FREMONT (CBS SF) — A 73-year-old driver was assaulted and his car vandalized after the vehicle was in a slow-speed collision with a bicyclist in Fremont Monday, police said.

Fremont police said a bicyclist among a large group of cyclists traveling together was struck by the man’s car on Farwell Dr. and Eggers Dr. at around 8:48 p.m. Monday.  The vehicle was traveling at approximately 10 mph and the cyclist was not injured, police said.

The driver then headed to nearby Mattos Elementary school because the bicyclists were becoming aggressive, according to police.

Soon after, police received a call from the driver’s wife saying that a large group of people were confronting her husband. Another reporting party allowed dispatchers to hear the confrontation in the background and the driver yelling, “get off my car,” police said.

By the time officers arrived, most of the bicyclists had left but officers learned the elderly driver had punched in the face by three different bicyclists, and his ’69 Camaro had been damaged by the bicyclists.

Several organizers of the group bike ride stayed behind told police the cyclists had come from all around the Bay Area for the ride. The group, East Bay Bike Party, normally meets in the evenings near a BART station for the monthly ride get-together.

The elderly driver was given a breathalyzer test at the scene but as of Tuesday morning there had been no arrests or citations, according to Fremont Police Public Affairs Manager Geneva Bosques.

No injuries were reported and it was unclear whether any officers spoke to the bicyclist hit by the car.


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  1. This article fails to mention that the driver was arrested for drinking and driving after the incident.

    1. jennili970 says:

      And you fail to mention a cite for that.

      1. I’m researching this story and cannot find a cite that he was arrested for anything, much less DUI. I called Fremont police and they said they’d get back to me, but the person who took my message said she didn’t have any such information. Neither does East Bay Exp or any other source I can find. Josiah, mind telling me where you got that? It would help my report. Thanks.

      2. Ah, and now KPIX is reporting:

        “The elderly driver was given a breathalyzer test at the scene but as of Tuesday morning there had been no arrests or citations, according to Fremont Police Public Affairs Manager Geneva Bosques.”

        Thanks, KPIX, for straightening this out.

      3. My mistake, sorry for the misinformation. It appears I was misinformed.

  2. Juliet Mauro says:

    These cyclists had no right to punch an elderly man THREE times and damage his vintage car! HE CALLED THE POLICE so his wife was probably traumatized by this. I hope they have to pay for all his damages and go to jail too, These type of cyclists make everyone else look bad.

  3. That’s what happens when you entitle and coddle any special group.

    1. Yes, bike riders have gotten really aggressive in the last few years. Although cyclists pay zero for road maintenance, streets and bridges are being redesigned for their benefit. This makes some streets, such as Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, nearly unusable for cars. It is all parking and bike lanes. I understand that Oakland is redesigning many more streets using this model. I have experienced firsthand cyclists’ extreme rudeness, but thankfully not the assault that this poor man experienced. They clearly feel “better than” drivers and act very self-righteous about this.