OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – A car thief has taken something priceless from one woman in Oakland, getting away with her last memories of her late father.

It was just days ago that Hilary Wallace said goodbye to her father Herman, six months to the day after he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

“He was able to lift his arms and give us a wave and then he passed away a few hours later,” Wallace recalled. “Everybody that has met him absolutely adores him.”

Wallace’s grief is compounded by another loss. Last week, after having dinner at a restaurant in Oakland’s Temescal district, someone broke into her car. What the thief took was irreplaceable.

“My dad’s financial and legal paperwork, camera, memory cards with every photo I’ve ever taken of him from my entire life,” Wallace told KPIX 5.

She had gathered the pictures on hard drives to create one of her dad’s dying wishes.

“He asked me to put together a video stream to play on his computer so he could have pictures as he was declining in health. So, all of that was taken,” Wallace said.

Two photos with her and her father are all that she has left. To make matters worse…the sole copy of her father’s will and other financial papers were also stolen.

“Since my dad was 83 years old, he didn’t really believe in a lot of record-keeping,” she said.

So far, Oakland police have told her of no leads. But Wallace’s friends are trying to help, posting flyers throughout Temescal offering reward money for the return of the items, no questions asked.