BERKELEY (CBS SF) — Following the cancellation of the Ann Coulter speech at University of California, Berkeley, far-right supporters plan to hold a rally Thursday to denounce what they claim is the attempted silencing of their conservative views, stoking fears of another violent encounter with far-left groups.

UC Police said it was preparing for violence Thursday between militant factions on both sides, even as the speech by the conservative firebrand Coulter was canceled over fears of violence.

THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE: Tensions Mounting Over Threat Of Political Violence In Berkeley

Gavin McInnes, founder of the pro-Trump “Proud Boys,” said he would fly to Berkeley to speak Thursday and was encouraging other alt-right forces to make a large appearance at the gathering, scheduled for 2:00 p.m. at Civic Center Park.

In a YouTube video, McInnes challenged the so-called anti-fascist groups, “… our army will be a bigger audience than most of these liberals get when they do talks.  So you f***’ed up. Once again, you have created this mythical universe of Nazis on every corner and you’ve tried to shut it down based on that lie. Well, we’re not allowing that to happen. The show must go on.”

The Proud Boys call themselves Western chauvinists who “refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.”  They flooded Berkeley in huge numbers earlier this month and appear to be amassing a return visit from such characters as the “Based Stickman” and others who have made their name with violent responses to the antifa (anti-fascist) anarchists.

Late Wednesday, the City of Berkeley urged peaceful demonstrators in a press release to keep a distance from those violent groups on both sides, and not to get baited by provocateurs.

“This is the best way to keep yourself and others safe. It allows police to focus on and apprehend criminals while keeping bystanders safe,” the statement read. “People with cameras who surround violent incidents can complicate the safety of other peaceful bystanders and impede police. When individuals commit violence surrounded by a peaceful crowd, police are always concerned about how the violence might spill over onto those who are not committing any crime whatsoever.”

The statement also noted, “Separating yourself from violence also prevents those individuals from making their actions the image of your cause.”

There have been an increasing number of violent encounters at UC Berkeley between far-left and far-right groups following the rioting which forced the cancellation of an on campus speech by former Breitbart writer and commentator Milo Yiannopolous in February.

Yiannopolous has vowed to hold a “Free Speech Week” in Berkeley with a series of rallies to protest the school’s handling of right-wing speakers.

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  1. I find ironic that the FBI can waste trouble on a fictional Russian intervention in an election but cannot send officers to Berkley and arrest Antifa for being a domestic terrorist group.

    1. Just check out the FBI’s conflicted Director is. That should explain everything about the FBI.

      1. FBI was sure concerned about White police officers in Ferguson AND Baltimore violating blacks “civil rights”

    2. Joe Sackett says:

      What do you expect when you put Obama’s Head of the Gestapo Homeland Security as Chancellor of the UC? Janet Napolitano has a $150 million personal slush fund but she is raising tuition for students. She is shutting down all Free Speech. She is allowing her Sturmabteilung to beat down any opposition points of view.

    3. FBI Director Comey has got to go. Where are the parents of the students? Thye must condone their brats doing this stuff.

    4. It’s time to stop federal funding for these leftist, Soro’s backed, poor excuses for higher education, junk heaps. But wait, they’ll just judge shop to get it over turned.

  2. John Dendy says:

    Burn this liberal garbage heap down to the ground.

  3. All the violence has been perpetrated by the communist, anarchist, leftist groups funded by Soros.

    1. CBS starts out it’s version of “journalism” by labeling those NOT engaged in violent opposition to the first amendment as “far right”.

      1. Joe Sackett says:

        You are exactly right. CBS is democrat party propaganda. SF Bay CBS is even worse.

        Only in a fascist state can the political ideas of the political party that controls both Houses of Congress, the Presidency, plus over 30 states be censored.

        Look who the “Chancellor” (is that an appropriate title) of the UC system is. Janet Napolitano, Obama’s head of the Gestapo Homeland Security. She is using a $150 million slush fund for her own personal initiatives while she raises tuition.

  4. Once again, the right has to battle the mayor, city councils,and the police who are all on the sides of the leftists. If there is an incident count on the media to focus on the conservatives and call the leftist goons the offended party. tread carefully.

    1. Charles Dil says:

      There are civil rights violations going on here but the remains of the leftist establishment look the other way.

  5. Why are liberals so afraid of another viewpoint?

    1. “Why are liberals so afraid of another viewpoint?” Liberal leftist thugs listening to another viewpoint would be like Hitler agreeing to sit down with a group of Rabbis to hear about the Jewish faith.

    2. Hiram Floss says:

      the single biggest reason is that their viewpoint is intimately tied to their sense of self worth. if they CAAAARE about something because it makes them feel special and good and other stupid reasons, they get REAL upset if you challenge their viewpoint because your are questioning their sense of righteous moral superiority and that scares the hell out of them.

    3. Why is the cobra so conflicted by the presence of the mongoose?

    4. They’re not afraid of it, they’re simply crushing all opposition to totalitarian marxism. They are carrying-out the Obama/Soros “fundamental transformation” of America into Cuba, the old Soviet Union, etc. Compromise with these thugs is impossible. They must be crushed.

