DUBLIN (KPIX 5) — A boy fell off a slide at a water park that just opened in Dublin.

It happened at Saturday’s grand opening of ‘The Wave,’ a brand new water park.

Video shows the boy hydroplaning with the arch of his back sliding long the rim of the ride known as the Emerald Plunge.

The boys arms and legs are not crossed, despite directions of the park. Halfway down, he flies off the slide, over the side and lands on the cement barrier.

Park officials say 10-year-old will be okay. He suffered scratches on his back and shoulder but was otherwise okay. His parents took him to a nearby hospital.

After the accident the park shut down the slide.

“We have a maintenance person from the installer coming out right now, to check that piece of equipment with us, and make sure that everything is operating as per the guides,” said Jim Rodems, Director of Parks and Community Services. “So, we’ll make sure it’s safe before we turn it back on.”

Park officials are considering an increase in water pressure to slow riders down.

They closed a second slide, but left four others open.

The incident didn’t keep people from enjoying the rest of the park, though, and the afternoon hours were still busy.

“Safety wise, I think it’s pretty safe,” says Chandra Kasu, a parkgoer from Dublin. “But you know a big massive scale ride – things happen. I’m really sorry for what happened today but I think this will be a lesson for people and they will take the necessary precautions.”

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  1. Whoever is reporting this is an idiot! His legs were crossed but the force of the water opened them right at the end as shows in the video.

  2. Teddi Litman says:

    Yet another article blaming the child! His legs look crossed to me right until the moment he starts going airborne. And honestly, if such absolute precise body positions are required for children not to be potentially killed, this is still an unsafe park. This report is quick to lament how much money has been spent on the park. It really makes me think there might be a relationship between this TV station and the park’s owners/investors. “Oh, the poor investors spent so much money! This little thug didn’t follow the rules! His legs are uncrossed!” Give me a break!