amateur porn where she shows off her unshaved nether regions.

    Let’s also nevermind the people that Antifa attacked that day.

  32. Go looking for trouble you will find it….

  33. Kiki Kiely says:

    This reporter/journalist/interviewer should be fired for ineptitude.

  34. Thomas Payne says:

    HAHHA what a LOADS of BS! Who writes this nonsense? More Liberal LIES by a Liberal media outlet in a FAILED Liberal City.

  35. Maria Parker says:

    There are photos all over social media of this poor sweet innocent victim throwing bottles. There is also a you fund it thats has earned thousands claiming she was hospitalized. I’m wondering now if its fraudulent

  36. 1) If she was “not seriously injured”, than why is there a GoFundMe page for her injuries? 2) If she was “bruised” and being that she was punched in the face, where is the bruise? 3) Why didn’t this author report that she posted that she was going to get some “scalps” before she went to the protest? 4) She was wearing a “weighted glove” which is used to inflict injury, why leave out that point?

  37. i like the fake news on this story, funny she didn’t tell and the reporter is too stupid to know that she posted on twitter the day before that she was going there to cause physical violence on scores of people, it also failed to mention the fact that there are pictures of her throwing bottles at people called assault, fails to mention or call her out for her lie that she didn’t throw her hands up she went for that guy first had her hands on his throat thats when he punched her, and she deserved to be punched, punching communist suberversives that attack first isn’t a crime the crime is left wing media like this one that tries to show her being an innocent

  38. Sean Smith says:

    Shame on you CBS! In her own words she was there to take scalps.

  39. Liars. If only the author of this article was born in Germany before Hitler’s reign. They would have made Goebbels proud.

  40. Theo Lübbe says:

    “She knew going in that the demonstration might turn violent.”
    When you go into a group proclaiming you intend on “bringing back 100 nazi scalps”, of course it’s going to turn violent.

    One of the most stupid people to disgrace the planet in recent history.

  41. She was throwing glass bottles all day, there is photographic evidence of that, but I guess it does not matter, she was a woman and only 95 lbs. That excuses her from everything, let’s not mention alone how she made a campaign on go fund me to milk this self created incident. The media manipulating the public and acting as a simple arm of propaganda. Where were you when women supporting Trump were attacked? Then it did not matter being a thin woman?

  42. Good job for making a victim out of someone that went to instigate violence. Source: every post before mine.

    1. Amen. Next, CBS will report upon the bank security guard who shot an innocent, armed patron who merely brandished a note and pistol.

  43. CBS is trying to make that AntiFa Terrorist POS into some sort of victim when she was a Terrorist. She was throwing glass bottles at the Pro-Trump crowd and had posted that she was going to the rally to get herself 100 Nazi scalps.

  44. A legitimate headline would read, “Traveling Would-be Assailant Struck in Self-Defense.” Three cheers, and one right hook, for egalitarianism. How’s that patriarchy working out for you, Louise?

    Wanna know which women WEREN’T struck, none who didn’t take it upon themselves to travel to Berkeley to instigate unrest so virtuous that its perpetrators feel compelled to conceal their identities. Not a one.

  45. Masked antifa girl said she was going for “100 fascist scalps”. She was throwing glass bottles to injure people. She was wearing an illegal combat glove and used it to throat-punch the guy. Her porn site says she is into S&M. She is not some innocent little girl.

  46. Randy West says:

    shes not innocent, she was using a wine bottle to beat people. Reuters has it on film. the event where she got punched is right after she tried to bean someone. SHE IS GUILTY.

  47. Why are you interviewing a terrorist as if it is a victim?

  48. Roger Martin says:

    Let’s see. A porn star who Tweets out that she is going to get “100 Nazi scalps”…swings a wine bottle at people…is wearing weighted gloves..and can clearly be seen punching the guy in the throat area in the pic. But SHE is the innocent victim.

