BERKELEY (CBS SF) — Berkeley’s police chief defended the crowd control tactics his officers used during Saturday’s violent clash at a Patriot’s Day rally that led to 20 arrests and 11 injuries.

In a memo to Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin and the City Council, Chief Andrew Greenwood said officers “found that once again large elements of the factions arrived in the area armed and prepared to fight.”

He wrote that police confiscated dozens of weapons, including sticks, wooden dowels, poles, a stun gun, knives, bear spray, an axe handle and pepper spray.

RAW VIDEO: Protesters Clash in Berkeley (Profanity)


Greenwood said officers had erected temporary fencing in the park and were trying to keep the two angry factions apart.

“At one point, about three dozen ‘Antifa’ entered the park over fencing, ultimately confronting demonstrators, and escalating violence, with fights and assaults breaking out,” he said.

Among the violent acts captured on video was a punch thrown by Nathan Damigo – a known white supremacist who attends California State University, Stanislaus – to the face of Antifa protester Louise Rosealma. She also was slugged by at least two other demonstrators.


During the melee, Rosealma said she never saw any Berkeley police officers.

“A fight within a volatile crowd is not a simple matter in which to intervene,” the chief said in the memo. “Intervening on intermixed groups of armed participants fighting or eager to fight presents challenges. Intervention requires a major commitment of resources, a significant use of force, and carries
with it the strong likelihood of harming those who are not committing a crime.”


In his memo, Greenwood said officers were “rightly expected to not get swept into the volatility of the crowd.”

“Our responsibility in this situation is to act with deliberation, and keen awareness of context, of what actions we’re taking and why, and of what effect or reaction our actions may generate,” he wrote.

“A fight within a volatile crowd is not a simple matter in which to intervene. Intervening on intermixed croups of armed participants fighting or eager to fight presents challenges,” he added.

Several hundred demonstrators and counter-demonstrators gathered at the Martin Luther King. Jr. Civic Center Park for the rally on Saturday. A similar rally was held at the park on March 4 and resulted in 10 people being arrested.

He said of the 20 arrested Saturday, two were suspects the Berkeley police have identified as as being part of March 4 violence.

Images: A day of violence in Berkeley

Greenwood said at least eight officers were injured including several officers who reported hearing loss caused by having illegal explosives thrown at them, exposure to pepper spray and a knee injury.

Twenty people were arrested at the rally more suspects were expected to be detained after authorities examine surveillance photos.

“Investigations into several felonious assaults is focusing on identifying and apprehending the suspects in these cases,” he said.

Greenwood said there were “multiple assaults between elements of the crowd” and people on both sides “actively sought confrontations with those with opposing views.”

The chief said that although his department had asked people to separate themselves from people who commit violence, “crowds of onlookers and video recorders were suffused throughout the event, frequently placing themselves in very close proximity to those who were fighting.”

Greenwood said Berkeley police requested mutual aid “after our resources were essentially completely deployed” and the Oakland Police Department responded with 180 personnel, including squads of officers, motorcycle officers, supervisors and commanders.

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  1. In the video, that antifa girl began to attack that guy in the video, and he belted her. If she doesn’t want to get hit, don’t try to hit someone. Antifascists are the true fascists now…trying to shut down all speech with which they disapprove. No.

  2. censorship by proxy. Our government participates in the suppression of ideas. Remember Berkeley was the only district to vote to apologize to the Japanese after they bombed Pearl Harbor. Nothing has changed. Let’s hope the fed pulls all contracts from the UC system.

  3. Berkeley is run by Felons now. You are inciting riots and risking public safety.

  4. Don’t give one thin dime to any UC school.

  5. The BPD disarmed the Americans and put up snow fences that were supposed to keep things seprated. The antifa sat outside, armed, and proceeded to lob cement and bombs at the Americans. They defended themselves and beat the snot out of the punks antifa

    This is accurate.

  6. John Smith says:

    Another fake propaganda from the left.

  7. Rico Soiree says:

    The chief-of-putzes lies. He claims his forces weren’t prepared for 36 invaders when 400 antifas showed up in Sacramento last year. This rioting has happened 3 times in Berkeley already, each time the cops doing nothing to protect citizens. One time the thugs did $500,000 worth of damage. But Berkeley being beserkly, home of “elite liberal eduction,” learned nothing.

    Of course, the cops. hired by a state that thinks illegality is kosher, wink at crime against patriots.

