By Da Lin

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A skateboarder who crashed into an San Francisco police patrol car near Dolores Park was badly injured and witnesses say an officer contributed to his wipeout.

San Francisco police confirm it’s investigating that wipeout.

Videos of the skateboarder flying over a patrol car have been seen from all different angles.

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Skateboarder Joel Hamill shot one video of the incident with his cell phone and has watched it countless times.

He believes the sergeant leaned in to bump the skateboarder as he was coming down the hill.

Hamill, who witnessed the collision, said, “I definitely think it was intentional.”

The victim goes by Anthiiny on Instagram and his friend posted pictures of him in the hospital and his bloody right knee.

On his Instagram page, Anthiiny says he’s got a broken ankle, a torn tendon in the knee and sprained fingers and that he’s waiting for MRI and CT scans to finalize surgery decisions.

“It was an intentional act that could have easily have killed the kid. I mean he was flipped into the air,” Hamill said.

Witnesses at the scene identified the sergeant involved in the collision. San Francisco police would not confirm release the name of the sergeant.

They say the collision hurt the sergeant’s shoulder and he is now recovering at home.

SFPD spokeswoman Grace Gatpandan said, “It’s very difficult to get the entire picture from a few seconds of video.”

They say the sergeant could have been bracing for impact or reacting to the skateboarder coming fast in his direction.

Aside from the videos posted on social media, investigators will be reviewing the sergeant’s body-mounted camera.

They want to see if the sergeant did anything wrong.

Gatpandan said, “We don’t know if he was leaning away to avoid the collision. We don’t know. In this case, we didn’t even get to talk to the individual because he ran away after he hit the patrol car.”

  1. He ran away after the incident??? With a broken ankle and torn knee…?