AMERICAN CANYON (CBS SF) — Passing motorists came to the aid of a California Highway Patrol officer Saturday who was being assaulted by a reckless driving suspect on I-80, authorities said.

According to CHP spokesman Officer John Fransen, the incident began with a reckless driving report at around 7:39 a.m. on westbound I-80. Dispatchers had received many calls about a driver who had allegedly caused a number of collisions on the highway near American Canyon.

A female CHP officer caught up with the driver about 8:45 a.m. after his white Ford F-250 had become disabled on the highway. The officer approached the truck when 49-year-old Gary Coslovich jumped out of it and allegedly punched the officer.

“The suspect jumped out of the vehicle, punched her and she fell backward onto the asphalt and he began kicking her,” Fransen said.

Passing motorists saw the assault taking place, pulled over and rushed to help the officer.

“They definitely put themselves at risk by doing this,” Fransen said. “They don’t know who this person is, they don’t know what this person is armed with, but they jumped out and in my book they’re heroes.”

Another officer arrived a short time later helped detain Coslovich and put him under arrest.

The San Jose man was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

  1. This is wonderful to see those who still care about their fellow man, even if he is a cop. I think the County Sheriffs should relax concealed carry permits for law abiding citizens like this to legally carry. What if this criminal had taken the officer’s gun? You stop bad guys with a gun with a good guy with a gun and that would include responsibly armed law abiding citizens.