  49. What she is failing to mention is the fact that THEY were the ones who launched the smoke bomb and that THEY are the ones who started the aggression and have been for the last couple months


    PICTURE 18:


  51. I took the clip where she got punched in the face and looped it over and over again. It was such a beautiful moment.

  52. Ewan Jones says:

    She was part of a gang of Antifa thugs who were trying to shut down a free speech rally. This is what Antifa do. They wear masks and try to shut down free speech events with violence. They are the Nazis. So yeah she’s the face of a movement. She’s the face of the Nazi’s in 2017.

  53. Rich Hamrick says:

    She went to take scalps and is crying that people fought back.

  54. Ewan Jones says:

    I don’t remember any of the mainstream media outlets interviewing the Trump supporting woman who got pepper sprayed in the eye at the last lot of Berkeley riots; or any of the thousands of Trump supporting men who were attacked at these events. I guess to be viewed as human by the mainstream media you’ve got to be a crazy left wing, anti-free speech, Antifa Nazi, pornstar who brags about how she’s going to collect 100 right wing scalps, and then gets her ass kicked 4 seconds after the fighting begins.

  55. also known as Venus Rosealma, a nasty individual got what she deserved. She’ll likely get worse next time; it’s just the way it goes..

    She’s no choir girl, as many different videos shot that day clearly show. Why was her ‘boyfriend’ all bloody? Probably because he’s also a punk and was fighting. I wonder if he used his skateboard as a weapon, as others did?

    Since when does a differing viewpoint warrant masks, body armor, sticks, M80’s, bottles and other weapons?

    To interfere with a lawful assembly, even if it’s a pro-government rally and you disagree with their views, and violently attack those assembled clearly violates their 1st Amendment right to free speech and lawful assembly.

    Imagine, Louise, if you were attacked at your porn/erotica conventions.

    Really pathetic, snowflake antifa cowards.

  56. And yet before going up to Berkeley she wrote on her Facebook page (and I quote) ” Headed to Berkeley to disrupt the neo-nazi/white supremacist circle jerk. Nervous af but determined to bring back 100 nazi scalps”. So CBS (who I watched the news on for more than two decades before moving across the US) ,if I can find that archived all over the net,why can’t you? The reality is the woman went out looking to do harm,there is an abundance of both video and stills of her wearing sap gloves (weighted knuckle gloves) which are about as illegal as a switchblade in California,there is video and stills out there of her throwing bottles at people and punching them with said sap gloves and she stated she was looking for trouble before she left. She played stupid games and she won stupid prizes. Whats worse is she has set up a gofundme and needs $80,000 for her medical bills from this incident. Which to be honest is absolutely ludicrous.

  57. Not big fans of fact checking are ya CBS

  58. Did she mention the bottles she was throwing at people?

  59. if he was a nazi, then why didnt he curb stomp her?

  60. she dam well went looking for trouble and she found it end of story

  61. CBS fake news propagandists, did you note that Louise Rosealma:

    1. posted on her Facebook page that she intended to do violence

    2. is part of a group that posted they were there to punch people, including specific, named women

    3. was wearing weighted gloves

    4. was punching Nathan Damigo in the throat with a weighted glove when he punched her

    5. was trying to hit people with wine bottles, and you can see images of her with a wine bottle in her hand when Nathan Damigo and her were confronting each other

    6. is on video saying she has no problem with explosive devices being thrown at people

    7. the fact that an old woman was knocked over as a result of having explosives thrown at her doesn’t bother Lousise and she considers this the price of “revolution”

    CBS: did you by any chance think it noteworthy to report on any of these things?

  62. vladirad says:

    Literal subhumans show up to attack a free speech march and this is how the media portrays it. What a nightmare.

  63. obbop says:

    I thought the lass was protesting her demand that females also be subject to federal law requiring 18-26 year olds to register for the military draft or face the same severe consequences for failure to do so. Equality, you know.

  64. vladirad says:

    Punch a journalist today.