  6. Thank god for these brave free speech warriors. Shame on Berkeley. the Mayor and the PD.

  7. trajan2448 says:

    Arrest any one perpetrating violence and expel any student immediately.

    1. Not the way Berkeley rolls. Violent Antifa protesters will neither be arrested nor expelled. Instead, they will be offered Associate Professorships.

  8. KR Rayberry says:

    I love how these writers try to lump the “far-right” in with the “far-left”. The Conservatives are not committing the violence, nor are we trying to silence anyone.

  9. Jeff Welch says:

    Lack of Support. Sorry the other side is working.

  10. David Tellep says:

    If you handled prior demonstrations better (Think Milo) then maybe this would not be happening. It is your fault UC Berkley. Antifa is a fascist group so they should be demonstrating against themselves, totally ironic. But that is the liberal left garbage pit in action.

  11. Rick Morrow says:

    Berkeley has become a breeding ground for NAZISM. Remember Hitler was only right wing of Stalin. Socialism is LEFT. The Nazis were LEFTISTS. The Berkley have become the new NAZI BROWNSHIRTS using all the Nazi tactics. God owns the right, who is the author of CONSERVATISM. God is about discipline and order. The Berkeley students are about about total control like the NAZIS. Satan owns the LEFT. What does Jesus say in Matthew 25:41 ‘Then he will also say to those on his LEFT, depart from me, accursed ones, into the fire which has been prepared for the Devil and his Angels.’ The only thing Berkeley is missing is the Swasticka.

  12. Bill Lewis says:

    I have never understood why Democrats hate the Constitution and the country.

  13. Teddy Novak says:

    Leftists, whether they call themselves socialists, fascists, progressives, Democrats, Greens, Nazis, Antifa or whatever, are a cancer.

  14. John Koch says:

    The constitution does not give anyone the right to continually interrupt any so called ‘legally’ invited speaker. A whack in the mouth with a billy club will put an end to the BS. Also targeting the men dressed in black and hooded. A shot in the head on several of these violent terrorists will stop them from accepting money from liberal or other sources for the chaos they cause. Only take once folks. A few dead thugs will give the rest of the country back their right to speak on college campuses. Definitely worth the cost of half dozen funerals.

  15. So self defense is “violent response”? The bias in this article is so typical, but still so annoying. And most of these anti ANTIFA people are not “far right,” but civic nationalists.

  16. Pat Rathke says:

    At age 66 I grew up 60 miles north of Berkeley. In the 50’s and 60’s my mother used to call Berkeley “Bezerkly” Nothing has changed, only the violence. These groups such as Antifa are home grown terrorists, many of which are not only teachers, but students who have been indoctrinated into accepting this behavior as the only solution.

  17. David Alster says:

    The University, the Mayor, the Police are on the side of hate and violence. They chose the side of the street to stand on.

  18. So standing up for the First Amendment is “alt-right,” and the police don’t want anybody video-recording violence by left-wing provocateurs who go around dressed in black, wearing masks, and brandishing a variety of weapons. Got it. At least you call them violent anarchists, which they are.

    Sieg Heil, Berkeley!

  19. Warms my heart to see good citizens stand up to liberal fascism.

    How can I donate to their cause?

  20. “UC Police said it was preparing for violence Thursday”…. Aren’t they usually busy “standing down”?

  21. Don McCoy says:

    The PC Nazis have to cancel speakers they don’t like because of the prospect of violent protests which they can’t defend the speaker against. But THEY’RE the ones being violent! LOL! It’s like the old protection racket used by the Mafia. They want money to protect you…FROM THEM!

  22. Chris Bonner says:

    “UC Police said it was preparing for violence Thursday between militant factions on both sides,…”
    They are going to hide in their patrol cars like they did during the last riot.

  23. simon91956 says:

    The article makes it sound like both sides, the Antifa thugs vs the patriotic Americans who refuse to be intimidated by them, AKA “The FAR Right” are both somehow ‘responsible’ for the violence. But that’s nonsense as anyone who has been there or has watched the numerous videos of what happens whenever Antifa thugs show up can see.

    People proud of being Americans or even Pro-Trump as far as I know NEVER start the violence. Never. That’s the leftist antifa thugs who do that.

  24. I was appalled by the “stand down” orders for/of/by the police officers during the recent clash between the Support Trump demonstrators and the Soros goons demonstrating about something as stupid at Trumps tax returns. I’ve lost a lot of admiration for the men/women in blue because of this. BTW….why didn’t the left ever demonstrate for the release of Obama’s college transcripts? Hasn’t every recent President released those too?

  25. Steven Hitt says:

    Time to send Federal authorities into UC Berkley and remove the anarchists and the leadership of the university. The state authorities are obviously inept and sympathetic to the anarchy.

  26. asudad90 says:

    The DoJ needs to take over the Berkeley Police. If black people were being attacked the civil rights lawyers and Federal Marshals would be there.

    If the Berkeley Police or the Feds can’t or will not prevent crimes, the a Trump Militia needs to enforce law and order.

  27. Seriously considering driving down from Santa Rosa to help protect our Constitutional rights. But unlike the pedophile leftists, I have a job, so I might not be able to get away. At 46 it’s been a long time since I’ve bashed NAZI skulls as a traditional Skinhead. But these leftist NAZIs are really pushing it. I’d love to take up my old past time for a day.

