By Don Ford

MARIN COUNTY (KPIX 5) — Marin Humane is looking for a home for an unusual pair of animals: a cat and a rabbit that share a special bond.

The facility has more than a hundred kittens that need homes ranging from strays to lost animals and some from families that just can’t care for them anymore.

But they only have one pair of animals that is being offered as a package deal: Magic the Rabbit and Tigger the Cat.

“They’re definitely bonded. They’ve been together since Magic came on board, so Tigger is 9 and Magic is 6, said Marin Humane spokesperson Lisa Bloch.

The pair has developed a special relationship. They eat together and they sleep together. When one walks away the other follows.

Marin Humane says they will be adopted out only as a pair.

“When two animals are bonded it means a lot, just like when two people are bonded,” said Bloch. “So we hope to find them a great home.”

Magic and Tigger’s family had to move. That was when they arrived here. The odd pair has been looking for a new home ever since.

Both pets are house broken.

“They both use litter boxes but different kinds of litter,” explained Bloch.

There are some differences. The rabbit does not chase mice and the cat does not eat carrots.

But they are inseparable.

Folks at Marine Humane say this is the first time anyone can ever remember a bonded pair of a cat and rabbit in the over 100 years the facility has been in operation.

  1. Our Bunny Bun Bun and Spot the Tuxedo cat bonded. They were best friends until one died.