WALNUT CREEK (KPIX) — The line stretched around the block outside the Walnut Creek store. Warriors fans were willing to wait hours for a chance to take a photo with the team’s trophy and share in their championship season.

“It was definitely the trophy,” says Nayeem Shah. “I saw it during the presentation and the parade. But why not be a part of history too with the trophy.”

The warriors and their fans are riding high after winning their second NBA title in just the past three years.

Saturday, the fans got even more good news. Star point guard Steph Curry, the leader and heart of the team signed a $201 million, five-year deal.

“He deserves every penny — especially after he’s carried the team for the past few years,” says fan Andrew Newell. “Everyone says Draymond is the heart of this team but Steph’s the one who makes it go.”

Shah agrees.

“With the way he plays, his basketball IQ, he deserves it.”

Curry was the team’s fourth highest paid player in 2017, despite winning back-to-back MVP awards.

Nana Brownell-Cope say the team’s exciting and selfless play has turned her from a casual to a diehard fan.

“They play so selflessly. They’re willing to put their egos aside,” she said. “They let all the players share the spotlight. They really seem to embody the true meaning of teamwork.”

It’s a team she hopes will compete for championships for years to come.


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