  28. Jim Morrison says:

    When a Snowflake’s head is cracked open does it emit a farting noise?

  29. The only positive about this mess is that the anarchists will probably abort their offspring.

  30. Imagine going to college and it is famous for violence and beatings.

  31. Julie Dougan says:

    Do what the do in every ghetto – burn it to the ground…

  32. Philip Nolan says:

    “Conservative firebrand”? Have you ever heard the mainstream media use the term “liberal firebrand”? They just do not see their bias.

  33. Steve Kiefer says:

    This is a fake news lie -The idea that both sides have been doing this all along. For nearly a year left wing groups have been rioting and attacking pro trump people. Last time at Berkeley was the only time anyone has fought back.

    Another fake news lie- is that everyone on the right is an extremist. A march in Oregon to be attended by mainstream republicans was just canceled because of left wing threats.

    You have to watch these so called journalists. most of them are just paid propagandists. Its up to the rest of us to fact check them because they constantly lie for their cause.

  34. Militant conservative groups, come again?

  35. I am quite non-plussed as this is a SFO-CBS web site and I see no leftist voices countering the fine voices and concerns of our American Patriots from the “ATL-RIGHT.” Is everyone is SFO hiding or bending over?

  36. Ben Franklin says:

    Comedy that this article characterizes #ProudBoys as “Alt-right” and all the negative connotations they have loaded that name with.

    SanFrancisco.CBSLOCAL = #FAKENEWS

  37. Burn it down, boys! Berkeley has long been a cesspool of Leftist filth. Time for an enema!

  38. Just like their socialist/communists predecessors in utopias past (Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.), the alt-left thugs at UC Berkeley use violence to attempt to silence opposing viewpoints. Sadly, the political and University authorities are fully entrenched in support of the thuggery.

    ANY institution that uses violence to suppress the first amendment rights of American citizens should and must lose ALL federal funding (and don’t think the Trump administration is not looking into this). Therefore, violent leftists – be prepared to fund your own demise – even Georgie Soros will get tired of throwing his billions down a rat hole.

  39. It would be a good thing for that so-called “institution of higher learning” to be shut down.

    1. That would be an “Institution of higher indoctrination”

  40. Far Right? Since when did supporting free speech become a far right issue?

  41. Thugs bought and paid for by Soros the Communist, Obama the Marxist. Their mode of operation is exactly that. Same old thing all through the last 100 years since 1917. The Devil never goes away, we will always be at war with evil, now the spiritual battle is in the most extreme.

  42. Berkeley is now the official capitol of totalitarian communism in North America.

  43. It’s time for Berkeley PD to do it’s job. If they refuse to, they are responsible for the violence. ANTIFA took an ash whipping last time. Probably gonna be worse today if they act up.

  44. This is how poorly our colleges and schools are educating the kids. They do not even understand what fascism really means. They are the true fascists and are suppressing free speech. It is scary. Also please check if these are even students or paid protesters from the left. This has to end.

  45. Always with the “FAR RIGHT” BS..I guess the FIRST AMENDMENT is a FAR RIGHT posture.

  46. Mike Smith says:

    Since this behavior has become so very popular, I have to wonder what benefits are derived by those who engage in it. Are they truly getting paid? If so, that should be fairly easy to ascertain. That must be illegal I would think. I realize this does inhibit free speech but who benefits from that? The astounding thing is that the university authorities and those who run the place allow this to take place at all. What are they thinking? That it’s all okay? Whatever the case, this type of reaction has been increasing and that is on those tasked with enforcing laws.

  47. Jose Jimenez says:

    Venezuela/Havana city coming to “democrat” USA.

  48. Randy Ross says:

    The far left nutcases at Berkley have proved they’re the most intolerant, hate group out there.

  49. Not a very good environment. The sciences are very good the other stuff is trash. When I think of the liberal arts and poly sci departments there, not worth cold spit comes to mind. Civility should be class #1.

  50. time to bring in the national guard…. obviously trump would have to do it as the oregon governor is part of the problem. There are two different principles at play here. There is a constitutional principle, based on the Supremacy Clause which states (basically) that when state and federal laws conflict, the federal law takes precedence.

    The Governor of a state does not simply have the ability to issue orders to guardsmen at his leisure. He/She operates through the military chain of command, which starts at the state’s Adjutant General (the senior national guard military officer of the state) and flows both down from there, and upwards through the National Guard Bureau and the operational parent commands of the specific NG unit.

    These two underlying principles guide the types of statutory authority by which a commander may give orders to the National Guard.

    If the orders that I receive are “Title 10” orders, i.e. they are issued pursuant to statutory authority under Title 10, United States Code (which governs the military), then we have been “federalized” under the reserve component authority of the U.S. military, and the federal authority prevails. This means the full range of federal law applies to us, including the Posse Comitatus act.

