BELMONT (KPIX) — Car thieves broke into 19 vehicles in one Belmont neighborhood overnight Thursday, making off with expensive electronics including laptop computers.

Christopher Love knows all too well what the victims are feeling.

“It’s a feeling of violation — it’s a terrible, terrible feeling,” he said.

Love says his work truck was targeted in a similar burglary in nearby Redwood Shores.

“They ransacked my truck. They went behind the seats, under the seats. They took every tool that was available in that truck,” Love recalls.

Belmont police say many of the cars were left unlocked — easy targets for thieves who appear to have methodically worked their way through the neighborhood.

Frustrated residents say it isn’t the first time.

“We were really angry and you kind of feel unlucky in a way because you never think your car’s going to be robbed. I mean there’s all these cars sitting on the street and you happen to be broken into,” James Thompson told KPIX.

Thompson was lucky this time but he says his father’s car has been hit twice.

Neighbors say they’d like to see patrols increased in the area but they know there’s one simple thing they can do to put a brake on the the break-ins.

“My advice to anyone is make sure you lock your doors and have your alarm on, otherwise you’re just setting yourself up to be a victim of someone breaking into your vehicle and feeling violated after someone takes the stuff that you’ve worked for,” Love advised.