  65. Darwin Smith says:

    Congrats on being universally hated, CBS. Nobody likes AntiFa and running a puff-piece on one of their more despicable members isn’t going to make you friends.

  66. Look up Venus Rosales.

    Same chick.

    When she isn’t being punched in the face for being an idiot, or fighting the man, she’s out making hairy porn.

    Which is, I guess, a thing.

  67. Frank Allen says:

    Excellent reporting here CBS… I like where you decided to leave out the part where she posted on social media that she was going there to “collect 100 nazi scalps” and the images *before* the punch where she was swinging a bottle at people and punching people while wearing weighted gloves (illegal weapon in CA). Or where she was in a mob of people who were throwing explosives.

  68. Dave Sandman says:

    So you fail to ask her about her social media bragging about taking nazi scalps posted before the event
    So you fail to watch any of the videos of the event showing her throwing glass bottles at the crowd.
    You fail to ask her why she had a backpack full of those bottles, some of which fell out when she was punched.
    Punched while wielding a glass bottle intending to throw it or hit someone with it.
    You fail to watch the video of the fight which proves she lied to you about what happened and how it happened. She wasn’t punched in the nose at all.
    You fail to ask why she was wearing fighting gloves.
    You fail to ask why her and her black clad mates thought it was OK to disrupt a peaceful meeting and start the brawls in the first place, including pelting the crowd with bottles and fireworks.

    Instead you just sell the narrative, no matter how easily disproven by online vids, that she was just a poor ikkle victim of the nazi baddies.

    Instead you give softball interviews to a nasty violent little woman who thought it was fun to attack people she didnt agree with with bottles and attack them as part of a mob….and then learned that there is a consequence for those violent actions when she ran into someone who would defend themselves.

    And you wonder why the public have hardly any trust in the mainstream media?

    Pathetic. You should be ashamed.

  69. Journalism has lost all integrity these days. What happens to researching and fully exploring a topic, before you published this one-sided hit piece? The authour should be fired for failing to maintain an objective and unbiased viewpoint, or this “news article” should have been relegated to the Op-Ed section, where it belongs. This supposed ‘victim’ was an instigator and was throwing glass bottles and assaulting others well before she took one to the face. And it was NOT a sucker punch or ‘out of the corner of her eye’ – it was self defense against her own assaulting of the protester!

  70. John Ramos says:

    Wait…You can plainly see her throwing the first attack in the photo you included in the article lol she even got both fists up against his neck before he even threw a punch. But that would be objective reporting to include that and mildly pro conservative, we can’t have that in a liberal rag…

  71. Total waste of oxygen. She is a complete liar telling people she was not there to fight. She was throwing bottles and wearing weighted leather gloves. She got what she was looking for and is now crying for attention.

  72. she was throwing glass bottles at people all day she injured several people until she got punched in her face. she totally deserved it she is a terrorist.

  73. so let me get this strait this porn chick claims she had her nose broken and needs her hospital bills paid for except she does not have a mark on her. she claims she was knee’d in her face several times and had her nose broken…??? they have her on tape throwing bottles at conservatives… the smoke bomb was thrown by antifa as was the pepper spray she is a liar…

  74. What nonsense. Why didn’t you also ask her why she was wearing a mask and swinging a bottle? She chose to participate in street thuggery with a mob that admits it doesn’t believe in free speech and advocates violence against anyone it deems “Nazis”.

  75. Dan Marcus says:

    Frankly – her own words are pretty damning: “…(We wanted) to show that neo-nazis just can’t walk into the street and march and like spieling out this violent genocidal rhetoric… and get away with it without anything happening to them.” – That’s really the crux of the issue isn’t is? She and Anti-fa believe that they are justified in using force to staunch speech with which they disagree. She’s admitting that her platform is anti-free speech.