    If the orders I receive are “Title 32” orders, i.e. they are issued pursuant to Title 32, United States Code (which governs the National Guard specifically), then I am on what’s called “Full Time Guard Duty”. This means that I am operating under state orders, but whose authority (and funding) are derived from Federal law. That means that once again, Federal law prevails even under Title 32 status. This was never really all that clear, so a few years ago the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA, the bill that funds the military each year) was amended to explicitly designate certain National Guard commanders as having “dual status”, meaning they are explicitly authorized to order guardsmen under both Title 10 and Title 32 status. An important distinction here is that in some cases, guardsmen under Title 32 orders are excepted from the Posse Comitatus act.

    There is also purely “state active duty”, where the authority, orders, funding, and operational limitations are purely derived from the Governor. The key part being “funding.” Because there are no federal funds being offered for state active duty, it is typically used sparingly and for short periods of time.

    I’ve been activated under all three statuses — Title 10 for the war in Iraq, Title 32 for hurricane relief and homeland security detail, and state active duty for lesser disaster relief efforts. In none of these cases was there an issue of conflicting orders from the governor.

  51. Until recently, conservatives have responded to the fascistic violence of ANTIFA maggots with dialogue. Time to see to see what thes pukes are made off– rip them to shreds.

  52. PREDICTION: Berkeley police will only arrest conservative protesters and will stand down when ANTIFA terrorists commit violence right in front of them.

  53. Bill Loyal says:

    Send in Natl Guard & put them down if needed.

  54. Bill Loyal says:

    Send in Natl Guard & put Antifa down if needed

  55. Notice that CBS labels those NOT violently opposing the first amendment as “far right”. Very autobiographical of them.

  56. Jim Olson says:

    Funny how the “antifa” idiots are the one’s acting like true fascists. Berkley is no different than China & North Korea when it comes to free speech.

  57. IF they wanted to deflate 80% of this, the police could simply enforce the No-Mask law, why haven’t they done that already?

  58. Bruce Allan says:

    Liars at San Fransicko affiliate of CBS – interesting that the protesters are only “far right” when it doesn’t agree with your socialist/marxist leaning bias!

  59. Berkeley is LIberal fascism headquarters. All taxpayer money should be removed from UC Berkeley Thug Training Center . Let the Soros snowflakes riot on their own trust funds

  60. Jack Cooper says:

    Berkley should should be put on the National Register for Garbage Dumps.

  61. Tom Lenz says:

    Hoku Jeffrey is the new face of fascism. I hope he and his ilk are ready to pay a price for their actions.

  62. Conservatives are always called “far-right”. Why aren’t liberals ever called “far-left” when liberals are by far the insane ones and the conservatives are the actual rational ones?

  63. Just defund this thing from the federal level and let the rich kids of Kalifornia pay for it all. They too are free to do as they please, just not on the taxpayers backs.

    The students of Berkeley should also consider putting a wall up around the campuses so that anyone who disagrees with them cannot physically enter. Checkpoint should dot the campus (and cameras) so that people can be monitored as they move around.

    Students must be safe from anything that might challenge their way of thinking.

    Only communications in or out will be from students to parents asking for more spending money.

  64. How is being proud of Western Civilization deemed to be “far right”? Would SF CBS say the same about a proud Chinese person, or proud Arab?

  65. For a Liberal, hating Republicans IS their religion. They view government as their sanctuary so they can control others and make them behave the way THEY like. Thus, when they are thrown out of their church they get very upset, it’s emotional to them. On the other hand, conservatives and Republicans have a pragmatic view of government it’s only there for very limited purposes to keep society functioning and to protect people from criminals and hostile enemies. Thus the quiet suffering through 8 years of the Obamanation and the daily riots for the first 100 days of President Trump’s term…

  66. Why would any parent want to send their child to Berkley? Worse yet, why would any employer want to employ a Berkley graduate? Do you really want that kind of intolerance of differing points of view in your workplace?

  67. Keane O'Shea says:

    Fake News… It is Antifa that has been responsible for initiating the violence.

  68. So do you have any evidence that Based Stickman is a Proud Boy, or are you just trying to smear the Proud Boys with more fake news?

  69. I remember Eisenhower calling in the Federal troops to intergrate schools in the south. Why can’t the same be done to protect the first amendment?

  70. craniumlogos says:

    Why are the people at Berkeley never described as “far-left” but the protestors are always described as “far-right”?

  71. I don’t know if Berkely is reaady to blow but it certainly sucks.

  72. So the university doesn’t want cameras recording violent confrontations. That should tell you who’s initiating these violent confrontations. The left HATE’S incontrovertible evidence that it’s the left that thinks violence is a legitimate action against political opponents. The right has a right to defend itself against these leftist fascists.

  73. The left can only rule by tyranny and censorship. Historically this has been the case and continues to be to this day. Berkeley is a collection of burnout, communist cowards.

  74. Mike Arvand says:

    berkley…. never a good jihadi around when you actually need one.

  75. Gregg Butler says:

    Anyone who fights against freedom of speech, just doesn’t understand history or the human race. If we lose freedom of speech, government eventually becomes a dictatorship, regardless if it is Left leaning or Right leaning.

    This isn’t about Left and right, this is about basic mandatory human rights!

  76. Bill Darcy says:

    I’m betting on the Conservatives winning that battle.

