By Betty Yu

(KPIX 5) — Want to skip the Bay Area traffic hassles? Have a couple of million dollars on hand? Perhaps the newest private jet is up your alley.

The Vision Jet by Minnesota-based Cirrus Aircraft is described by the company as the world’s smallest private jet.

“It’s James Bond meets Tony Stark meets the Jetsons,” said VP of Marketing & Communications with Cirrus Aircraft Ben Kowalski. “You’ve got personal transportation taking you to and from places on your schedule and when you land and hop out of it, you’re hopping out of your jet.”

It’s also the cheapest little jet on the market at just under $2 million, which is a bargain compared to most jets.

The interior looks much like a luxurious large SUV.  It seats five adults and two children, and is meant to be flown by the owner, which keeps operating costs low.

The Vision Jet has a range of about 1,300 miles and a top speed of 345 mph.

“It’s a game changer for a collection of reasons,” said Kowalski. “We brought this amazing technology that you typically find in commercial airliners and very high-end business jets, and we brought it down to world’s first personal jet.”

It’s the first private jet with a single engine and built entirely out of carbon fiber – a material that is strong and lightweight.

It also features a huge parachute that can carry the entire plane in case of an emergency.

Demand for the jet is already here. Cirrus has a backlog of 600 orders for the jet – amounting to $1 billion in revenue.

The company plans to deliver them over the next 5 years.