SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Family, friends and neighbors packed a community meeting Wednesday night voicing fears, anger and grief in the wake of a father of four being stabbed to death in a San Francisco Bernal Heights neighborhood park.

The body of 33-year-old Giovanny Alvarez was discovered in Bernal Height Park – a popular destination for local dog-lovers – early the morning of May 25th.

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He had been stabbed several times and the killer remains at large.

Neighbors at the meeting wanted more details about the case. Was Alvarez was murdered in the park or was his body dumped there?

But police officials told the gathering they just can’t answer any questions like that because they are worried about jeopardizing the murder case.

“We’re looking into all possibilities,” San Francisco police Capt. Joseph McFadden said at the meeting. “We don’t believe it’s random and we’re looking into all facets of the investigation.”

The victim’s sister Catherine broke down in tears as she addressed the community.

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“Nobody’s safe. If the killer’s out there, nobody’s safe,” she said fighting back tears. “If he’s walking the streets of San Francisco, then nobody’s safe. Because anybody could be his target next.”

A local resident echoed her concerns.

“Being safe — those are just words,” she said. “What are you basing that on? Convince me that we’re safe.”

Police say they don’t believe hikers, dog-walkers and joggers in the area are in any kind of extra danger because they don’t believe the killer randomly attacked his victim.

They say they are increasing manpower in Bernal Heights and working hard to find the killer.

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“We do want you to know that you are safe,” McFadden said. “We do have enough patrols. I increased them for the summer, like I always do. But since the incident, you’re going to see double the police here.”