  77. the real Nazis at Berkeley are ALL on the left. This is exactly what German Nazis did to whom ever they disagreed with..use violence to shut their mouths

  78. I’m certain the Berkeley P.D. will sit on their hands while conservatives get pummeled. Again. But yes, it’s conservatives who bring the violence.

  79. Berkeley ya made your bed now sleep in it!

  80. Those who stand up for traditional democratic human rights and values are not equally “extremist” as those who ban them and riot to prevent their enjoyment.

  81. Jim Trott says:

    Why an employer would hire somebody with a degree from UC Berkley is beyond me. I would think anyone with ANY degree of patriotism, a brain or who supports the Constitution, would get the heck out of that environment and go to a school that welcomes different ideas. Close minded and unable to think, is not a way to go thru college.

  82. Rich Charts says:

    San Francisco Bay has lost all sense of civility, tolerance, liberalism and common sense.

  83. Big Civ says:

    Gavin is not technically Alt-right.

  84. The left is way beyond bullying conservatives..They are and have been bullying white people, shaming them, humiliating them , mocking them and whites are getting fed up…Whites are treated like german jews in the 1930s and it led to the holocaust..if whites do not stand up for their interests, this bullying will only get worse

  85. Robert Blum says:

    Further proof that mankind will never live in harmony.

  86. Actually, this kind liberal violence is nothing new. The reason the fascist “shirt” movements existed was to protect themselves against liberal depredations. The liberal defense of these indefensible policies? He hit me first after I hit him back.

    It’s more proof that the only thing we learn about liberals and history is that liberals don’t learn from history.

  87. Kent Marsh says:

    The “ANTIFA” are the fascists.
    NAZI = National Socialist
    Fascist = Radical authoritarian Government opposed to individual liberty
    If you don’t agree with their orthodoxy, then they will violently shut you down.
    Soros and his ilk (Berkeley admin et al) support this.

  88. Berkeley has given up any right to portray itself as an institution of learning. It has willingly become a national monument to anti-Constitutional behavior.

  89. Jerry Shaw says:

    We are so close to another civil war, just a matter of time.

  90. The time for “talk” is over. Brute force is the only thing that is left to shove these commie sobs off where they belong. And if they are protected by the cops, that mayor who is a member of a terrorist org (BAMN), and the feds, then we have to take them down too. We are in a war, a civil war. The commies are trying to 1917 Russia the US. Better dead than Red people. Pick your side because you’ll be picked off if you keep sitting on that fence.

  91. This has come full circle since the 1960’s.

    Then, it was ‘the man’ who was censoring the speech of left wing radicals.

    Now, it is the left wing radicals doing the VERY SAME THING, but using MORE threats and acts of violence in an even more pervasive form of censorship.

    The left has grown up to exhibit all the traits is despised in its father – but with the aid of a social steroid – the catalyst of social media.

  92. Mark Todd says:

    great news about the Trump supporters. i so hope they really cave in the heads of a bunch of the left wing fascists. the government is doing nothing to protect free speech so take it into your hands and crack skulls.

  93. Kim A Kirk says:

    Just announce there’s free drugs at city hall… the far left won’t be on campus then…

  94. Janet Napoleono won’t order the UCPD to arrest the terrorists. The Radicals in Berkeley City and Alameda County Government won’t order BPD or Alameda County Sheriffs’ to round them up and force the D.A. to charge them. Gold Spooned California Uber-Alles Governor Brown won’t order the CHP to to jack.
    The only thing left is to unleash the FBI/BATFE/US Marshals on these groups, then have Sessions charge them under Patriot & RICO.
    Even if they just tied the dirtbags’ lawyas up in court for a decade Honest Law Abiding Tax Paying Americans would be better off.

  95. The silent majority is no longer staying silent to placate a lot Pelosi type politically correct liberals. As for Cal, it is time to clean that swamp and end tenure. As for the FBI director, send him to No Korea.

  96. Troy Dynes says:

    The fascist left is intolerant of thought diversity.

  97. Lenny Leo says:

    Where is PT Barnum when you need him? Only in California will you find idiots that will violently protest the appearance of a Conservative then violently protest when she cancels! Which part of “the inmates running the asylum” do people not understand? These groups trample the First Amendment but when someone chooses to use the Second Amendment as a cure against tyranny they cuddle up in their safe space waiting for the Federal gov’t to save them against “Nazis!” Something’s gotta give eventually!

  98. Myyne Gaime says:

    Fascists shut down opposing points of view. Americans allow others to voice their opinions without calling it “hate speech” if they simply hate hearing it. American’s have never taken well to having their freedom stripped. I see bad things on the horizon for the ISIS Look alikes. These people conceal their identity, dress like ISIS, silence free speech with threats of violence and real violence and then call themselves “anti-fascists”. Please see “Oxymoron”….moron.

  99. I don’t understand why the Terrorist Task Force isn’t camped out at berzerkely. They should be installing high resolution cameras on every surface surrounding any area where a speaker or event can be held. When the violence breaks out they should identify the perp, masked or not, send in agents to apprehend, haul them off to a federal holding facility, charge them with domestic terrorism and stick them in a federal penitentiary for the rest of their lives.

    berzerkely should be expelling everyone that can be identified during or after these events permanently. This situation is being ALLOWED to happen by the police and university. They should be brought up on charges by the federal Terrorism Task Force for giving aid to domestic terrorists. The president and chief of police respectively should be arrested.

