SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Tens of thousands hit the streets of San Francisco Saturday to march for science.

The event was part of a nationwide call to action planned to coincide with Earth Day.

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Protesters hoped President Trump hears their message as they marched together in the name of science and spoke out against federal budget cuts that threaten scientific research.

Right now, there’s a proposal in Washington that would slash the EPA’s budget by 31% in fiscal year 2018.

“Science is under threat more than it ever has been,” said biologist Dr. Jess Porter Abate.

“I’m not okay with Trump de-funding science, said Lynda Sanjuro-Rutter. “We’re a culture that’s moved forward because of science and it’s a big step backwards.”

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Despite a lot of anti-Trump rhetoric, event speaker Adam Savage told the crowds that the need to protect science isn’t just a matter of conservatives versus liberals.

“The enemy of science isn’t politics or a party or an ideology or a law — it is bias, and bias is everywhere,” said the former co-host of Mythbusters. “Science is the rigorous elimination of bias. That is a good thing.”

Many at the rally also spoke out against the Trump administration’s executive orders on immigration. They marched as a way to support those scientists who want to come – or stay – in America to continue their work.

“It’s not President Trump and his administration’s attack on science,: said Comedian/writer Baratunde Thurston. “I think it’s also about making sure that the people who practice science look like the world that they’re practicing on.”

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While organizers were thrilled with Saturday’s turnout, they hope people maintain this sentiment and advocate for science not just on Earth Day, but every day of the year.