  76. Kevin Jones says:

    Moldylocks is a walking contradiction, and CBS should disavow this reporting and her phony testimony. Her delusional nature and wanting to live out a movie that she saw was hit hard by reality. No pun intended. It is clear that CBS supports violent leftists and justifies their actions, by airing sympathy pieces. I will be boycotting CBS local affiliates until they disavow the actions of ANTIFA and the fascist left.

  77. Your stations’ reporting on this story has been so poor, one-sided and biased it is amazing. You are obviously celebrating this woman’s cause.

  78. The reporter on this piece should be fired by the station for incompetence and then fined by the FCC for misuse of public airways by not operating within the public interest.

  79. CBS aaaaand communist san fransisco? LOL! No propaganda here!

  80. The Communist girl states before leaving to the event that she intends to bash some fash, jumps into a brawl looking for a fight, and then gets her face broken. I have no sympathy for her. She decided she was going to roll hard and get wrecked. Also, you DO fail to mention ANY of this in your article. So, you are lying by omission. You should go to the next brawl! Do some “on-the-spot” coverage. Make sure people know who you are and why you’re there. Maybe you can be the next Louise Rosealma! That would be nice to see.

  81. Notice the lack of an author name credited to this article:

  82. John Smith says:

    Is this CBS or CNN? Same fake news, different channel. I guess she automatically assumed that everyone who’s everyone can quote Tarentino. She went looking for a fight and she got one, right in the beezer. No mention of her flinging and swinging wine bottles? And what you and she call “neo Nazis and white supremacists” are nothing of the sort. What kind of Nazis, neo or otherwise, would offer support to a person like Milo? Be careful what you wish for, snowflakes. Do you love it, do you hate it? There it is, the way you made it. Her parents must be so proud of their little hairy teen porn star.

  83. This is how you LIE by commission, so the free speech advocates are right wing white supremacists, but the girl who got “attacked” isn’t a communist extremist?

    Be honest at what happens, a bunch of communists attacked a bunch of free speech advocates, and a woman who had said on facebook that she was going to collect 100 nazi scalps, and was going around attacking people with a bottle, was punched.

    Suddenly a different story isn’t it?

  84. Adam Butt says:

    She forgot to mention the part where she was putting M80 firecrackers in glass bottles and throwing them into the crowd of trump supporters. Which led up to her being confronted then when she attacked the guy she got punched. She also forgot to mention where she posted on Facebook how she was going to the rally to collect 100 scalps. This story contradicts the evidence.

  85. this woman you see in the news. She is part of this Antifa group in Berkley. Nathan Damigo, a marine veteran who was out there saw that she was putting M80s (fireworks) inside glass containers, and throwing them at the rally goers. So she was literally making IED’s.
    You can see in this picture that she has her weapon in her hand as Damigo hit her in the face to subdue the bomb threat. You are being scammed on her gofundme

  86. Sanfrancisco.cbslocal, you should be absolutely ashamed for giving this girl forum for her lies… Check the videos and pictures… (Y’know, do what journalists are actually SUPPOSED TO DO: Investigate and discover the truth) She was wearing weighted gloves (illegal) that alone proves she went with the intention of fist-fighting (she is, by her own admission on camera, five feet nothing, and rarely weighs over a hundred pounds) She’s a small girl, I get it… She needs an equaliser to be able to fight with large- oh wait, what was that? Did I just make the case that she would only need an equaliser if she intended to fight?? FFS… >_< Beautiful girl, with the softest, gentlest voice and sweetest smile ever, no doubt, but she's absolutely lying her ass off about her actions and motives at this event, and I hate to say it, but she got what she had coming to her when she decided to try fist-fighting…

    not there to fight my ass…. that’s why she was putting m80s in bottle and throwing bottles, m80s, and makeshift IEDs at people all day… TOTALLY innocent SMH

  88. How does one go about determining whether or not somebody is a Nazi or white supremacist? If they happen to be at a rally for free speech? If they voted for Trump? I’m confused…. Given that there are plenty of people that voted for Trump that are NOT Nazis or white supremacists, how does antifa make the determination? Is it just a blanket assumption to make things easier? What percentage of people at the rally were actual Nazis or white supremacists? In my estimation it’s probably about 0.05%.

