WOODSIDE (KPIX) — The Fourth of July pig scramble in Woodside, where young kids are let loose to try and capture baby pigs, has been a tradition for more than forty years.

Animal-rights activists say the event is traumatic for the animals and isn’t so great for the children either.

“The pigs are terrified — squealing, screaming, running in all directions. Those children are predators,” said Jennifer Gonzales with the Committee for Humane Woodside.

Victor Aenlle, with the San Mateo County Mounted Patrol which puts on the rodeo, says there’s nothing cruel involved.

“We have vets on call … a hospital standing by — there’s never been an incident of pigs being hurt on our property,” Aenlle said.

“I understand their point of view but we have ours,” he added.

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Comments (6)
  1. Humans can be such thoughtless jerks anyway. Is it really necessary to start training them in this direction so young? I see little kids running at pigeons all the time, with no reprimand from their parents, who scowl at me when I reprimand the kids for being cruel to the birds. What little a-holes these kids are already.

  2. Eric Mills says:


    Mayor Tom Livermore, and the Woodside Town Council, email –; tel. 650/851-6790

    San Mateo Co. Mounted Patrol, email –; tel. 650/851-8300.

  3. Claire Vinet says:

    When are these Neanderthals going to learn that exploiting animals for the purpose of profit and cheesy entertainment is not okay?

  4. Shaun Miller says:

    You all need to concentrate on the industrial scale slaughter.
    Don’t eat bacon or beef , the unsustainable food source.
    And by the way.
    The little girl pictured doesn’t look as if she is having any fun.