OAKLAND (KCBS) — BART Police are reviewing on-board video to consider criminal charges against a group of teens accused in another strong-arm robbery at the Coliseum Station in Oakland.

This latest assault took place during the Friday evening commute, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

A teen in a group of around a dozen allegedly snatched an iPhone from a woman as the train was approaching the Coliseum Station.

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They all ran from the train but an off-duty security guard witnessed the crime and followed them onto the platform, demanding the phone back. That’s when 62-year-old Leonard Brown was punched and kicked by several young people but did manage to get the phone back.

BART police were nearby, detaining the teens as they ran into the neighborhood. But witnesses could not identify which kid took the phone, they were photographed and released to their parents.

Brown suffered from a cut hand but was otherwise OK.

The incident was similar to another robbery and beating by dozens of teens at the same station in April that lead to several arrests.

BART commuter Charles Ennis was not involved in Friday’s robbery, but he tackled another robber on June 18 at the same BART station.

He says a teen boy who was about 16 years old snatched a woman’s smartphone on the platform. He chased the kid down.

“I drove him to the sideline and grabbed him against the wall. Held him, asked him to bring out the phone,” remembered Ennis. “He complied. I gave it to the old lady and he ran.”

He received a cut to his forehead during the confrontation.

“[I] recommend more people do what I did, so I don’t have to do it alone. Having to do this stuff alone is what makes it so dangerous. It’s crazy to think that this is a really common thing to be happening at this station,” said Ennis.

BART is downplaying the robberies, saying there is no need to make a big deal out of the incidents because there’s no public threat.

BART officials didn’t even tell passengers about these latest robberies.

They declined an interview Thursday and called this an attempted robbery because the Good Samartian got the phone back.

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  1. Jenni Li says:

    Then the “Black Lives Matter” people will be up in arms. These are all disenfranchised African American youth who don’t have a chance. Unlike Vietnamese, Latino, Indian and others, who were all born with silver spoons in their mouths.

  2. I disagree that this was an attempted robbery. It was a robbery. Thugs had the phone in their possession and were running away when the off-duty security guard grabbed it back from them. They did not give it back voluntarily: they punched and kicked him. BART employees tolerating and even enabling these thugs are half of the reason why these “wilding” incidents are occurring. And, the thugs should not be released to their parents. They should spend some time in jail or juvi hall, and their parents should have to post bail. Their parents raised them to be thugs.

  3. Servite Omak says:

    how dare any of you question Big Brother, it was not a crime, your talking about it is a thought crime, California uber alles