  100. Brian Punter says:

    Marxism is like the Borg once your mind is infected you are permanently stuck on stupid.. Marxism fears individualism, free speech, freedom to own property and freedom to pursue life as you see fit.. Marxism is Yid venom to control the Goy.

  101. A national carry law will result in improved manners among the barbarians.

    1. Especially since most of the liberals won’t qualify for a permit based on their petty crime records.

  102. Trust a liberal rag like this to make it sound like conservatives are causing violence. But I think it’s high time conservatives started fighting fire with overwhelming fire. This is the United States of America, and anyone who doesn’t respect our freedom to express our opinions, and opposes it with violence, needs to be taken out.

  103. Mark Randall says:


    Title 22 of the U.S. Code, Section 2656f(d) defines terrorism as “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.”

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines terrorism as “the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

    Both definitions of terrorism share a common theme: the use of force intended to influence or instigate a course of action that furthers a political or social goal.

  104. Hey See?BS! – have you ever used the phrase “far-left”?

  105. Make no mistake about it, the Democrats 100% vigorously support the 1st amendment and freedom of speech IF…. it is in agreement with their POV and political agenda, otherwise, you are to be censored.

    Keep this in mind as to why the Democrats are like this. They were taken over by the CPUSA(communist party USA) in the mid to late 1960s. They have been slowly but surely infiltrating and taking over the Republicans as well over the Decades. So if you want to clearly see what their plans are and how they started this, look up this article: The 45 declared goals of the United States Communist Party.

    This article is extremely eye opening and all 45 goals have been implemented in American society and politics. It’s because of the CPUSA that our political system is in the state of decay that it is. It’s under the control of the CPUSA and the elite billionaires like Soros who are members of the CPUSA.

  106. Who would have thought , that after the Nazi’s defeat , that the Nazi brown shirts, would migrate to the US and become fascist professor, brainwashers at our Universities!!!. Remember the Nazi regime were liberals, had gay populations , and hated the religious .

  107. Jack Cooper says:

    My dream of dreams is for lil’Kim to get nukes and flatten the West Coast.

    1. The dems/libs are no longer a political party — they have moved to be an insurrection party bent on fascism (total authoritarian control) and are the enemy of a free United States.

  108. According to CBS, anyone supporting free speech is now “far” right.

  109. “militant factions on both sides” F them! When we have a rally, we listen, have a BBQ, and then pick up after ourselves and leave quietly. Not the dems/libs – they swear, curse, burn, chant, loot, intimidate and leave destruction everywhere when they go. If a conservative militant faction starts it because we’ve been targeted by fascists libs/dems who believe in bullying and violence to quell free ideas (and, lawful ideas — such as enforcement of standing immigration laws). This is a just another turd-ish article from a left-wing instigator journalist f-wad.

  110. Bob She says:

    In California, it’s against the law to cover your face or wear a mask during protests. These black masked freaks need to have theirs ripped off.

  111. ANTIFA uses their fists because they cannot use their brains. Plain and simple. Anyone who is at the rallies today, please take a lot of pictures. This way, the cool kids of 4chan can assist in identifying the violent criminals and then we can target them for a dose off their own medicine.

  112. The highly dishonest mainstream media is trying to present this as if the Conservatives are just as violent as the Liberals. this is blatantly untrue.

  113. “Altright” ??? Really? Good grief CBS. “Rightwing” ?? You mean those who believe the Constitution actually means something…like free speech? Pathetic reporting.

  114. Kurt Smith says:

    Citizenry: “We want to speak publicly in a legalfo rum about our viewpoints on different issues”
    The Man: “Yes, but it is dangerous. There are many violent thugs who would like to hurt and even murder you because of your views”
    citizenry: “So what can you do to protect us and our right to free speech against these law-breakers?”
    The Man: “you’ll be safest if we simply cancel your speech. Move along now.”

    That so absolutely totally reeks of 1930’s Nazi Brown Shirt tactics. Ef all liberals and the horses they road in on. God have mercy on this country.

    1. Kurt Smith says:

      …of course that should read “and the horses they RODE in on,” not “road.”

  115. jacksquat99 says:

    Ironic how the article calls the Coulter supporters “far right” and the opponents “antifascists”. THese are the same dunderheads that decry the FAKE NEWS moniker and cannot understand why few people trust them.

  116. @sanfrancisco.cbslocal, don’t even try that bs. Trying to pretend the actual free speech marchers are somehow the righty version of the fascist “antifa” loonies. The violence has been perpetrated, started and provoked by the progressives asshats. Don’t even go there. what pantload. FakeNews much?

  117. Bob Ho says:

    that Democrat party of hate and violence has started another civil war

  118. “UC Police said it[sic] was preparing for violence” – Right, they’re preparing to sit in their vans and observe while leftist thugs run loose, setting things on fire, macing young women and smashing shop windows.

