VALLEJO (CBS SF) — Months after a young man was fatally shot by Vallejo police during a confrontation at his home, his family is demanding answers.

Police are refusing to release a report on the incident, despite numerous requests from the man’s family.

Angel Ramos would have been 22 this week. Vallejo police shot and killed him in January at his family’s home.

His family told KPIX 5 that the circumstances that led to the shooting are still murky.

They say the autopsy could clear things, but Solano County Sheriff’s office is not releasing the records.

“The coroner’s report is the one piece of evidence that can refute or prove what the police say happened,” said Cat Brooks, a spokesperson for the Anti Police-Terror Project. “And the problem with this case is what the witnesses say happened and what the cops say happened are two very different things. The family has asked for this report and they have repeatedly been denied”

According to police, Ramos was fighting with another man on the home’s deck. Police said Ramos had a knife and officers shot him to prevent him from hurting the other man.

But the Ramos family disputes the police version of events.

“Do I ever get to see my brother again? No! The question of the whole situation is whether he had a knife or not,” said Ramos’ sister. “Whether he had the knife or not, that still does not give them the right to kill anyone.”

The Solano County Sheriff’s office says the records are protected because they are part of an ongoing investigation. The county says once Vallejo police and the District Attorney make their findings, the report will be released.