    The girl, who does porn, had a wine bottle in her hand to hit patriots with…and bragged online about taking “100 scalps.”

    Naturally, MSM reports none of that. Nor does it mention Professor of Ethics(!) Eric Clanton (Diablo Valley College) allegedly cracking someone’s head open with a bike lock.

  8. Rico Soiree says:

    “Andrew Greenwood said officers ‘found that once again large elements of the factions arrived in the area armed and prepared to fight.’ ”

    Why wouldn’t they, the cops endlessly winking at antifa?

    Why isn’t Yvette Ferlaca in jail? She’s been repeatedly filmed attacking citizens while encouraging rioting. She incites the denial of federal First Amendment rights. She also teaches at a “non-violent” MLK school in Berkeley.

    Would California cops do nothing if a 40-something male middle-school teacher taught his students how to abuse women and spent his off-hours beating females attending women’s marches, bragging about it all on national TV?

  9. Rico Soiree says:

    “Greenwood said Berkeley police requested mutual aid ‘after our resources were essentially completely deployed’ ”

    AFTER? He had months and months to study events. Yet he failed to notice the increasing numbers of participants in such confrontations, the increased use of deadlier weapons, and the increasing number of patriots disgusted with cowardly cops and mayors who encourage antifas?

    The Berkeley mayor is like the judge who let Hitler make political pitches during Adolf’s trial. He’s an elected antifa a-hole.

  10. Rico Soiree says:

    “She also was slugged by at least two other demonstrators.”

    Where is the proof of that?

    Louise Rosealma complained about being hit in the nose when (1) her nose showed no bruising days laters and (2) the video shows her being hit on the forehead…and quickly stood up again.

    So where are the videos of her being hit once more, much less twice, AND having her head pounded into the stones in a planter?

    She lied. You reprinted her lies. You didn’t characterize her as a violent antifa insurgent. Why not?

    She also talked about a “smoke bomb” going off, neglecting is was thrown by antifas who ignored the wind blowing in their direction.

    She’s tried to get $80,000 for hospital bills, never having entered the ER.

    Then she changed her gofundme goal to $45,000, pretending to be a charitable organization instead of setting up the gofundme to directly donate to her “chosen” charity.

    She’s a scammer who’s raised $6,808 from suckers so far.

    Emily Rose Marshall (aka Venus Rosales and Emily Rose Nauert) wore “weighted gloves” (like brass knuckles) thinking she was one of the boyos. She is also affiliated with FEMEN and has a nickname: Moldylocks. You learn none of that from this “fake news” site.

  11. Rico Soiree says:

    ” ‘A fight within a volatile crowd is not a simple matter in which to intervene,’ the chief said in the memo.”

    Then resign and let the City hire someone who’s competent, not one who tells officers to stand around doing nothing, then whines later about things escalating.

    The Berkeley chief-of-appeasement must be related to Chamberlain.

  12. how many times does this have to play out in your presents before the police have a plan of action other then to watch from the sidelines. for instance when the fence to keep the two factions separate was breached would have been a great place to start. or are you going to wait until someone gets killed ?

  13. Bryan Vonky says:

    Why is there no mention of Eric Clanton, the professor who hit a person in the head with a bike lock….?

  14. The reason Mayor Arreguin is defending his stance is because he has direct ties to Antifa.
    It was most likely he who gave Police the stand down orders, during the Milo event, and the other two ralleys.

  15. Jack Crow says:

    There is about 50 antifa. That’s it. If the police cant break up a crowd of 50 scrawny kids then they are pathetic. They were not searched, only Trump supporters were. Antifa just went right through the barricade, you can watch it on video.

    Take away their mask and they go home.

    Bottom line. The police didn’t do their job, they will get sued, and they will lose that lawsuit. The police witnessed ASSAULTS with m80s and did nothing.

    Furthermore, if I lived in Berkeley and police funding came up, I would vote it down. Why fund people who do not do their job and apply the law without politics.

  16. Rivvi Kordia says:

    Based Stickman and Based Spartan led the Proud Boys who beat the “antifa” pansies to a pulp and sent them running. There are posts on reddit where “antifa” members said they quit when their “antifa” brethren knocked them down trampling them to get away from the beating. The proud boys waded back in every time one of theirs was split from the group and would take a beating to pull their guys to safety. They fought with honor and the “antifa” pansies just folded up and ran way. They didn’t show up for round four because they skeerd.