    Berkeley is a joke. Didn’t they say they’re a sanctuary city? Let’s just chop them loose from the mainland and let them float to North Korea, where they’ll feel more at home with their totalitarianism.

  119. The article makes it sound like the right wing is going to get violent. That’s ridiculous. It’s the LEFT that is notoriously intolerant and violent. Berkeley is a sewer and it rots the brain. No one in their right mind sends their kids to that mess.

  120. Greg Hawkins says:

    I respect Gavin and I hope he and the good guys break some antifa noses

  121. Arlo Ogden says:

    Can’t wait to see the party of acceptance and tolerance in action with their black hoodies and masks.

  122. Once again the media calling American Patriots “Far Right”

  123. Somewhere in all this thought that liberals to believe in tolerance, diversity, and sensitivity. Don’t see that from them.
    Think the liberals are hypocrites. The demanded free speech with Mario Savio and got it. Now they are against it.

    They are nothing but anarchists thugs wearing sheep’s clothing.
    It’s their way or the highway.

  124. Ned Flinters says:

    Why do you call them, the people supporting conservative principals like Coulter, far right supporters, but the goons at Berkeley aren’t called what they really are which is they Marxist-Leninists, Maoists, Stalinists, even people who have expressed for support mass-murderer Pol Pot, as well as Anarchist far left supporters? MSM liberal-leftists bias is just built into you networks, isn’t it??

  125. stevebowl says:

    Can you provide one photo or news report where ‘far right’ protesters initiated violence at one of these talks?

  126. Sherry Lee says:

    She’s only 1 woman. What’s so scary about 1 skinny, white woman?

  127. Jim Alfirov says:

    This one is going to cost Soros a lot of money. The Liberats are gonna want to be paid more by Sorros when they get a good ol’ fashioned ass-whuppin’….or worse. Time to send the vermin scurrying again….

  128. Craig Book says:

    The article says, “far-right supporters..” I don’t think this reporter understands the political spectrum. We don’t have a “far right” in the USA. Most people who identify as conservatives are middle of the political spectrum. Democrats start to move left of that, and many are far left.
    They actually want socialism. I have never met someone who is Pro totalitarianism. Despite the lunatics calling conservatives that, conservatives care about the freedoms protected by our Constitution. These fascists, that call themselves “anti-fascists” while attacking people to try to force their views need to be locked up and put into gitmo with the other terrorists. If they want to just voice their opinions, no problem. But they want to physically harm anyone who doesn’t believe in their twisted politics.

  129. Pat McGroyne says:

    “It allows police to focus on and apprehend criminals while keeping bystanders safe,”

    The police in Berkeley are more interested in protecting violent left-wingnut protestors than peaceful citizens. They have apparently, in the past, effectively joined the leftists by doing nothing to control them.

  130. Mike Giles says:

    We notice that the vile cowards of CBS have now begun to use their “Fake News” phraseology such as “far right”, and “alt right” to try to cover for their evil twins of their Marxists, & Stalinist friends’ violent anti-First Amendment crimes of every sort!!

  131. Charli Spier says:

    Okay, lets review the facts here.
    As someone who is “on the left,” but moderate and completely in support of Ann Coulter coming to speak here, it is important to dispel these notions that “Berkeley kids and the administration want to end Free Speech.” That is not the case at all. Neither is it in any way a reality that the vast majority of students (who, yes, are mostly “on the left”) condone the violence and destruction perpetrated by groups like ATIFA.
    Nevertheless, far-left and far-right groups (who have also been provoked into violence by this extreme rhetoric of incompatible binaries) are a reality. And the undeniable possibility that they will clash on Berkeley’s campus poses a risk to students who (believe it or not) are just going to class.
    Therefore, it is the responsibility of the university to make sure that students do no’t get caught in the crossfire of violence between two extreme groups. Berkeley administration did not deny Ann Coulter’s speech. They asked her to move the date and location to make sure that it was secure for her and for the people attending. She denied that, and the dust-storm of controversy it has needlessly kicked up has resulted in 250 police officers in the middle of our campus. During class.
    Berkeley is a university. Students come here to learn. It is not a political battleground and provocateurs (from either side) should find somewhere else to give a speech.

  132. Note CBS: “Filed Under: Alt-Right, Ann Coulter, anti fascist, Berkeley, Crime, Donald Trump, fascist, politics, Protest, White Supremacist”…..So typical of the MSM to label one side as Alt-Right and White Supremists…while never referring to the other side as Alt-Left…anti-free speech, anti-first Ammendment…anarchists….rioting mobs…. arsonists….Black Power activists….Obama/Clinton thugs…
    Always excusing or glossing over the torching of downtown areas, destruction of police cars, flash mobs, white hate speech and beatings and murders perpetrators other wise know as Liberals, Progressives, or just plain socialist democrats
    If the anti-leftest, free speech freedom first crowd burns most of that cesspool aka Berkley to the ground…well, so be it.

  133. I find the left bent in this news story. It says that now that trump is president that Republicans are embolden? What a bunch of horseapples! We the people put him there because of such bias in the news. Such a situation is because liberals can’t accept the situation that has now happened. So suck it up snowflakes.

  134. “Far right?” Really morons?