  89. Excuse me: no evidence at all that the protesters were Nazis. At all. Meanwhile, this girl bragged about intending to “collect 100 (Nazi) scalps” at the counter-rally… adding that the original rally was a pro-Trump rally, not an ANTIFA riot. The same girl was throwing bottles at the Trump rally attendees and there’s also some evidence to suggest that she was throwing M80 explosives also. What a disgusting little alt Lefter. I’m sorry she got punched in the face, but it appears from the evidence that she utterly deserved it.

    The reporting of this story was incredibly bad. You realize we can all see what you’re doing, right? Do you understand why newspapers are failing?

  90. Vic Clark says:

    She was looking for trouble and found it ! These Bernie Sanders Humanist Antifa anti-facist collective morons will get more of the same, but worse. She wanted 100 Nazi scalps and got a bloody nose etc…

  91. Billy Magada says:

    Maybe this journalist should learn how to actually look into stories. She was swinging a wine bottle at people and went on FB saying she was going there to attack these people. It wasn’t even an alt-right rally. Jesus christ……do some actual journalism

  92. Buck Ryan says:

    When you engage in war-like tactics, you become a combatant, gender no longer matters. You were putting M80s in glass bottles and hurling them at people! You didn’t get ALL of what you deserved! You should be in prison!

  93. Fake news strikes again. Thanks CBS. You folks can share the field with the antifa thugs in the battle against free speech.

  94. BC Veel says:

    She forgot to mention the bottles and M-80’s that she was throwing into the pro Trump crowd. This is one of the most dishonest articles I have ever read. CBS, you also forgot to mention that this little druggie is a skanky internet porn actress as well.

  95. Wow they completely rewrote this without mention of her earlier story (which was a pack of lies) and still didn’t mention the fact that 10 seconds before “the punch heard ’round the world” she was trying to throw a wine bottle. Nor was the interview she gave to Tim Poole mentioned.

    Guess they just teach them to write stories, not investigate them.

  96. So this misleading drivel is what this fake news stuff looks like. You ought to be ashamed. No, it wasn’t a neo nazi rally, it’s was a free spech rally organised by patriot and conservative groups. She was carrying a glass bottle and wearing sap gloves with which she had just throat punched the guy who mercifully flattened her before she could injure or kill somone. As to your claim that she only turned up to take a few photos…. well where’s the camera? Your wilingness to uncritically accept the bullet points from an extremist organisation with a long history of violence is poor reporting. Dr Goebells would be proud of you.

  97. All kinds of interesting info about her including her porn career lols ^^^

  98. Lance Boyle says:

    I don’t know which is worse, Venus Rosales bald faced lies or the author of this article who is complicit in telling the faery tale. She was dropping m-80 explosives into wine bottles and throwing them into the demonstrators. That is manufacture of improvised explosive devices, a felony, not to mention the use of the explosives with intent to injure. She is a terrorist, plain and simple, and desperately needs to be locked up.

  99. Tim Griffith says:

    Do you folks have ANY integrity or journalistic pride left? Do you intend to update and correct your completely inaccurate story? Who runs a story without even taking the time to look at the person’s FB page? Look at the comments. You look like FOOLS, yet not a peep from you folks. You label people as “White Supremacist” and “Neo-Nazis” without talking to ONE person to confirm such? The network media is dying. It was a slow death, but in the last six month or so, it is happening at warp speed. Pretty amazing when Youtuber after Youtuber with ZERO budget, no “inside sources” and no formal journalism training, consistently outperform the billion dollar mainstream media in the category of accuracy. How do you go out in public?

  100. “I wasn’t looking for a fight,” she said”

    Really? Because that big green wine bottle she was swinging at people said otherwise.

  101. Here it is:

    Here’s the bottle she said she wasn’t swinging anyone