  135. When can we get an honest headline ?

    The author does not know Ann, and certainly does not know who is coming out to respond to whatever fascist person or group caused Ann’s speech to be cancelled.

    .. The people coming out are not left, middle, right, far right, or orange. But I suspect they are PEOPLE concerned about fascists that prevent free speech in USA. BTW I would be one of them if I could take the time.

    Please WAKE UP !

    1. Ray Williams says:

      Honest headline? The press IS AntiFA!

  136. Susan Vue says:

    Join the dark side join the democrat party

  137. Ray Williams says:

    If Conservatives want their 1st Amendment rights upheld, we better be ready to fight for them. AntiFa= ActualFa!

  138. Sorry Leftist… Americans who value their rights won’t be intimidated by the Fascist on the Left.

  139. Berkley wasn’t the home of the Free Speech Movement. How can they claim that title? Ridiculous! Berkley is the home of the violent Fascist on the Left. They’re your inbred spawns, Berkley… claim your children.

  140. Tom Smith says:

    Free Speech: A Hill To Die On We will use the 2nd Amendment to enforce the 1st!!!!

  141. What we see here in plain sight is that no terrorist in our country has nothing to fear from the FBI.

  142. dogsrock2 says:

    So what does Janet Napolitano do all day to earn her huge paycheck there at Berkeley

  143. The Tea Party was a nonviolent group made up of regular Americans protesting big government. They were labeled as racists. So now that they are gone this is what you get. People ready to fight fire with fire. Hope everyone is happy.

  144. Hopefully the pro-Coulter/pro-free speech folks will come to fight for their right to speak and act freely, regardless of the fascist liberals.

  145. Dan English says:

    ANTIFA= Anti First Amendment.

  146. See Lyle Rossiter’s book, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness”. It is not pretty, folks!

  147. Walt Kay says:

    After the last spate of anti free speech Fascist riots how many people were arrested for their violent acts at Berkeley? One that is all. Seems that both the city and the school condone, or at least allow, Fascist violence.

    You hear a lot about hate speech and not allowing hate speech. But when real hate and violence is happening nothing is done. So the powers that be will shut down speech but not action.

    It should be clear to any person that Fascism is being supported by institutions like Berkeley both the school and the city. Real question is will anyone or any government entity step up and put a stop to this. Or like with the third Reich will the Fascists be allowed to continue to the point that stopping them will come only at a large price.

    Sad that my father and so many other fought Fascism years ago. They thought they won the fight. Wonder what they would think seeing the rise of Fascism here on our shores.

  148. CBS, (Communist Broadcast Secretariat), sure didn’t take long to hurl the far-right epitaph at a group who has the extreme position of supporting the right to free speech. To be sure in an attempt to appear impartial they include an obligatory ‘far-left groups’ label but only insofar as the far-right supporters of Ms. Coulter are there to challenge them when plainly that is not the case, they are there to protect free speech as envisioned by our Founding Fathers and enshrined by them in our Constitution.
    However, to continue, what next out of this ‘far-right’ bunch of wild-eyed Constitutional originalists? Would they dare to have the unmitigated temerity to suggest that the people should have the right to peaceably assemble while holding views which do not maintain one hundred percent fidelity with those of the left? The sheer audacity of these folks, not only daring to question the orthodoxy of the left but presuming to speak in public so as to inform people of their ideas and political opinions.
    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, this cannot be allowed and in Beserkly, California no less, the left coast, how dare these people. A call to arms; in order to preserve the status of Beserkly California as the cradle of The Free Speech Movement we find it is not only necessary but imperative that we suppress the right to free speech in order to preserve it. There will be no rights of any sort allowed to any who dare disagree with us and further we are calling on our friends and fellow travelers in the media to cover for us regarding our shared hypocrisy in this matter and to exaggerate the size or our crowds while lying about the size of the radical constitutionalists and also to lie and cover-up the identities and affiliations of those starting the violence.
    In the aftermath of this sorry display of complete intolerance by the left watch for this same liberal, media fifth column to down play the role of their democrat and socialist comrades while blaming the right for starting the whole affair. One should, in fact recall what the genesis of this really is and that is the intimidation tactics of leftist brown shirts and the non-responses of the limp wristed if not complicit Police department who either hasn’t got the courage of the cowardly lion in Alice in Wonderland, an appropriate analogy to the goings on in the liberal bizarro world of California, nor the integrity to honor the oaths they swore when they put on their uniforms and swore to protect and serve.
    The whole lot of them are either cowards or simply seditious swine; I leave the reader to choose which with the caution to choose quickly as I sense time is running out on these leftists and I just don’t think they are going to last, which of course is a good thing.
    Rich in New Mexico.

    1. Mike Smith says:

      Great screed. Superb analysis. A singular pleasure to peruse. Hats off to you, sir.

  149. JL says:

    Impeding police, thats hilarious. The only ones impeding police are City of Berkeley, UCB, and antifa.

  150. fincenmib says:

    This is really funny a youtube video with Berkeley Mayors Staff Advisory, she denies facts, while the film producer shows riot events as they are occurring. I sent this to the Sanctuary City council and Mayors office, but so far no reply. Its really funny hearing the Mayors staff deny deny deny!